Read below for letters from our many satisified owners. Contact information available upon request.

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email: WeLoveSiamese@aol.com
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About the Breeder
Hi, Diane:
Just wanted to let you know that our new little girl, Saga, is doing great.
She loves to play fetch and she’s incredibly affectionate.
Our other cat, Bodhi, adores her as much as we do.
Thank you for breeding such exceptional companions.

Best regards, Jacquie and John



Saga the Kitten
Lola wants snuggled 24/7 and is a "leap before you look" kind of cat. She has a higher and softer vocalizations and a quiet purr. Indigo is more thoughtful...she watches and considers before doing things. She is more independent, but when she is in the mood for cuddles she wants them immediately and makes it very clear that there should be no delay. She has a lower and louder voice and a super loud, wonderful purr. They adore playing games, especially if the games involve going up and down stairs. They are both so curious and funny and great at making friends with guests. They are precious and we love them both very much!



Hello Diane
I've been meaning to send you a note for a while, now, to let you know how kittens are doing. I hope this finds you and your charges are healthy and happy. Here is a nice picture of these beautiful cats. They are doing very well, growing like weeds. I weighed them both today and they are at 5.4 lbs each. We didn't weigh them immediately after they came home on 15 April, but it seems they are twice their size. They each have their own style and approach to life, one very out going and the other somewhat shy, but loving. They sleep with us now and respond to patting with loud purrs.

We can (mostly) tell them apart by their behavior and some aspects of how they look, but have resorted to a bit of food coloring on Ollie to spot him quickly.

Each kitten has his preferred toy: Ollie likes little mouse toys, and Stan likes hair ties and small balls he can pick up in his mouth. Both of them do a bit of fetching and we are trying to encourage it.

We switched them to Royal Canin kitten food, and they eat a lot! I just wanted you to know they are doing well and thriving.

Cheers, Stephen B


Stanley and Oliver

Dear Diane, Just a quick photo of our adorable Lilly. She is a full grown 9 years old and just as cute as the day she arrived. She loves to play- especially chasing paper balls! She loves snuggles especially in blankets. She wants to be around us at all times, following us from room to room. She plays a game on the stairs where she waits as we go up the stairs and then she races us up and gets to the top first every time! We love her so much!
Diana J.


Hi Diane,
Just wanted to send you a photo of Alfie (our name for the kitten).
He is such a sweet boy, and so affectionate and loving. We truly love him.
Thanks for such an incredible kitten. He is exceptional, just as you promised!



Dear Diane, You asked me if I would write something about Dolly and what she meant to us. I feel inadequate to the task. I know you will understand when I say she was such a ‘human’ cat, only a better human than most of us.
We came to San Diego to visit your house in the summer of 1994. I was buying her for my mother because my father had recently left the family after, 40 years of marriage, and she was devastated. I remember Dolly and her siblings were in a play pen in your living room and neither Dolly, nor any of the kittens, seemed particularly eager to leave their pleasant life. Certainly Dolly knew she’d never seen us before. She eyed us warily and seemed to know exactly what was going on. Some kind of ‘moment’ had come and an important process was taking place. I recall her carefully sizing me up, not even sure if I was allowed to hold her.
You explained that she was a “bonder,” meaning that she wasn’t necessarily going to be friendly to everyone but, once she made the connection with ‘her’ person, she would be as loyal as a Labrador and be just fine sitting with my mom and being her constant companion.


DOLLY at 20


Hello Diane,
Misty is such a joy to us....a bundle of sweet, silly and beauty all rolled into one.
We love her so very much! Her face has so many “expressions”! It draws us in!
Julie H



Misty H
Tempest is very protective. She greets all of our guests, and curious of new people. She’s a lap kitty so will snuggle with anyone who is sitting down. She plays hard all day. We have an 80’ long hallway and she follows me back and forth on laundry day, sometimes riding in the laundry cart. She plays with the kids and spent the day in my son’s cardboard fort yesterday until she got in trouble by knocking the roof off. She likes high places and tries to jump up into my husband’s arms or onto his shoulders. She's a true joy to have in our house.



Sweetpea is beautiful! She and muffy loovvveeee one another. It’s so cute to see them together! She's such a character and we love her so much! Here's photos of them playing. Martha and Blake O



Sweetpea and Muffy
Thanks Diane!
We have many cat toys and a couple of "mega-houses" so both cats are happy, active and delightful.
Tootsie is a healthy, playful, and mischievous bundle of joy! Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives


Baby Tootsie

Dear Diane,
We recently lost out beloved Max cat after 18 years. He was the first cat we bought from you.
The second cat that we bought from you, Bodhi, is about eight years old.
Do you have any kittens available?
We'd love to get another male Siamese, preferably a seal point.
If not, can we get on a wait list? Thank you in advance.

Jacquie W. & John K.




Dear Diane
21 years ago I purchased a siamese kitten from you. I live in Berkeley and you flew him out to me here. I want to let you know that this week I had to put him down. Sam was the most amazing animal that I have ever owned and loved. I want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful pet. There was no-one who ever met Sam that did not love him. He was always gentle and kind. I will miss him more than I can say but I just wanted to let you know my gratitude for offering such an unbelievable cat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Joyce F
Berkeley, California

SAM F - Kitten and 21 Years Later

SamF and Evie Sam at 21


Thank you for a super toy idea. I always appreciate your thoughtful suggestions and expert input. Sasha will FLIP (literally) over these springs.
At the 2 1/2 year point, she has reached a delightful new stage of maturity in her personality. Her wise old soul is becoming increasingly obvious as those "teen age years" move over to the side. Our bond is extremely close. Lots of mutual trust, respect and love. I tend to think of her more as a person than a cat.


Sasha and Charles D.


Hello Diane
We are doing well. Getting ready for winter. I think Liberty is starting to get a masked face and Justice is going to keep his all black face. They make me happy everyday. How are you doing?

Lisa R.




He is doing great! So sweet and loving. Has a lot of energy too and loves to play. He is! He definitely runs our house ! He does go for walks or rather he takes us for walks around just our house. He is not allowed outside without his gear on for sure but he really likes the attention. We taught him some commands. See attached.


rick1 rick

rick bath



September 2017


Hi Diane
Wanted to tell you we arrived home safely and everything you said happened just as you said it would.
YoYo is playful, energetic, mischievous and loving and has taken very well to Lola.
Here they are purring (both of them) see attached [video].
Thanks again Kurt





LOLA and YOYO - October 2017

Lola and Her Kitten, Yoyo





Hi Diane!
Will buy Winston a spring toy with my next Chewy order. He loves to play with the packing paper and uses the Chewy boxes as forts. Winston is a true delight to us. So affectionate, smart and playful. Winston is about 8 pounds, so not a very big boy kitty. Just the right size for me.




They are officially named Koko and Baby Blue. Baby cries anytime her sister leaves her in a new room or area alone. Its soo cute. They are both getting so comfortable & are really good with strangers who want to stop by & meet them. Baby Blue wore the antlers without even flinching. Thank you so much! We needed them more than we realized! They have made It all So magical!!

Barbie and Jason B


He’s a very sweet kitty and very very loving. He also is really full of himself as well. He loves to play. He’s just a great cat and everyone loves him. He’s already almost 8 pounds.





RILEY is so pretty! Everyone who sees her comments on her eye color-so blue. She is extremely bonded to me. She guards me all night (sleeps next to me) and talks to me all day. She is a helpful assistant chef, too. No repairman scares her; in fact, she likes to watch from up close whatever they are doing. She likes dogs, squirrels, birds and most any creature she sees from my windows. Many of my neighbors stop at my door to talk to Riley because she always talks back! She likes to be brushed but hates nail trimming. She likes to visit other houses but doesn’t like being in the car. Riley is the definition of a smart, entertaining, beautiful and athletic cat. We love her more than any cat we've ever had. Thank you for everything you do to bring love to so many. Debbie...



riley j


Bean is doing great! Very smart, very talkative, beautiful eyes, definitely the dominant cat of the house. She's a joy, very involved in everything we do, we love every minute. She is spoiled and has a bed in every room in our house plus her own playroom filled with toys and she sleeps with us and bosses the other cat around!
Melissa F.





January 2015


Here is a video of the kitten getting acquainted with her new Great Dane 'brothers'. The dogs are alittle confused but are adjusting to having something so small being in charge.

Here is our video "Siamese kitten and Great Danes" [and] more photos taken days later that show how it all worked out.





EVEY and her DANES

Evey and the Great Danes 1

Evey and the Great Danes 2

Check out Evey's Pink Nail Polish

Evey with Pink Manicure






BOO!!! (New Kitten Update)

She is now running the household! She comes running to me when I say “Hi Boo”. And she’s purring up a storm. She’s talking up a storm. I think she’s decided that it’s a good thing she came, because someone needed to be in charge!
So far, I’m calling her Boo (short for Boojums). Boojie was my baby name that my grandmother called me, and we’re living in my grandmother’s house... so I think it’s appropriate on all levels. So far, out of all her toys, she likes paper best. She has definitely settled in and is doing well!
I can’t stop laughing. She’s so adorable! -Perry-
Hi Diane--
Thank you for all of your help and consideration throughout the kitten process. Cersei has settled in and made herself at home. As you can see, while she likes her toys, she loves playing with mine-- particularly if I'm busy working on my laptop, iPad or iPhone and not paying attention to her. She enjoys exploring my place in search of "trouble," but she prefers to be in the same room with me as opposed to adventuring on her own. She follows me everywhere and vacillates from being a chaotic bundle of pure energy flying around my apartment to a sweet, purring little baby who likes to give kisses, snuggle and nap curled up against me. I absolutely adore her.
Best, Rebecca



Computer Cat





Oh. My Gosh, I was just watching your videos again on your website.
The one that is the longest....kittens wrestling.....lots of meows and purrs.
Alex JUMPED on my lap and watched too, pawed at the screen.
And Diane, I think he recognized your voice too!
He responded beautifully to it.
So very touching and sweet.
It tugged at my heart to see him react in that way.
We decided we'll play the video for him every day!
People who say animals are not smart, do not remember, or don't have souls are people who have never experienced the wonder, and love, that these beautiful animals can bring to everyone's lives.
I feel sorry for people like that.
Indeed Alex remembers you, it was so touching to watch that.
We played the video again last night, same response.
My husband, watching this time, was floored.
He saw Alex's reaction to you as well. It was beautiful.
You will always be his first "human mommy", and he will always love you. J



2/19/2014 ---------- more from Alex's family
Hi Diane,
Please feel free to use this letter as a reference for you.

To us, you are the BEST. Because of your love of cats, the way you raise these beautiful souls, you have given our family the greatest gift of all: love. We are immensely grateful for the time and effort you so clearly put into this labor of love. We're so glad we found you so many years ago!
The decision to get a kitten is significant, and not one taken lightly. It never has been. To us, they are not just “cats”, but cherished members of our family. To that end, when we began our search for a Siamese breeder eight years ago, we found Diane Kramer. The search was nationwide, as geographical constraints were not an issue. We interviewed many people, spoke to local veterinarians and checked references from Florida all the way to California, and many states in between. We checked a multitude of breeders as this was so important to us. When all was said and done, it became clear who was the best, most ethical breeder: Diane Kramer. Even a veterinarian in our home state of Nebraska had heard of Diane, had known of her reputation as the best.
In 2005, Alex, our first kitten from Diane, came into our family. From day one, Alex has been healthy, playful, loving and has the absolute best personality. We couldn’t have asked for a better, more beautiful, kitten. In 2013, our female cat passed away and we wanted a companion for Alex. We once again called on Diane. Quite frankly, there was no one else we would trust. So we welcomed Ethan, who marched into our lives and has taken over our hearts completely. As with Alex, Ethan was healthy and perfect when he arrived, full of curiosity, very intelligent and so affectionate! It was obvious these kittens were hand-raised and loving members of the Kramer family before becoming part of our family. What’s more, Diane has always been available for questions regarding nutrition, etc. Her presence in our lives did not end when these kittens arrived home to us. How great is that!
Our family is complete now with our two gorgeous, playful, healthy boys.
And we know that someday, if we decide to expand our feline family, we will look only to Diane.
With gratitude and love, The Kirchmann family

In a message dated 09/25/2013 ****** writes:
I just wanted to send you a few pictuces of Echo, she is now a little over 18 years old, she is a little slower but still is the queen of the house, as she has gotten older she loves to be close to us all the time and, loves to set on the front porch,.
My son was 3 when we got her as a kitten and the two have grown up together, they played together when they were young and you can tell she loves him, as I write this she is is sleeping beside me.
I also wanted to ask if it was possible to get another kitten from you, i could not imagine getting another kitten from anyone but you.
Aaron M.


Echo & Christian


In a message dated 11/30/2011 5:46:09 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ***** writes:
Dear Diane,
I don't know what I ever did so well in my life to deserve my good luck in getting this baby. I'm only grateful that by some miracle the other Arizona family did not take her, and by some wonderful miracle, I have this baby instead. I can't tell you how thrilled we are. I never imagined I could ever hope to have another Siamese as intelligent and adorable as my Chester, but here she is.
For the first day she looked at all of us as if we had kidnapped her, but by evening she seemed to decide, "Oh well, I might as well enjoy the good treats they have around here." So she just ate a little then started to play with a ping pong ball we put in the bathtub (without any water in it of course) and pretty soon she was having a wonderful time batting the ball in and out of the tub. Pretty soon we had a game going consisting of her batting the ball out and me tossing it back in. Immediately she understood exactly what we were doing and began really going at it like a modified game of fetch, only I'd toss and she'd bat it back.
My fiance who has never particularly enjoyed cats was with me and she seemed to know she had to win him over. So the second day she got on his chest as he was sitting in a lazy boy and settled down, looked him right in the eye and gave him a lick on the nose. Then she started to purr with that sweet little sound. When he talked to her, she talked back in a silly little trilling meow. Needless to say, he is now enchanted and in fact, he has been carrying her around the house and even shared his tuna fish sandwich with her. Don't worry, I know this is a No No, but I couldn't resist letting him spoil her just one time. I've never seen him so charmed by anything and I never expected him to be so fascinated by anything feline.
I also can't believe her eye color. I knew it would be dark and gorgeous, but I don't think a photo can really do it justice. I did snap this one of her that I thought you might enjoy. I don't know when you will have more litters, but now we're thinking of getting a second one to keep her company. Should we get a boy or a girl? Get back to me on this so we can get on your next list. Again, Diane, I can't tell you how happy we are we found you. I appreciate so much how careful you are about the pets you breed and the care with which you place them. If you ever need a recommendation, send them to me.
Love, Elsie S




08/27/2013 & 08/10/2013
Hi Diane, I thought you would enjoy this video of [our dog] Betty Boop watching the video of the kittens. We can't wait to get her baby sister. Can you send us pictures and videos of the girls. Can we meet them yet? Thanks so much.
Hope you're well. Smiles Tonya




betty boop and her kitten

bettys kitten
A typical lounging day


BettyBoop and Nala 
Betty Boop (the dog) and Nala (the cat)
Nala & BettyBoop 
Nala and Betty Boop

Betty Boop, Tanya and Nala


Homework Time

Homework Time

Friends Forever

friends forever



It is unanimous in our household: Zooey is a perfect kitten. She is very affectionate and cute and smart and silly. Zelda and Zooey are playing well at this point. Zelda has been bathing Zooey a little bit off and on. They have shared their Christmas toys very nicely this morning. I will say, Zooey is a chow hound. Zooey will eat the dry Canin kitten food, which is always available, but she is crazy about the canned catfood mix. The first time I made it I picked her up to carry her and the bowl to the area where we feed them and she grabbed the bowl with her tiny paws and pulled it toward her and started eating on the way. She continues to eat that with great relish.Thanks for the wonderful kitten!






In a message dated 08/26/2013 ****** writes:
Thank you for our fourth child.Hes spoiled,and we're loving him:)we just may need to expand some day??
You may hear from us again!
We hope all his relatives are doing well!
We'd love any pics of mom dad brother sister you may have!!:)
Thanks! Alissa D.




This is Kai these days,happy energetic and into trouble!!!



In a message dated 07/26/2013 ****** writes:
Oh my gosh!!
He's gorgeous
And such a dream cat.
He is so well tempered and the best kitty we have ever owned.
Everyday just keeps getting better. He sleeps with us every night. He's super snugly and Loving!
What a great little guy!!
Ill send pix hard copy If I can have your mailing address
He's truly
Thank you!!!!
Nadine and Scott

PYE and His Human




In a message dated 07/13/2013 ****** writes:
See earlier post about Natasha and Chloe



In a message dated 09/15/2013 ****** writes:
Dear Diane,
Just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity you have given me when I purchase Dara Nin from you 18 years ago.
I have attached a few pictures taken with my cell phone.
She is my angel. She is getting slower, but still the bright spot in my life.

Thank you, Lillian G.


DARA NIN at 18

dara nin


In a message dated 09/15/2013 ****** writes:

SOPHIE - "a most excellent cat"

Hi Diane,

I was lucky to purchase a kitten 19 years ago from you. Sophie became a companion to my isolated young daughter, and later to my son, who now jokingly refers to Sophie his "best friend" during high school. When the kids left for college, she became my buddy, and I have been lucky to become "her person" for part of her life. We put Sophie to sleep on Thursday, she had been a very healthy cat up until a couple of months ago, when her age started to catch up with her. Her loss is mourned by us all. She had a huge presence, and was adored. She was a dog-like cat, she met us at the door, always had something to say, kept us company, slept beside us, and mostly wanted to be where her people were. Even last week, while I did paperwork, she slept on my desk. When she heard the front door open, she would get up to see who was coming home, she would greet them, and give them an earful about her day. She was amazing, and the house seems so empty without her.

She sat on the deck and, as I work from home, she would keep me company, too. She had a good life, there was someone always around during to keep her company. And we were all together on the deck when we let her go from our lives. It was time, and she needed to go, it wasn't fair to her to keep her around for us. Soph liked to be where the action was, and followed us from room to room, kept us company, and loved her family. She was a most excellent cat.

Would you have another like her?

Best, Jen S.


In a message dated 8/03/2012 12:04:15 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

Dear Diane,
These cats are the most beautiful, sweet, well natured, loving creatures! We adore them and constantly admire their greatness... Thanks again,
The D*****r's ........................... see additional posts/pix from EL-Ro, Cozy, Sonny

El-Ro with Sonny and Cozy


In a message dated 05/30/2013 ****** writes:
Chessie is now 18 and doing great!

Oh, she's [Chessie is] totally laid back, calm and sweet. Since she grew up with an Aby, whenever the doorbell rings, she runs to greet whoever is at the door -- not shy at all! She's one of those cats that the vets and the vet techs always come out saying "What a NICE cat!" She sleeps under my arm like I'm holding a football, summer, winter, fall, and spring. And she speaks Abyssinian, not Siamese -- she has a tiny little voice.
Perry B.



In a message dated 04/28/2014 ****** writes:
Hi Diane - It was so very nice talking to you today.
I am so pleased that you will have a kitten for us in the coming months. We would like a male.
Zachary (November 7, 1996 - April 25, 2014) was such a big part of our life. He was just the best cat. He was so smart, and funny, and so very very affectionate. We all loved him more than words can ever convey. I have attached some pictures of Zachary, all of which we were taken in the past 18 months. He was healthy and vibrant to the end. You can see he was just a great cat. We all loved him so!


Cooper and Zachary



Hi Diane
It's true love. He's definitely settled. His name is Snowball
Both boys want to sleep with him so right now they just trade on and off.
The boys play a lot with him and the cat dancer.
They also just love holding him and cuddling him and building places for him to rest.
I never thought they would enjoy him as much as they do.



Hi Diane, They have a super long tunnel they play in and fetch! They all share 4 baskets of toys (about 2000 toys total!) :)
Everyone who knows me wants to come back as a cat in my house.
Several people have threatened to steal Katsu (blue point) from me including my mom!.
He is an angel. Terri


First photo,Taku (seal) and Katsu (blue) holding hands. Second photo cuddling.

holding hands Taku & Katsu
Katsu is the most precious little boy ever! He is a riot. He loves to play fetch. He loves large dog toys (I have no idea!!). He is energetic, charming, confident, very friendly and so sweet. We have a very strong bond. I adore him. He loves to play with his brothers, he LOVES toys and he loves back rubs. I already have a huge box of Christmas toys for him (it is his first Christmas!). I have to spoil him! Here is another precious photo.


Our beloved Juno at 21 years old. - The H****'s <3


Hi Diane. Here is a photo of Newman today, Sept. 22nd. He has established full reign of this house. He is so darling and loving.
Very demanding when it comes to eating. has bonded with us both; especially me - the food giver!
We love him so much. Marie and Jack P.


Dear Diane, We took a brief vacation, and - as you can see - The Beebo was smitten with his cat-sitter - posing for many cute pictures. Lori M.


2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday, Blue Jay! We ❤


Hi Diane, Mumtaz is doing great! Bundle of energy, talking when she wants something and loves to lay on my chest.
Tazi's favorite play toy is one of my hair scrunchy, which she brings to me to play fetch.
I throw it and Tazi races to get it, then brings it back to me! She'll do this repeatedly until she is exhausted and needs to take a break. Too cute.
Oh, she'll even drag her bed cushion from the bedroom to the living room to me. Even though it's big and bulky, it's no obstacle for Tazi!
I just love her. She makes me laugh all the time!!! We could not be more happier! ❤
Hope all is well. Thanks again for allowing me to adopt Mumtaz! Leigh K


mumtaz k.
Meezer and Beanie enjoying summer travel in their mobile home. .


Meezer & Beanie
Here is Bam. He's so cute and handsome, right.
He's also very smart to and of course spoiled. Lol thanks for everything. He was the right choice !


Bam J

Here's Ty. He's affectionate, playful, loves his toys and is very involved in everything. He has an opinion on all subjects , even while his mouth is full! He gets along with the bird and dogs really well He annoys them a bit because he is very possessive of me. He is going to be a great cat. Oh and he like to play fetch and carry things around!




Hi Diane, I wanted to send a quick note to say that the little guy is doing great. He took a few hours to get used to the house yesterday, and now he's playing all over and is very confident. He slept in my bed last night, hasn't had any issues, and is the sweetest little guy. He's a such a lover and is so smart and curious. Here's a picture of us watching TV last night. Thanks, Brian

Our New Little Boy

Brian's kitten

Hello, Diane! The girls and I just returned from a visit to the vet, and I am happy to report that they are doing spectacularly well! Marnie weighed in at 11.6 lbs and Cleo at 7.2. Their shots are up to date, and the vet not only pronounced them healthy but gorgeous as well! My husband’s lap continues to be Cleo’s favorite napping �� spot, and Marnie continues to favor me. So all is well on the Oregon front.
We love <3 them madly, and I think it's mutual. Penny B.

Marnie and Cleo!!

Cleo B.

Marnie B.
Hi Diane,
Coco is doing very well! He is very attentive and he fetches.



Simon doing great at almost twenty with his friend Silver. He's the sweetest gentleman kitty ever.


Simon and Silver

Introducing new babies to the kids. The kittens are doing wonderful :)
little girl is still not sure but she came up and slept with me last night.... little boy is like "this place is awesome!"
And slept in the crook of my neck last night :) Here are some videos and photos. We are "kitten smitten".



This is Coco Puff and his new big Bengal "brother", Tarzan getting acquainted.


Coco Puff and Tarzan 1

Coco Puff and Tarzan 1
Boys are doing great. 15 week Tommy plays HARD with Troy......he is a little crazy man�� Troy is very good not to over power him. They sleep together when no laps are available. The only time Troy will push him out of the way is if he is trying to take is favorite spot by my knees in bed LOL

Tommy sleeps with my mom most of the time. Troy is with Hannah or I. Thank you so much for these special boys!

Younger brother Tommy & older brother Troy

Tommy & Troy


Diane, As Salika approaches her first birthday next month — March 2nd — I wanted to let you know what an incredible cat she is. She’s petite, and a huge bundle of energy, playing around the house, chasing and retrieving her toys. (By the way, she LOVES the spring toy you told me about!) She is such a clown and makes me laugh every day. The most incredible thing about her is her intelligence. I’ve had many dearly loved, and smart Siamese, over the course of my 71 years, but I’ve never had a Siamese as smart as Salika. I swear she could read a book!! She’s such a retriever, always bringing her toy back to me, placing it at my feet, or in my lap or right next to me on the sofa. And if I’m working at the kitchen counter when she brings me her toy, she taps my foot or gently stretches up my leg on her hind legs to let me know she’s there and has returned the toy. She is an amazing girl! She’s not a frequent talker, but when she does, it’s always to tell me something…. I’ve locked Baht in the closet, the toy was pushed under the closet door, etc. She’s very expressive and I have no trouble understanding her message. I’ve often thought that it’s a good thing she and I came together now that I’m retired, rather than working the long hours I worked, because she requires a lot of interaction and attention. She’s not a “door-stop” cat that you can leave alone and they’ll happily sleep all day. She is such a delight and brings me such joy, I had to let you know. I just took these photos of Salika. You can see Baht (who will be 15 years old on February 4th) in the rocker behind her. They are such good companions… they wrestle together, play together and often sleep together. They groom each other daily. I do think Salika has brought youth back to my dearly loved Baht. I hope you and your cats are doing well. Beth C
I hope these photos show you how petite she is. I’ve not weighed her since she was at the vet in October for her spay, but she’s a small girl.


salika and baht2
salika and baht4 d

Diane, As Salika approaches her first birthday next month — March 2nd — I wanted to let you know what an incredible cat she is. She’s petite, and a huge bundle of energy, playing around the house, chasing and retrieving her toys. (By the way, she LOVES the spring toy you told me about!) She is such a clown and makes me laugh every day. The most incredible thing about her is her intelligence. I’ve had many dearly loved, and smart Siamese, over the course of my 71 years, but I’ve never had a Siamese as smart as Salika. I swear she could read a book!! She’s such a retriever, always bringing her toy back to me, placing it at my feet, or in my lap or right next to me on the sofa. And if I’m working at the kitchen counter when she brings me her toy, she taps my foot or gently stretches up my leg on her hind legs to let me know she’s there and has returned the toy. She is an amazing girl! She’s not a frequent talker, but when she does, it’s always to tell me something…. I’ve locked Baht in the closet, the toy was pushed under the closet door, etc. She’s very expressive and I have no trouble understanding her message. I’ve often thought that it’s a good thing she and I came together now that I’m retired, rather than working the long hours I worked, because she requires a lot of interaction and attention. She’s not a “door-stop” cat that you can leave alone and they’ll happily sleep all day. She is such a delight and brings me such joy, I had to let you know. I just took these photos of Salika. You can see Baht (who will be 15 years old on February 4th) in the rocker behind her. They are such good companions… they wrestle together, play together and often sleep together. They groom each other daily. I do think Salika has brought youth back to my dearly loved Baht. I hope you and your cats are doing well. Beth C
I hope these photos show you how petite she is. I’ve not weighed her since she was at the vet in October for her spay, but she’s a small girl.


salika and baht2
salika and baht4 d

Good Morning Diane! My husband Jon Neal and I purchased two apple head siamese in 2004. We named them Bella and Barkley, Bella is now referred to as "Pickle". she seemed to never quite fit as a Bella :). we simply adore these kittens and they are cherished in our house. They are completely healthy and cuddly companions. The time has come that our children have started to ask for a kitten of their own. I am interested in getting another pair. Do you or will you have any available in the coming months?




Hi Diane, Thanks for checking on our little lady. She is doing very well. She woke up today feeling very affectionate toward us. She has been eating normally and using litter box like a pro. We are so grateful to have such a beautiful and loving kitten. Thank you again for guiding us thru the process and the integrity you demonstrate in breeding these beauties. Pete



Hello Diane,
Thank you for the toy recommendation. Kitty is doing absolutely wonderful! My mom named her Catarina (from the movie Overboard) she loves being held, running around like a crazy cat, trying to play around with my parent’s senior cat who doesn’t seem to mind too much. We love her so much and are so thankful we were able to add her to our family. Happy holidays!



10/18/2017 Hi Diane,

Charley and Rory ... a year has passed ... definitely brothers, from different mothers
So happy that our good times continue on, and on, and on

CHARLEY (the Siamese) AND RORY (the Collie)

Charley Charley and Rory

Hi Diane:
I'm not sure if you will remember me but just over two years ago I got a Siamese Kitten from you after the loss of my wife's Siamese, Jax, who she got from you and who passed at 19 years old. Since then Liam, which we named the new Meezer, has been amazing. We love him dearly and wanted to look into possibly getting a playmate (or as we like to say, a partner in crime) for him. I thought I would take a minute to write and see if you have any little ones now or coming up in the next months, along with pricing, etc.... Hope you're doing well and thank you again for little Liam....
Chris M
P.S. I've attached a picture of Liam so you can see how he turned out....

LIAM - the New Meezer


Hi Diane:
Regarding Akida, he turned 19 years old on August 14, 2017! Attached is a picture of him taken on his birthday. He says MEOW!!!! At 19 he still very playful with his favorite yellow mouse and still has an appetite. So he very much is still young at heart. We have a question and that question is that we are noticing that his fur is turning a white color on his body. Is this normal for his age? We will keep you posted.
Enjoy!! Ingrid P



Akida on his 19th Birthday

Hi Diane,
Salika has now been here with us 7 weeks, yesterday, and is 21 weeks old. You can see from these photos I just took that she and Baht don’t like each other at all! :) They are doing so well together. They play together, wrestle together, chase each other, groom each other and sleep together. They make me so happy by their behavior, and I know that Salika makes Baht very happy. I have had non-stop house guests since early July; one set leaves and the next day another set arrives. This will continue till the middle of September. The wonderful thing about all this activity is that Salika is learning that new people are a good thing, and she has blossomed so quickly into a friendly, outgoing girl to people she’s never seen before. The first house guests were cat-lovers like me so they were perfect for her as they played and played with her, building up her confidence and trust in strangers. She’s going to be a meet-and-greet pro by the time this summer is over. I continue to be amazed at how sweet and loving this little girl is. She loves Baht, loves to play, but then she loves to seek me out for cuddles, petting and time for attention. You did such a wonderful job teaching her these behaviors. I marvel that you were able to let this little girl go.... she is truly very special! Thank you!!!



Salika and Baht
Baht (adult on left) and Salika (kitten on right)

[TOKEN is] the smartest, cutest, prettiest, most lovable, feistiest kitten in the whole wide world... Yes, I've lost my mind. ❤ Andee



Good morning Diane OMG!
Salika is such an amazing kitten. I gave her a small, light weight ball to play with that she bats around and carries in her mouth. Last night I was sitting on the sofa, and she jumped up on the sofa with the ball in her mouth and dropped it by me. I threw the ball, and she chased it and brought it back to my lap.... time and time again. We did this for 10 minutes or longer. I’ve had older cats do this -- Baht is quite the retriever and will play for 30 minutes with a mouse that I throw and her returns -- but she’s still a baby. I’m so impressed that she’s so smart. The other thing I’m impressed with, and I credit you with the way you interacted with her since her birth, is that as soon as I go to bed, or if I stretch out on the sofa for a nap, she’s right there next to me... cuddling, curling up and being so affectionate. I’ve never had a kitten do this. She is such a love... I’m falling head over heels for her, and know this condition will only “worsen”! You did a super job as her first
Meowm, Diane!!❤ :) !!
Hi Diane, I am so excited to hear that you are able to ship to the east coast and would love more information. We are bringing home a Maine Coon kitten in a couple of days (female) and were hoping for a male siamese. I of course understand the significance of ensuring the kitten is fixed at the proper time, I would never declaw one of my kitties, and our cats will both be strictly indoor only.
My parents adopted one of your cats back in 2006. Her name is Angela Jing Mao and her mother was Mischief the Smart (?). My parents have her as well as a second Siamese named Jake (though not from you) that they had gotten a few months before Angela. In our experience, Angela has been everything you pride your cats on. At the time you described her as "clowny" which she definitely is, but she also had an extremely calm temperament. She has also developed a love of laps though she insists on long laps only (if you are on the couch, she will sit next to you and give you deep and meaningful looks until you put your feet up and allow her to stretch out to her full length). She has been very healthy and we love her dearly. I have attached some pictures. As you can see, she likes sitting in the sink and waiting to be offered water from a cup next to the sink...
-Ana T.


Angela Jing Mao 1




Angela Jing Mao 2

Hello Diane.
I wanted to give you an update on our two new kittens Simba and Nala. They are both doing great and have adjusted very well. They run around the house and are very active. They are getting bigger and love attention especially their belly rubs. I am sending you a few pictures to show their progress. We love them and really enjoy their company. Thank you so much. I will keep you updated on their progress.
Robert A.



simba & nala 1


simba & nala 2

Hope you are doing well! Took this picture of Cali this morning and thought of you and what a great cat she is. She was sleeping in the den where we left a blanket on the couch and she was under it fast asleep somehow covering herself with just her head visible.
She is such a pleasure to have especially after losing our dog ROCK. She has adopted us as her family and is the most friendly cat I have ever had or for that matter have ever seen.
My daughter just got a new puppy. (Mia) Cali has taken her under her wing and treats her like the baby she is. My wife takes her to my daughters for play dates with the puppy all the time. She even protects the puppy from the larger dog if she feels that the puppy is being threatened.
Cali has adopted a new behavior that after looking it up tells us she is very happy. She cleans and pets my wife’s face every morning just about the time she wakes up to get her up. I’ve never seen a cat lick a person and love someone as much as she does Lisa.
Every night when we go to bed we carry her up like a baby (so we don’t trip on her cause she always wants to be carried). We bring her into our room and she runs down to get her favorite toy and gives it to us before we fall asleep.
She couldn’t come at a better time and I tell you as happy as we are with her she is with us.
Thanks so much! You are doing a great job with these animals. Mike


Cali Pouchie 1
Cali Pouchie 2

Cali Pouchie 3
Archie is a happy city kitty! He's like a little prince greeting his public. He loves going out for walks to the park, grocery stores, outdoor concerts and outdoor cafes. He is so relaxed during his outdoor travels (in his backpack) that people have asked if he is tranquilized. Hundreds have asked to give him a pat and to take his picture.
Archie (like Chester) greets the world with a smile! He especially loves his daily visit to the office. All 5 of our office staff are self appointed aunts and uncles who find him very endearing! Archie's attitude: my office, my staff and my (they always have a collection saved for him for play) boxes! He gets so much attention he hates to leave.
Archie is a tall, slender kitty which did make it difficult to find a correct fitting snow coat for our winter walks. So, off we went to the local "designer" pet store to be fitted. They love to see us coming because their customers really enjoy watching my cool cat patiently trying on various outfits.
At home he is full of playful energy yet loves his quiet lap time! It's been such fun watching him discover life outside the windows (we are on the 20th floor). Every morning he patrols the window sills until the seagulls arrive for their flyby! He especially loves watching helicopters pass by! During his first snowfall he was pawing the window trying to catch the snowflakes.
He is such a snuggle puss! Every night he climbs under the covers where he sleeps for the night. In the morning he purrs incessantly, wraps himself around my neck until I get up!
He is a bit of a goof ball with his play. He has some unbelievable moves with his very high jumps! He loves to run free up and down our self contained hallway, chasing a ping pong ball or jumping after a cloth strip wand! He is doing very well with walking on a leash inside our building.
I'm sure you realize by now how perfect the Archie & Judy match has become! Life is good!!!
Here's a photo of Sweet Baby. She's mellow but always up for playtime. We talk back and forth a lot. Very well behaved. And hilarious. When will you be having more kittens? Lindsey V.




Dear Diane,
Princess ...is beautiful. She plays fetch and loves people. Our other cat from you was a one person cat but this little lady loves everybody. She cuddles up next to complete strangers. So sweet. So spoiled. We love her dearly.
Princess loves her new home and owners. Bert and I are both retired so we spend hours playing with and loving Princess. You can be so proud of the beautiful and intelligent kittens you raise. We are so grateful to you for giving us Princess.



Princess Moon 2017

Lilly was so sweet..which of course everyone must say.. but she adored my son..slept with him every night when he was growing up..then when he moved out..she was right by me every night..she loved to lay in the sun ..she always went our to water the plants with me..she truly was just a sweet cat..had her favorite places to sleep..but when the kids come home each night (My sons girl friend lives with me.).she would get up every night and come down and just start talking. And talking..very animated..sat right between my son and his gf..every night.telling them about her day..i did let her sleep on heating pad under blankets..one night i forgot to turn it on..she got up and put her paw on my face and just held it there till I woke to tend to her..In the end I turned it on and off all night.she was in control of this house..always sitting with us at dinner..
She was just the mainstay of this home..quiet but always steady..and there..very loving ..she adored her Ian ..he was her boy..and he is close to 28 yrs old now..slept with her every night past few months..she just purred and purred..and purred..he was her everything.. (don't know if this helps I am not a good writer..and she was just such a given around here..such a loss.) She was itty bitty but mighty in her own way. She loved tuna sandwiches..always came down to share with us..she loved Ian and Casey..my son and his gf..and Oscar,. our other kitty. She cleaned his face and groomed him..and then in the end he would check on her.and sleep with her and groom her..they were nurturing with each other..we are so happy to be able to get another kitten from you. I told Oscar all about him.



Lilly Butters at 17

Bandit and Zorro love to play with bouncy balls and packing paper and boxes. We have various cat toys (mice, etc) but they like the simple things the best. And of course each other -- they still chase and wrestle. They want to be in whatever room we are in. They love to cuddle in the early morning hours. We love them so much.




The girls are doing GREAT!!! We cannot imagine life without them...they give us so much joy and love... everyday they grow and discover new things! My brother sent a box of ethical and safe toys for them and they had such a blast opening it up! Come and visit when you can and here is a photo of them in their traveling buggy. Thank you for blessing us with these precious girls ❤

Bella and Coco in their Baby Buggy


Bell and Coco and the Baby Buggy

Hi Diane, Just wanted to share a couple pictures of Clancy and Beebo in our new home at the beach.
They love to sit and look out at the people walking below, and birds flying by at their eye level. It is a magical new adventure for all of us.


Clancy and Beebo 1



Hi Diane,
Just wanted to give you an update on Mr. Troy.
He is just incredible!!!
This guy has the most awesome personality! He is such a people cat......more like a dog really. Hannah and I are just crazy about him �� He loves me to death, and will curl up in my lap every chance he gets, but he LOVES Hannah! He has slept with her every night since we got him. As a mom, with a kid that had a broken heart over her "America" passing, nothing brings me more joy then seeing them sleep together. We are so enjoying this special time with him. He is getting big so fast! We will be ready for another one by the end of this year or beginning of next year. We want to enjoy this time with him when he is young, but want to get him a buddy in the future. I think another boy would be best. I want another one just like him. I am willing to wait for the right one. Here are some photos. He never let's me work on the computer alone!

All the best, Heather


Troy lets his person use his computer

Troy reading my mind

Hi Diane, Just wanted to say, today we are celebrating our little ones first birthday! She has new toys and cards from family and friends.
About our Lucy. Her personality is as special as her looks. The smartest one year old kitten I've ever seen. Her favorite TV is The Tennis Channel and The Animal Channel. She watches intently. She shares her favorite toys with us and is always entertaining. Every day with our Lucy is special. She is loving, but definitely has a confident attitude, it is all about Lucy, or so she thinks! She commands our attention and because she is such a charmer we always succumb. Lucy is the boss but a very benevolent boss ! That's our girl and we really adore her and our every moment with her. We Love Lucy!
What a year it has been! She wants to let you know she really loves being with us and she has decided to stay in New Mexico. We hope that you are well and happy. Warmest regards, Melinda, Sharon, and Lucy.




Here are some pictures of this sweet baby on her 1st birthday.
She's mellow but always up for playtime.
We talk back and forth a lot. Very well behaved. And hilarious.
I love her so much! Lindsey V.

Sweet Baby Varner





Our baby had his six month birthday last Friday, and he is growing to be a very handsome young man (of course)! However, even beyond that, he far, far exceeds any expectations I might have had about the kind of kitten he would be. He is as loving and gentle with me as he has always been, and he is scary-smart. I long ago lost track of how many words and phrases he knows and responds to. He also is unbelievably personable. He comes when I call him (which he has been doing for some time now), and he frequently invites me to play. He know which closet I keep his toys in, and he sits in front of the door and looks back at me clearly asking me to open it (which I always do; it is important for him to know that I “get it” when he communicates with me). Then he will play “fetch” with me until he tires (or I do). I throw the toy, he runs and gets it and drops it at my feet. If I take too long to pick it up and throw it again, he taps my leg with his paw. Another of his favorite games is for me to hide a toy (I have to be quick to pull this off…he’s not easy to fool), and then say “Where it is? Go find it!” He knows just what that means and immediately goes on the hunt. When he finds the toy, he brings it back to me…and a fanfare of praise. For Christmas he received a nifty cat tree, which he enjoys, and which we work into our routine from time to time. I love this boy so much!!
Warmest regards, Valerie

Baby Leis




I purchased a kitten from you in 1997 and we named him Hummer. He passed away in 2014 at the age of almost 18! I just wanted to share with you that Hummer was the BEST cat I have ever seen. He was the most sweetest boy. I bathed him, trimmed his nails, etc. and never a complaint. He tolerated everything and never gave up on anything. It came the day where Hummer stopped eating but still filled with life. Believe it or not he did not eat for a month. My vet told me I should put him down but I never had a sign from him to do so, he still gave signs of a full life. Then one day, he just began eating….It was a miracle! He lived for another 6 months. It came the day where I had to make the decision to put him down. He would just not give up, even being extremely thin and weak he would still follow me around the house and give signs that he wanted to keep going. He was very ill but still so strong. I kept him going as long as I felt right and humane. I had to make the awful decision for him, so difficult.
Again, I’m sure you hear all of these stories all the time but I just wanted to share that with you. He truly was a miracle, amazing cat that I will treasure forever. Thank you for the wonderful kitty.
Thank you, Ana

HUMMER 1997-2014



Hello Diane, Here is Sidney @ 19.6 yrs old who you entrusted to us as a baby. His last day Friday. The was the most human, warm, friendly, old soul. He slept in our bed with us every night until his death. He talked to us constantly. We would have conversations together. The best cat ever, but probably an old soul in cats clothing.He was a wonderful animal and is greatly missed. I want to discuss a new kitten with you. Tom


Sidney at 16.6 years



My name is Teresa, I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I bought a Siamese kitten from you in 1996, she was born April 1. Cindy-Lou lived to almost 19 years old. She was very sweet loving and loyal cat. I would like to get another kitten from you. Could you please let me know if you have any kittens coming up in the new year?

Here's a picture of her at 17 years old. She was a show stopper.

Warm regards,





Hi Diane, I was going to take a photo of Token, but my camera battery is low, so I will do that soon.
Meanwhile, I just wanted to tell you what truly fabulous kitten she is. Everyone falls in love with her. She's a major cuddler and so mellow (when she's not playing ferociously!) Her fur is like baby Alpaca, so soft. I have taken her twice to visit a friend in a rehab facility and she is good as gold in her carrier in the car, then, once released in the room, she wins over everyone who enters.
You do "breed" great cats! A.




Dearest Diane,
My Siamese, Siren, is exceptional!! I cannot thank you enough for breeding such an amazing being. Siren has a perfectly balanced disposition being part lover, part madwoman! She is highly intelligent and becomes more and more beautiful with every day that passes. Siren is only 7 months old and she is already click trained and performs many tricks including "sit, up, down, jump, speak, twirl, jump-hoop, paws-up, and high-five." We are in the process of learning how to lie down and roll-over. Siren's favorite game is "Fetch" and she plays with more enthusiasm and passion than most dogs. Did I mention she is leash trained as well!?! My significant other and I take her for walks through our neighborhood with her dog Beatrice.
I have never bonded so deeply with an animal and I have never been more proud. I've enclosed a few pictures of Siren growing up in sequential order from day one (her hiding behind a box for hours) to the present day (her confidently walking on a leash by my side). Thank you again for such a magnificent cat! I hope you enjoyed this update and photos of Siren.
Kindly, Jennifer



Siren and her buddy Siren at night
Dear Diane, A few years ago in 2011, when we were boating in Canada one summer, we came across a boat with a beautiful Siamese cat. We got to talking to the people on board since we had our two cats on board. It turned out their cat came from you! Small world... Take care... Neal S.

SAILOR CATS - Benny and Star

Benny S

Star at 17
Hi Diane -- You DO know how to breed beautiful cats. Everyone that sees them compliments them... And even compliments the 17 year old, Star, that seems to still be going strong... Of the two brothers, Meezer is the more subdued... He weighs 12 pounds. His brother weighs 10 pounds. That isn't to say he isn't crazy active, just not a crazy active. Meezer likes his special spot on the bed every night. His brother, Bennie, will sleep anywhere on the bed. He isn't picky. We love them both and we sure are glad you were still breeding kittens 17 years after we bought the first two from you.... We didn't even think of getting kittens anywhere else. We knew what we would get from you. And we aren't disappointed. I hope all is well with you... Neal
Click here to see MEEZER and his other brother BENNY as kittens

MEEZER at 1 year and 5 months old



Hello Diane, I wanted to take a moment to send our warm thanks to you for bringing our dear Mochi into our life. Today is her 4 month old birthday and we can't imagine our world without her in it. She is so smart and intuitive. Each morning she wakes up to give us each a big kiss. She's always so loving and affectionate too! As I previously mentioned, she adores music and always makes a point of taking part when we are practicing. I think she has become a true jazz aficionado. It's been quite a wonderful experience to watch her many playful antics and wondering just who our grown up Mochi will soon be. We love her so much! Enclosed is an updated photo of her taking a rest next to her favorite playhouse. After buying her many wonderful kitty toys and cat exercise gyms...she has fallen in love with a seltzer box! Isn't that always the way it goes. Thank you so much Diane for this beautiful little girl.
All the best to you, Marcéa T.


Mochi at 4 months old

Hi Diane We took a picture of Mochi to send to you. She is the most beautiful, smart and loving girl! She is fascinated by the many things around her. She discovered my husband's guitar playing this morning and zeroed in on his every musical move. She was studying where the sound came from as well as the percussive movements that created the sound. As I mentioned previously, she loves playing the piano too. We cannot say enough about how special she is!! We have each fallen madly in love with her. All of her many outstanding attributes speak volumes to her incredible start in life...none of which would have happened without the exceptional care and love you've provided her. You are the best! Thank you again. Marcéa




Their personalities are hilarious because they match my two sons!!! Romain (my 8 year old) and Margot are quieter, very cautious, they both know what they want, they love food. Arthur (my 6 year old, on the picture) and Louise are full of mischief, they are always out to trick you, they can be clumsy in a very funny way, food is definitely not their priority, and they always love to push your buttons! Truthfully, they are adorable (as my 6 year old says it)! My oldest has loved introducing them to his friends! They are an amazing fit to our family!
Thanks! Alix F.


Romaine and Margot and their human

Dear Diane
Blue is thriving...and growing up too fast. He has an incredibly sweet temperament! He begs to be in my lap, and he is simply ecstatic when he is there, squirming around, stretching, purring, and very gently kneading my clothes. He will often put his little paws on my face as he looks up at me, and I never have any concern there; he always uses only his pads. He, in turn, gets kisses from me all over his face, neck, back, and tummy. Perhaps you recall that in an earlier email I wrote you that I sang him to sleep on the way home from the airport after I picked him up. What I sang was “His Eye is on the Sparrow”, an old spiritual. Well, he still responds to that song. When I sing it to him, he stops squirming, settles down, and often puts his little face in the crook of my elbow. Other than that, he is super-energetic and amazingly fast, dashing around and exploring everything. And he is quite intelligent. He quickly gets bored with a toy…enjoys it for a few minutes, and then starts looking around, bright-eyed, to find something else of interest. It’s been quite a challenge to stay ahead of him in the “kitten-proofing” department, and I have even had to install child-proof latches on some of my drawers. I love him dearly! I will send off the photos to you now from my friend Grant's iPad (you should be able to open them...let me know if not), and I will continue to keep you up to date on our little boy's progress.
Warm regards, Valerie L.


Baby Blue

Lucy is incredibility smart she has favorite toys and brings them to us, drops them at our feet. If one is not enough for us to take note of, she brings a second one. She brings them to us as we sleep, so we awaken with her most precious ones in our bed. She will play fetch and loves to play “catch” with her rubber balls.Hide and sneak associated with mad romps up and down the stairs is another favorite.
She has been quick to learn, when we say no Lucy don’t do that please, she stops and looks at us as if to say well why not then goes off to something else. She is gentle and cuddly but would prefer more play time at this stage. I think, as she matures she will be even more affectionate as this is her true nature, now playing and fun are most important. I am Mama cat and Sharon is a littermate! She of course sleeps with us and awakens us {early} with gentle little paw taps on our faces. She remains with us constantly, always in the same room, with us. If we change rooms she is right behind us.
Well, I could go on and on about how wonderful she is but I know you have many other things to do! In short Lucy is perfect! Melinda



Hi Diane,
We have had our little baby Zack for one week now and Larry and I love him beyond belief. What an incredible little bundle of energy. He is loving, cuddly, feisty, adorable and funny. He has explored every inch of his new home, played with all of the toys and climbed to the 3rd level of his cat tree (hasn't quite made it to the top yet). His little Chartrux brother (Zane) arrived on the same day and they are best buddies. They wrestle and chase and although Zack is a little smaller he is totally equal to Zane in all of their activities and antics.
Thank you Diane for this precious little guy, we couldn't be happier with him.
Sandy and Larry



Zack 1st week

Nataliya (Nat the Cat) went to the vet's yesterday for routine checkup. The tech wanted to take her home.

The vet, who last year pronounced her Best.Kitten.Ever, called her Best.Cat.Ever.

She never bites or scratches hard and never hisses or growls. My vet who's known me for years says I'll never have a cat this good.
How did you do that? Best, Rich
Kimba and Sheba at 19

Golden Girls - Kimba and Sheba

Kimba and Sheba

Hi Diane, good morning from your two Newport Beach Panthers! Lined up for breakfast and sure to watch every move that their mother makes. Mushette and Miu Miu are absolutely hilarious together. The little one is beginning to look so much like mushette. She has the most unusual personality and is always a source of amusement! Hard to explain! She does so many unusual things and has such and assertive personality that she is constantly the subject of laughter and amusement. For example, every morning she figures out someway to open up my bathroom drawer to stick her paw in like a raccoon and grab her share of virgin coconut oil in a jar which she then proceeds to lick off her paw claw by claw better than most raccoons could manage! She then waits for a trip to come out of the sink so she can bite at the water and then without regard for water curls up in the sink and waits to be petted! Every time we come home, she rolls upside down and puts her paws up and wiggles on the ground like a worm. She loves the sand like no other animal we've ever seen. Even with her pet fence collar she runs right through it and little he flies through the air to jump onto our beach then turns upside down and snuggles in the sand kneading her claws like a kitten nursing a mother cat! It goes on and on. She's almost human like! And equally hard to train when she wants to do something! She also will cuddle on your chest justice used to do and going to a Zen mode when she's in the right calm mood. And much more.... Thanks for these beautiful and usual companions! Edward and Karen C.

Mushette & Miu Miu

Mushette and Miu Miu
Savannah is 20 now and I do love her dearly and will miss her terribly. But I am prepared because I know she has had a long full life. She was my intuitive cat Diane. When I lost others (and she did) my Schnauzer Annie to cancer, and my Maincoon Bentley to cardiomyopathy. Savannah "saw" their energy almost immediately afterward arched like a Halloween cat and wouldn't go where Bentley slept in the closet. I had to look thinking something was there, and then I realized it was where Bentley used to lay all the time. And then the next time was on my bed where she always slept and so did my schnauzer Annie. She got on the dresser and arched and hissed at the bed...it wasn't immediately afterward either....it was like you would have thought the cat was crazy as nothing was there. But because she had done it before, I knew Annie was there. I've never had a cat like this. She truly is intuitive. She was so special in that. There is no doubt in my mind that their essence remained for a time and she was able to see them. Nancy S.



Hi Diane, I just wanted to give you an update on the most precious, baby kitty in the whole wide world. I decided to name her GiGi and it is the perfect fit for this young lady. She spent about the first three days in my very large closet,and luckily I was not working, so I spent most of my time in there with her too. After those three days we graduated to my entire bedroom where she was introduced to her brother Timmy. I must say Timmy was not thrilled in the beginning with our new addition, but we took it slowly and now she follows him around like the good, big brother he has turned out to be. It's truly adorable to watch. My Labrador, Piper, could literally care less about Gigi which in turn makes GiGi feel safe to cuddle up to Piper whenever she wants to. She is a true delight and now definitely knows I am her mom, and comes to me immediately when I called her name. We introduced her slowly to every other room in the house, so I can say with confidence at this point, that she is comfortable in every room and is having a blast exploring everywhere. I am in awe of how much I love her. She is so smart and such a little monkey, I just delight in watching anything she does. My husband is absolutely crazy about her also. I hope you enjoy the picture. I thought it was so cute! She is sitting right in my lap as I am texting this to you. So thank you again for being the incredible breeder that you are. The babies you are producing are beyond incredible and I know the hard work that goes into it. I am so looking forward to September when I adopt another little girl from you to join our family. You were so right to guide me away from taking two at the same time. I totally get it now. When we get our next baby from you in September, GiGi should turn out to be a wonderful big sister and show her all the ropes. So I just wanted to update you quickly and let you know that we are absolutely crazy in love with our new baby. Have a good week Diane. I will be talking to you more as we head toward September. Warmly, Liz


Gigi B

Hello Diane!
I took this handsome photo of our best buddy, Psmith, today. He is six now (born 3/13/10) and his personality is a delight. Just like his mama cat, who crawled right into my husband's lap when we came to pick him up, he loves people. He's mellow and funny, has lots to say, and is full of affection and confidence.
He loves to sit in the open windows and sing. He loves to play with my husband's old, frayed boot string (so many expensive toys and that's his favorite!) and follow us around the house "helping" with everything. He never sprays, he doesn't claw things, he's just Perfect Kitty. We adore him.
Thanks again for caring for him before he was born and during those first three months. He's been loved his whole life and it shows.
Thank you. Best, Joanna B.



Hi Diane,
I hope you're doing well! Our family got a Siamese kitten from you back in 2005 and we love him dearly. He's 11 years old now and Kiko is the best Siamese cat we've ever had. I was 14 when we got him and I now live in LA on my own. I'd really like to get a Siamese cat of my own and I was wondering if you were still breeding Siamese. Do you have any that will be available in the next few months? I'd preferably like a male kitten but I'm open to a female kitten as well.

How much do your kittens cost? Do they come with their vaccinations? I'm so excited to take this next step as I have thought about in great detail. I hope this will work out!
Best, Lauren C



Hi Diane,
As you can see our little precious one is doing very well! We are amazed at how smart she is and she will actually come when we call her name or whistle for her! She has learned a lot in her first 5 months.
We adore her!
Very best regards, Melinda, Sharon, and Lucy



Nataliya (Nat the Cat) went to the vet's yesterday for routine checkup. The tech wanted to take her home. The vet, who last year pronounced her Best.Kitten.Ever, called her Best.Cat.Ever. She never bites or scratches hard and never hisses or growls. The vet who's known me for years says I'll never have a better cat. How did you do that?
Best, Rich


Nat the Cat - best cat ever

I'm at a loss to even begin to describe the impact Athena has had since she she arrived almost two years ago. She has filled a hole in my heart after the loss of my two Siamese, Satai and Rogue, and helped my wife get through the loss of her nineteen year old chihuahua. She is endlessly inventive, playful, and an absolute photo hound ( make that kitty). My shoulder is one of her favorite places to be carried. Of course, my shoulders have shrunk considerably over the last two years ( she hasn't gotten bigger, naturally ��), so I have to provide a forearm for her front paws. She is my constant companion and an absolutely irreplaceable part of our family. I am proud to say that she has me completely wrapped around her paw! Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods; they have never forgotten this.



Natsu is just wonderful!! Curious, playful, talkative, friendly, loving and so smart!! He loves to jump up on our shoulders and sit as we walk around the house. He's fantastic!! We love him so much! Tish



Hello Diane
Wow! Loki's personality is FANTASTIC. Very confident, playful, smart, just perfect. He is still on the small side but he is just over a year old and I assume that he will grow for a couple of years. He greets us every night waiting at the door and demands his treats. We love him! Here he is "attacking" our Doberman puppy Daisy: Click for VIDEO
Enjoy your day! Karl U.

LOKI the Siamese playing with DAISY the Doberman

at play

Click for VIDEO


Finley's a remarkable cat. He plays so nicely with the dogs. And he is a good cuddler with my 18.5 year old Burmese. Also a great traveler to our country house. Everyone who comes to the house falls in love with him. He's so curious, friendly, and affectionate. He always likes to see what is going on. And he's just gorgeous. I am so happy with him. Thanks for breeding such incredible cats.
Diane M.
Hi, Diane,
I thought that you might like to see a couple of pictures of our kitten, Milo, He is very playful and will bring us his toy mouse first thing in the morning while we are still sleeping and wants to play fetch endlessly. It is pretty amusing. He actually will play fetch longer than our Golden Retriever will play fetch with his ball! We also got a very tall cat tree/house and Milo loves to run up to the very top and then also curl up and sleep in the little cubbie on it. You sent with him in his crate on the plane a cat bed. Milo loves to drag that bed all over the house. He takes it in his mouth and runs full speed through the house with it. He will then dive under it and tackle it. That is really fun to see. He loves for us to play with him, but he also is able to entertain himself, devising games with his toys, pouncing on them and stalking them. We wanted to be sure to get a lap kitty, and he hasn't disappointed us. He likes to plop down in our lap and stretch himself out lengthwise. He definitely has a fun personality.
The picture is of Milo curled up in his basket of toys. He definitely is "all eyes". Thanks again for sending him to us!
Jan C.
San Martin


Milo C

Diane -
You have been on my mind because it was one year ago today that I had the lovely pleasure of meeting you and bringing a most special cat soul into my life. (Sasha is snuggled beside me as I write). I am and will always be grateful. Thank you for entrusting her to me. I never lose sight of how important she was to you. I promised that I would always keep you up to date on her progress and meant it. I strive my very best to make her happy. High atop the China cabinet holding court over her kingdom. She is the lady of the house and absolutely fearless. (She makes the most of her tall cat tree) Sasha reminds me of an Angelina Jolie action character. She loves adventure and is constantly investigating. She makes me laugh a lot. What a true joy and beacon of light. She makes my life better.My pampered girl was given a cat fountain for Christmas from her Aunt Stephanie. I just set it up a few minutes ago in the kitchen and she is captivated.


sasha 1

Sasha 2

ELSA at 19

Elsa 19 y.o.




Tempe and her big sister
Tempe (left) and her big sister

Tempe looking regal

Tempe wrapping presents
Tempe wrapping presents

Tempe and doggie Buddha
Tempe and her dog, Buddha

They are perfect! Into everything - so very curious. Bart likes to fetch and takes turns having John or me toss his favorite little fluffy ball, then brings it to the other one of us to toss again.

Torrey now weighs 4 lbs 4 oz and Bart is 3 lbs 11 oz. they enjoy eating.

Seems like they have always been with us. They are such happy and affectionate babies.
Thanks for them, Lex


Bart and Torrey

Hi Diane, Hard to believe that today marks 1 month since we met our little meeser girls. I thought it was the perfect time to express our gratitude for bringing them into our lives and to update you on their progress.
From the moment we brought them home they were HOME. Honestly, the adjustment was fairly seamless. It's obvious that they come from wonderful breeding and you did an excellent job of socializing them as babies! They were completely potty trained and (so far) there have been zero accidents. They're extremely smart, affectionate, out-going and lovable. We could not be happier with our sweet girls!! Thank you so much for helping us have a wonderful little family, Diane!
I've attached a couple of photos of our "Shika" and "Rini". Enjoy -- and thanks so much again!
My best, Melinda P.

SHIKA (front) & RINI (back)

Shika and Rini

Hey Diane,
Just wanted to say, again, thank you so much for giving us Frankie. I forget how many years it's been but I know that he's been my best little friend for every single one of them.
Provided a pic of Frankie and I, he has a wonderful home and loves his family. :0)
-David T.


Frankie and David

Dear Diane
Jackson, 12 weeks old, entered our lives after losing our beloved Newman who was 20 years old. We knew that we had to have a Siamese in our lives again so we turned to Diane to get one of her special kittens as we did 20 years ago when we got Newman. Jackson loves exploring the house. He especially loves watching the birds through the door wall that I feed daily. He's a playful, healthy, beautiful kitten, exactly what we wanted. Loving, sweet and affectionate. Purrs especially when you hold him, which is often! We love watching him play fetch with his little kitten toys and melt when he cuddles next to us on the couch to take a nap.
Thank you Diane for continuing this amazing special Old Fashioned Siamese.
Jere and Fred B.


Jackson B

Hi Diane, Just thought I'd let you know everything is going great with our little Kiwi. It's hard to believe she's going to be one year old June 14th! Where has the time gone? She is so amazing, smart& funny too. I'm sure you hear this all the time about your kitties, what wonderful cats they are. On another note I was wondering what do you do for flea control? I haven't noticed any yet, but I'd like to be ready just in case. Thanks again for making it possible to have our little sweetheart in our lives, she brings such joy to our home. Best, Terri L.







Hi Diane,
Desmond and Sidney celebrated their first birthday on March 30th! They enjoyed a healthy can of sardines (we skipped the candle!) and endured our terrible rendition of "Happy Birthday". Here's a picture of them celebrating their big day. (see earlier pix of Desmond and Sidney )
We hope all's well with you.
Take care, Ethan and Jeanny


Desmond and Sidney


Hello Diane,
I wanted to let you know that my beautiful Bam-Bam, born October 10, 1997 (out of "Yesterdays Old Fashioned Samauri" and "Fabulous Fantasia Surprise") has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He was 18 1/4 years old. He died peacefully at home in my arms.
He was the most beautiful cat and the sweetest cat I have ever known.
We truly cherished him and will miss him terribly.
I wanted you to know he lived a happy and spoiled long life, but is now with his beloved Yum-Yum and Kaiba who passed years ago.
Thank you. Kathleen C., Westlake, OH




Hi Diane,
Wanted to report on bonding progress of Muchette and Miu. By some miracle the bridge to happiness was a simple Trader Joe's shopping bag left on the kitchen floor! Mushette saw the bag, crawled in and for once seemed curious about Miu Miu and then little one of course with kitten playfulness planned her attack. This went on for an hour and in between they got the first real sniffs of each other. Alas, success and thanks to a paper bag that became an ice breaker! You can bet that bag stayed there for a solid week! So now everyone is so excited as they both are becoming more more friendly and playing with each other. My Karen has now affectionately termed our house the "panther house" and every morning there is a game of tag up and down the hall. We left for a trip for five days and this is the first time we came home and Mushette was not waiting for us at the door. No doubt they were upstairs snuggling somewhere.! The happiest moment was one beautiful afternoon when he came into our office den area to find both panthers in a wicker basket sleeping with each other! See further photographic evidence!
Suffice to say we love our view and think indeed it was a good decision for her older sister who seems happier and serve the more active even as the wrestling it's heavy at times and there are still growling sessions and reminders of who is in charge. On that note, your little offspring, is quite the Alpha. Even the vet said "oh my goodness, this one is going to be in charge" and couldn't believe how assertive and comfortable the little one was around strange people, other cats, etc. she stares down and attacks her older sister in a friendly but very assertive way and will someday for sure rule the roost!
Above all, the little one is as you promised a snuggle her even if she's a hyperactive fun plaything. The greatest treasure was having her be warm and cuddly with our littlest son and everyone has enjoyed her falling asleep on their lap. Perfect!
So that's your detailed report which is long overdue. Thank you for a beautiful panther! Hope you are well and we will keep in touch.
Edward C and family.

New kitten and Mushette Bonding



Hi Diane,
See more PING and her family... March 2015 ... Feb 2015 ... May 2014...


ping the robber

ping and her girl
I sent you several pictures in late December. More recently, a photographer friend did a mini photo shoot of Pickles- attached are a couple more pictures from that. Hope you are well! Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful kitty!
FROM 12/26/2015
Diane- Hi, I just wanted to send a quick update on my beautiful boy, Pickles. He is doing great and I cannot imagine life without him (even though we've only had him a few months)! Everyone who meets him thinks he is the most amazing and gorgeous cat ever.
Eric loves playing with Pickles. His favorite toys are a Siamese cat beanie baby attached to a ribbon on a wand and his stuffed rats (to play fetch). Pickles also loves to cuddle and is always sitting on our laps when they're available. He enjoys rides in the car and walks to the mailbox. Above all else, Pickles loves our constant attention and will meow and even break the rules (like getting on kitchen counters) if we are not paying enough attention to him.
Attached are several pictures of Pickles from the past months. Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful and loving baby kitty! Hope you are having a great holiday season.
Best, Kristine & Eric
FROM 09/12/2015
Hi- my kitten is doing very well! I named him Pickles. He has been using the litter box regularly and eating well. He has slept through the night (until about 6am). On the first day, he was quite scared at first, but within a couple of hours he was out of the bathroom and exploring the condo. He loves playing with his toys and cuddling with us, his humans.
Eric and I both love Pickles so much already! He is beautiful and has brought us so much joy in the past couple of days. I look forward to our many great years ahead.
Thanks for checking in- Kristine







Hello Diane,
And Happy Valentines Day to you as well! Miss Mei is great and such a lovely girl! She sleeps in my bed but I have an electric foot warmer so she sleeps where it is! In the morning she comes to wake me up with her chatter. She's a delight and the vet says she is very healthy too!


Miss Mei 1

Miss Mei 2

Dear Diane,
I wanted you to know that the wonderful kitten we adopted from you in 1996, turned 20 yesterday :)
Sasha has been a wonderful pet of ours for many, many years and she is still going strong. We thought you would enjoy hearing from us and knowing one of your little kittens is now 20! There is a picture attached of Sasha in her prime, and at yesterday's birthday party.
When we visited you in San Diego, you had other "great-grandma" cats in the house and I rememer you commenting on the longevity of your line. Well, it is true for us! When we visited you, we were engaged to be married, now we will celebrate 19 years of marriage this year and have 17year and 9year old boys. Sasha has them both beat!
She has pretty strong arthritis in the hind end that prevents her from getting around a lot, but she still loves to cudddle and will purr, purr, purr, with attention. Of course we spoil her rotten and on her birthday, she got a "tuna cake". She has other kitty brothers and sisters that enjoyed the cake too, after we sang Happy Birthday!
Thank you again for such a wonderful kitty!
All the best, Bill and Jan M. (Alex and Niko)


Sasha at 20

Sasha turns 20

Hi Diane
It has probably been a few years since I last sent you a photo - above is Scotty (who will be 9 in October) and Ty (who will be 11 in October). They are the joy of our lives and are wonderful, handsome kitties and very spoiled. And of course you cannot see in this shot but both have gorgeous eyes..Ty's are an incredible deep blue, while Scotty's are lighter. Scotty is quite the talker.
My husband Bob and I have moved around a lot and these guys are most adaptable. We are currently living in Los Altos, Ca and I just retired last summer. I hope this finds you and your crew doing well. Thought you'd like to see two of your most handsome kids!
Fondly, Tracy N.
(We lived in Palm Desert and drove down to pick up Ty and lived in Redding area and had you fly Scotty to Sacramento, by the way).


Scott & Ty
Scotty & Ty in the chair




Diane, just wanted to update you on Sophie, our Oregon Lap Cat. Sophie is 14 years old and everything we could have asked for in a Traditional (applehead) Siamese cat. Intelligent, sweet, personable, dog-like, and certainly the princess that her full name indicates "Princess Sophinia". (My then 3-year old nephew named her). It heartens me to see photos of the older cats on your website. This is a recent picture of her. We are ever thankful for your careful breeding, your love of this wonderful breed, and your ability to match kittens to families. While we are not looking forward to a time where we will have to say good bye to Sophie, we are heartened to know that you continue to provide these amazing kittens.
Jeri D.


Sophie at 14


We adopted our Emma in 1999. We shall be forever grateful for having her in our lives, and for finding such a wonderful breeder as you when we adopted our Siamese baby. She was such a blessing for 17 years. Thank you so much Diane for the care you take in breeding traditional Siamese cats. We miss our Emma so much but are looking forward to a new stage of our life. It was so nice talking with you and we are looking forward to a new kitten in the coming months. Pam

EMMA at 17



Dear Diane
Sherlock and Churchill are the second set of twins we were fortunate enough to adopt from Diane. This photo was taken the first night they were with us. They flew from San Diego to Atlanta without a hitch and came out of their carrier ready to play and engage with my husband and I. We were afraid they might be a little stand offish considering all they had experienced that day, but that was not the case at all. They have the absolute sweetest dispositions. are smart and beautiful. We couldn't be more pleased and can't thank Diane enough for breeding such special cats.
Anne and Rod




This is our girl Tempie cuddling with one of her buddies. She is the best kitty ever. She is very sweet, playful and talkative, she loves to follow me around the house. We adore her.

TEMPIE and her Dog



Dear Diane
I want to let you know how grateful I am for the two wonderful cats we purchased from you, Sasha and Liat. Sadly, we lost both of our babies in 2015.
Sasha, six months older than Liat, was incredibly intelligent and composed. Liat was our dear clown, and a hedonist who loved rubbing up against us and sprawling on her back for tummy rubs. Both were well-behaved charmers. They even tolerated our brushing their teeth. One of their more enduring traits was their habit of racing to the door to greet us whenever we came home. Sasha would then plop down inviting us to stroke her back, while Liat would dash to a scratching post for a workout, then stretch out on the floor belly-up for her own share of attention.
We miss our two babies every day. But we are looking forward to a new stage of our lives, getting to know two new kittens. We absolutely trust you to provide us with little girls that we will come to love as much as Sasha and Liat.



Sasha - nearly 16

Liat - nearly 16

Sasha and Liat
Sasha & Liat


Merry Christmas from Leo. He is a happy healthy cat likes people and to play. A real goofball.


Merry Christmas from Leo


Dear Diane - Our first Christmas and this bird toy is officially dead....its been a busy morning for Meezer and Benny --- Debbie S.


Meezer and Benny 2

Meezer and Benny

Beeja and "her boy"
We all love Beeja so much! The boys just adore her, especially my middle son. My general contractor and even my ex husband are crazy about her. She has everyone wrapped around her little paw. Beeja helping me work on my Christmas cards. That's the box they are in �� Have an amazing holiday!
12/06/2015 (later)
She loves to be in the sink. And honestly the water doesn't really bother her all that much. If you turn it on full force she will move but more like she's annoyed then bothered! She definitely owns the joint!!!! And she knows it! I had a dog, Moe Joe, for a week while Marc was traveling and the first thing he did when he came in was to eat her food. So a few hours later I found her here eating his food :-)
See more Beeja and family photos from January 2015 HERE



Beeja Ginger
beeja Beeja in the sink

Cecil is so funny.!!!..he sees birds flying on the deck .He sits by sliding glass door but not too interested..he sees fish tank, gives them a quick glance...Then he looks up and sees ceiling fan.8 foot ceiling.He stands on his green toy and reaches up for fan and cries...it is a funny cry....
We are having Spring weather here... Warmly, Sandy



Cecil the Kitten

Cecil the Lion Heart, definitely wants to be involved with everything. He follows me every step talking, purring and exploring. He was allowed in the hallway upstairs yesterday and raced to the bookcase and kissed Simba and Troubles ash boxes. Siamese catness at work. He meows like Trouble and wants to be held like Simba. Curious always. Thanks you for another amazing kitten.
Warmly Sandy

watching the Christmas decoration process with Victor


Cecil the Lion Heart and Victor


Hi Diane
Milo is doing just great. He is very sweet and is feeling quite at home now. He loves to grab his toys and run through the house with them--even the wand type toy. It is very funny to see him being so proud of his "catch." The little guy is doing well. He was pretty scared the first day or so, but by the end of the second day, he was feeling more secure. I had a kitty front pack that I had gotten years ago, and we started to carry Milo around in it on that second day. It made him feel warm and secure. Now, he has made the entire house "his" and he is playing and very happy. He has made an area on a shelf in our family room behind our flat screen tv "his lair" and he loves to bring all of his toys to that hidey place and also takes short naps there (of course the tv is not on!) We couldn't figure out where all of his toys kept disappearing to...and then noticed him actually carry one of them into his "nest" and discovered several toys there! He is purring lots now and eating well and likes to sleep in our bedroom with us. So, he is doing well and is getting acquainted to our house and us just fine.





Sake, our female seal point Siamese, passed away on September 6. She was the daughter of Yesterday's Old Fashioned Samurai and Miss Sapphire Eyes Surprise (b. 21 July 1998). She was our only pet for 17 years, our "first" child (we have 10 yr old twins now) and a big personality. She brought our family so much happiness and we miss her. She was a happy girl to the end. Here are photos of her before she passed.
If you have kittens available after New Year's, would you please keep us in mind.
Best regards, Scott, Martha, Philip and Maria


Sake - age 17

Sake and Pippo
December 2013


Hi Diane,
Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. Here's a few pictures of our little Kiwi today. Her first Thanksgiving! She has brought such joy to our family, truly a treasure to have around.
Definitely a take charge of the situation girl, totally fearless. At the same time very sweet, loving and wants to be with her people all the time. She loves to show off her kittie skills. She is totally bonded with our other cat Sasha. They are always together, now We have two kitties to keep us warm at night! I would love to have just a fraction of her energy,Play should be her middle name! Thank you again for bringing her into our lives and making it possible to have such a special girl. I can't imagine our lives without her now. Happy holidays to you too!
All our best, Terri, Erik and Kiwi







Dear Diane -
I hope all is well with you. I realized I've not written to you in quite some time and wanted to "follow up" with you regarding our boys. Desmond and Sidney are an extremely loving and energetic pair! Keeping up with them is helping us stay fit! The boys are truly sweet and affectionate and we adore them more with each passing day. Per our agreement, we had them altered several days ago and you should have received a letter from our vet stating the procedures have been completed. Please let us know if you did not receive the letter. Attached are two photos I took of our kiddos: one from 7/24 of the boys wearing their harnesses prior to a walk; the other from 9/25 of the fellows relaxing on the window sill. Feel free to post the photos on your website, and I'll send more as time progresses. We can't thank you enough for raising such wonderful boys for us!
-all the best Ethan and Jeanny W


desmond and sidney

desmond and sidney

Hi Diane!
I wanted to update you on our Bam-Bam. He celebrated his 18th birthday on October 10th! He is happy and healthy. The first 5 pictures I am attaching were taken today, the 6th picture was taken in August! Bam-Bam shares the house with two other cats 11 and 12 years old, and a mini dachshund who is 6 years old. We also had a Golden Retriever who passed away in August. He and Bammy were great friends. I am considering another Siamese for Bam-Bam. I wonder what your advice would be. Also, if you think that Bammy is not too old (he still loves to play and always ready to snuggle), do you have any kittens available?
Thanks! Kathy C - Ohio


Bammy2 Bammy3
Dear Diane, Here are just a few pictures of our beloved Jax. They were all taken within the last couple years. I miss him so very much and am very grateful for the 18 years I shared my life with him. I have some beautiful pictures of him in his earlier years that I will send a bit later. Jax's favorite things were sitting on my lap purring, cuddling with Sophie and relaxing with some Yeowww brand catnip cigars. He was so relaxed in disposition that his nickname was Relax-a-Jax! And, he was also the house chatterbox and had the loudest purr, he was always purring!
As I type this, baby Henry the Handsome is also displaying his loud purr and knocking things off the desk to entertain himself. What a blessing he is!
Warmly, Jennifer M

Dear Diane,
Here are a few pictures of Henry the Handsome! He is such a sweet boy and we love him! Henry is doing very well and is now playing with Brady, our border collie. They pal around all the time.
Henry weighs 7 lbs now and has excellent body condition . He's going to be a big boy! He's also started using his voice more and he's always purring. Henry is quite charming and follows me everywhere. I'll send more pictures soon.
Warmly, Jennifer M








Hi Diane:
Thought I'd send a short note with our little girl's best wishes to you She's 4 months of age now, and the darling of our family....We can't thank you enough...Larry and Julie


FaLing at 4 months




Not sure if you will remember me, but you sold me a female kitten back in early 1999. I am in Dallas,Texas. Her birthday was Feb 1999 and you shipped her to me in the first week of May 1999. I named her Cleo. Thought I would give you an update. FYI – the first picture was taken in January of this year – she is with her 4 year old Ragdoll brother – Einstein – on one of their cat trees. She also has a Seal Tortie point sister the same age. Cleo will soon be 17. The other picture was taken when she was about 7 and I may have sent it to you before.
All in all, a jewel of a cat, rules the roost with an “Iron Paw” and always gets her way. She is the top cat!
Just thought you might like to know what has been going on. Take care of those babies. And thanks again for a great cat!
Jo Lynn

CLEO at 17

Cleo at 17

Cleo with buddy Einstein



This morning I was awakened at 6:30 by a plaintive meowing at the door. I was in the downstairs bedroom with Cleo, and Marnie had slept upstairs with John. Marn wanted to come in so I opened the door. What ensured was priceless! It was like a slow-motion ballet Marnie finally stopped hissing and the two of them started checking each other out at close range - cautiously but curiously. I must have sat on the floor for half an hour as they circled each other and finally figured out that they had a playmate handy.
They are now upstairs in the living room playing around the chair at the desk and on the couch. They are buddies at last! And all four of us get to sleep together in the master bedroom tonight!!!





Hi Diane,
Our Mushette was born in Sept 2009 so she is 6 years old. Mushette has so much personality. She “owns” our happy home. She makes the rounds of every bedroom with an uncanny knack of sleeping with those in need of comfort who are either sick or in need of comfort. Just last night she let out the most plaintive of cries as she waltzed down the hall with a pink ribbon in her mouth hoping that someone would play with her and unhappy that all three children’s doors were closed!
Attached are a few very recent photos of the Princess Mushette and her family!
I look forward to talking to you and hopefully to adopting a new member of the family.
Best, Edward


Princess Mushette

Mushettes family




Hello Diane Here's a photo of Sydney at 17. She was very sweet. She didn't talk much while Toby (her 1/2 brother) was alive. Once he passed, she found her voice. She got along great with our golden retriever. She often slept using the Golden's plumed tail as a blanket. She loved playing with the feathers on a fishing pole toy. That was her absolute favorite. She liked it so much, we had to hide the toy in a chest of drawers. A few weeks later, I kept wondering why my husband kept leaving the chest drawer open. He didn't. She had figured out how to grab the drawer pull in her mouth and back up so she could pull out the feathers and play by herself! She also used to love to steal the bows off Christmas gifts. She would steal them and hide them and bring them back out to play with in June. I never did find where she kept her stash! Here are a few of more photos of her I pulled off my computer. She's the little one in the first photo. Valorie

Sydney at 17

sydney at 17


Here's our boy, Toby at 17. He was an absolute lover. He had to "supervise" every activity in the house. He helped me on the computer all the time, and would lay across my forearms as I typed. He purred constantly and was the love of my life. His conversational Siamese was epic. We had 30 minute conversations regularly. He slept in the crook of my arm every night from the first day he arrived. He loved rearranging (knocking things off) the countertops. He's the one I told you loved to eat my plants. Even hanging them from macramé hangers didn't protect them. He would launch himself off the chair and swing from the hanger as he snacked. He "adopted" our Keeshond Abbi when we got her as a puppy, and would wrestle with her and taught her how to act like a cat. Toby even taught Abbi to sleep on the back of the sofa. (Not your average sight, and takes a lot of balance for a dog.) Hope you enjoy the photos of both of them. Toby and Sydney were wonderful pets, and they're the reason we came back to you for the new addition. Valorie

Toby at 17

Toby.. toby on the monitor





Today is our Bailey's first birthday. You have given us nearly 10 months of unconditional love and joyous laughter. She and Skye are such perfect four legged children and we are so grateful that we found you and your beautiful Siamese. Hope all is well with you and yours.
Debbie C.




Bailey and Skye LOVE each other. You and your kittens have filled our hearts and home with joy.

Happy Holidays! Debbie C.


baby Bailey with SKye


01/03/2015 & 07/04/2015
Happy New Year Diane. I thought you might like to see how beautiful these girls have turned out to be. They are very involved in everything that occurs within their tiny Catdom. They are simply wonderful. Nancy
from 7/4/15:
I know I sent you a lot of pictures...I walked into the kitchen just now, looked up, and there they were. This is a personal best for Zooey.




Zooey & Zelda
Zooey and Zelda



My little girl is such a blessing. We have been having the very BEST time together. Sasha has become her official name but I came close to calling her "Joy".
One friend wanted me to call her Elizabeth (after the exquisite violet blue eyes that she has in common with Miss Taylor.) So much heart and intelligence (smarter than many adult cats) but she has also been displaying her humorous side to me. Sasha makes me laugh. A fascinating being. I love her so much. A fellow Siamese owner once said that these unique cats are a cross between a swan and a monkey. There is nothing like them. My favorite animal in the world. So far, she seems to be doing fine with her alone time while I am away during the day. (We were both concerned). Lots of quality time at night. Yes, she now has her very own television.

This is one of her interactive toys. However, nothing pleases her more than crumpled up paper.
We already play fetch and retrieve.

Dear Diane It has been only three days, but already my life would be unthinkable without her. It was like a bolt of lightning the first time I picked her up. The strongest possible soul connection. It is such a honor to be her guardian. Thank you for giving her such a perfect start in life and for entrusting this magnificent being to me. I cannot begin to find enough words to properly express my gratitude. Charles

Sasha D.

Sasha and Charles

sasha napping


Here is Zeus on his favorite blanket. We have a toy bamboo cylinder with holes just too small to access a rattle toy inside. Both ends blocked by a ball held in place with a bamboo rod, nearly flush with the cylinder wall. Zeus pulled the pen and got the rattle toy as if without effort. Stinky couldnt grasp the concept and gave up on the toy quickly. Our/your cat is highly intelligent. This is just today's example. We may need to get another kitten from you in a year or once we are in a house. Stunning!
Mitchell A.




We love Henry! Here he is with his dog buddies, Josh, Teddy, Cooper and Gabi. Henry is BFFs with Josh, probably because Josh is only a month older. The dogs give him a lot to manage, but Henry is the boss. He never uses his claws but just flexes his toes. (Henry and Josh video coming soon)

HENRY his dog buddies, Josh, Teddy, Cooper and Gabi

Henry and BFF Josh

Henry and Cooper


Henry and Gabi



"Oscar" is doing great! He's sooooo sweet and seems to feel right at home. No fear and very confident! Many thanks! - Allen






Dear Diane—It is with a very sad heart I write to let you know the wonderful pair of Siamese cats I purchased from you in November of 1996 (born 9/3/96) have died within three months of each other.
The last eighteen years I spent with them were very special, my beautiful Purrfect Pair were a constant delight and I will miss them always. I’ve attached the remembrances I shared with friends and family for you to see what content and loving beings they were, each in his or her way. I believe their long lives and happy personalities were due to the quality of their high quality breeding and care as young kittens. I shall be forever grateful not only for having Pandora and PiWacket as a part of my life, but for my good luck in finding such a fine breeder as you when I purchased my Siamese babies.
Thank you so much for the care you take in continuing to breed traditional Siamese cats at a time when too many people seem to prefer the emaciated looking Siamese cat seen at today’s cat shows. Phyllis M.

In Memorium: The PURRFECT PAIR - Pandora & PiWacket

Click for Pandora's In Remembrance

September 3, 1996 - January 3, 2015

Click for PiWacket's In Remembrance

September 3, 1996 - April 7, 2015



Hi Diane,
As you know Newman is amazingly smart. It's as if he has his MD, Juris Doctor, PhD all in one Siamese cat!! Sweet as sweet can be. Precious, loving and the best kitty ever. When you took him out of the playpen 19 years ago and you handed him to us at your front door, I said to him "you are going to be my best friend and my 20 year old kitty". Well he is my best friend and we are working hard toward that 20 year old birthday. Thank you for our Newman!!
Jere and Fred B.

!Newman's birthday is today, he's 19!!!!
Thank you for the beautiful precious kitty!!





Kitty PING is ready for Winter

PING is ready for Winter <3


ping in Argyll  



I know this is not a cool picture but it says something about her temperament. Poly went for a walk and picked up a tick. So he got a bath, and drops, and was not allowed on our bed all night. Minina kept him company on the floor all night even though her spot is between our pillows. She has a great sense of emotional empathy. Who said cats don't care about others?


Minina and Poly



Hi Diane, Our kitty Jingle is GREAT. Fit right into the family. Here they are wrestling. They are quite a pair.







Simba and Lucy are soooo big & super cute!! Can't believe they'll be a year soon. Both play a lot and BOTH are lap cats and never far from our sides. In fact, Simba has kinda turned into a "mommy's cat." He follows me everywhere & sits outside the shower when I'm in there moves to sink when I'm putting on my makeup! He has to know where I am at all times & talks all the time & calls out to me if he doesn't know where I am. So loving! Lucy is a doll baby! She talks but more with her brother to know where he is. They are close. She waits by the door (so does Simba) when they hear the garage door & get so excited when we come in & Lucy rolls over for her belly rub!
This last photo was posted on "All About Cats," our vet's Facebook page and got the most likes & comments!! Pam W

Simba & Lucy





Bijou at the beach. I just want to tell you, I love this baby you gave us! She's madly in love with Bruce too!
We want to say Thank You a hundred times over! Lynnda P. see previous posts about Bijou



Bijou athe Beach




Orion is now 21 years old. He is still getting around. I took the opportunity of a natural light situation in late November 2014 to get this shot. Also is one taken at age two. He has been a wonderful pet very intuitive and communicative. He always has a code of ethics. He has a sense of right and wrong. Not running down the stairs to the door, not jumping on the kitchen counter, Cats do mourn. His brother Lapis died 1 1/2 years ago and it took Orion 6 months to get his sparkle back. I am amazed by his stamina. He wraps his paw on my hand to me to bring me in for a cuddle time Orion is still the gentle giant. He still crosses his front legs when he sits. like so many of the cats you have on your page. (see more of ORION and LAPIS)
Marla K.

ORION - AGE 2 and 21






Kai is the most amazing cat! We call him a 'dat' because he's both dog and cat.
He fetches and drops his toy at my feet etc.
We named him Kai.
I'm DYING TO GET A FRIEND FOR HIM. Do u still breed with his mom and dad by chance??
That's him watching Bill Murray, his fish:)







Wearing Her Doll Dress Ping's adorable! And very loved. Izzy is currently trying to teach her to wear the boots she made for her.( Ping has no issue with dresses. Lol!!)






Hi Diane
just wanted to give you a quick update. Little Gengi Neko Magic Mischief the Smart is all that - we love him so much already. I love the way he modulates his voice when he talks - and looks you straight in the eye. And how he talks while eating - numm numm numm - he keeps us in stitches. He is so curious and so sweet - loves cuddling! I am going to send you a video when I get one of him climbing all over our other cat.

Little Gengi Neko Magic Mischief the Smart





Hi Diane, It has been almost 5 years that you delivered my little bundle of joy to Woodland Hills........he is sooooo beautiful, healthy, playful and full of the ol'ned. He is the best Siamese that I have ever owned......very smart too..... I love him so very much........ Thank you for bringing him to me.....how I do enjoy him, along with my "White German Shepherd, they are the greatest of friends....... He sleeps with me. Thanks again for a great cat and a wonderful bundle of joy. Marilyn M






Dear Diane I think Lenny thinks he is a dog by the way he wags his tail…
He is such a loving sweet kitty and a priceless addition to our home!
Thank you! Robyn




LENNY and the 3 BOYS

A video to show how well Lenny is getting on
with our three boys. He really is the star of the show!



Dear Diane
Thank you! that video you sent is adorable! Here's one of Beeja
I am so thankful for Beeja!! She is an amazing companion �� and growing so fast! She loves everyone ( and EVERYONE loves her), but she is definitely my baby
Here are some photos.
We were just taking a winter nap...
She makes a great neck warmer !!
Also her with us for the holidays.
Thank you so much for her! I can't imagine not having her. She brings me so much joy!


beeja Beeja napping
beeja and family Beeja napping


Haha :) we named him smeg I know it's a odd name.
you raise some amazing cats we really appreciate him - great part of our family.
Here Smeg is giving his dog-friend a serious "oriental" massage.





Dear Diane
We named our kitten Sebastian Atreyu and we call him Bastian. I got the name from the never ending story. He is wonderful. He is loving and loves to be in the middle of everything. He has learned the purpose of the doll stroller. I think I told you that the last kitten we got from you, Humphrey Bogart, loves to get in a stroller and be pushed. Well Bastian figured out that if he crawls in it he will be pushed as well but he is not quite sure he wants to be pushed so he will bat at whoever is pushing just in case he may object to it. It is so funny to watch him reason it out. He loves water and is always in the sink when I am near by. He does not talk as much as Humphrey does... So when he does decide to vocalize his wishes it is funny. He is of course a mama's boy and both he and humphrey sleep on me. They both try to be closest to my face. In fact Bastian decided one night he was going to win and laid across my neck. He of course won that round. As you can tell he is doing very well and he fits in very well. I do have a question... At what age do they stop growing or mature. I see him every day so I don't always see how big he is, but people who come over tell me that he is huge. To me he is my baby which he proudly wears but I figured I would ask. I am including horrible doll stroller pics because I had to send them. I also sent one of Humphrey with my son from several years ago. It is something I keep always because only a Siamese would think of it. They are the best.... Hope all is well for you and your family and that you had a wonderful holiday season.


bastian1 bastian2


Diane Nineteen years ago, I purchased a lovely Siamese kitten from you. Sadly, Jasmine recently passed away from a failing heart. With her loss, there is big hole in our family that I would like to fill with a new kitten. I have always been very close to my creatures, and now that I am retired, I have more time to enjoy their company. So I am asking you to find me a very specific kitten for another long and loving relationship.
Jazz was an amazing cat - the smartest cat I have ever met. I loved her very much.
The last kitten I purchased from you, Kiko, is exactly what I am looking for in our new family member.
What I love most about Kiko is that she is:
I would like the new kitten to be all these things. In addition, in the range from pet quality to show quality, I am looking for a cat that is closer to show than pet. I realize that would involve an increased expense. When a kitten that meets all these requirements is available, I would appreciate the opportunity to spoil her for the rest of her life..
Hello Diane!
Hope this New Year finds you well. Here are photos of Zack with our oldest son taken in 2001.
Also nap time in our household when the kids were young.
Lastly a photo from Christmas 2013 with the kids all grown up.
We are ready to welcome another cherished kitten into our family.
And we will only consider another kitten from you - Diane, you are absolutely the BEST.
Please let me know if you have any upcoming litters?
We would feel so blessed. Best wishes, Nicole




zeke2 zeke and the grown up kids



Hi, Diane.
Do you remember us, Toyger and Tigger P.?
You raised us until we got to go to our Momma and Daddy.
This is us watching our daddy putting together outside Christmas displays. He makes funny noises when he does it. Ha ha.
Mommy has to type this for us because our paws can't press the numbers. Plus... we can't spell...
We just wanted to say, "meow, meow" and send a picture.
Have a nice day. Love, Toyger and Tigger P, Texas


Oliver and Gus glued to TV I turned on this godawful Lifetime TV movie called "Grumpy Cat's Most Awful Christmas" & had to watch the whole thing - they were glued to the set & Oliver complained every time I changed the channel!
Tanya E. Birmingham, Alabama


tv time



Dear Diane
Just wanted to let you know Cali is doing great. She is such a sweetie. Since my son has moved out she is always with me.
Here is a picture of her beside me on the couch.
Aaron M.
Dayton, Ohio .






Hi, "Subi" is the orange tabby was got as a rescue last year and now we have "Dags".
Dags has a wonderful personality. He's very outgoing, curious and is not be shy about demanding a lap to sit on
or more room to stretch out on in the bed. We had no problem introducing him to Subi and let them be alone
together much sooner than expected. Subi seemed to accept him quickly and Dags was able to hold his own
with the roughhousing. There's a lot of stalking and chasing around our place these days.


Dags the Kitten




Hi Diane, As promised, here are some pictures of Xavier (French pronunciation, so it is “Zavier” with his nickname Xavi/Zavi for short which sounds like Bali ). “Xavier Rules” is my favorite picture of him. The other picture shows him with his blue fuzzy ball – he was playing with it one day and then brought it to me. I tossed it out and he fetched and brought it back. We did this a few times that day, but the opportunity has not come up again – if it does I will see if he shows the same interest in retrieving.
He seems to have developed an interesting habit. He spends the mornings with me while I work and then disappears under the bed or into my walk-in closet until about dinner time. He definitely spends the nights where he should –- curled up next to me on my bed!
He is very affectionate and a delight to have.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. Best regards, Susan


Xavier Rules
Xavier Rules

XAvier and his toy
Xavier Plays Fetch!



Hi Diane,
Just wanted to share some recent photos of Niko, Ty and Beau. Seriously, how gorgeous are these guys? Beau is now 6 months old and is, as you can see, a beloved by all member of the family. They groom each other, sleep and snuggle together - it’s adorable. Beau’s personality is just like Ty’s (the kitten version) - he is perfection in every possible way.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my babies! XOXO Colleen
09/01/2016 update
Just wanted to thank you again for my babies. Niko and Ty are six now, if you can believe that! And my Beau is 2. All three are just fantastic in all ways, they bring SO much joy to our lives. They simply could not be any more perfect. I adore them all, but my little Beau is “mine” - you did such a great job picking him out for me, you were so insightful to see how confident, friendly, playful and loving he is. He follows me everywhere, he’s my shadow. All three of my furry babies are just the best and I can not even imagine our lives without them. So thanks again for everything, what you do really matters. You bring real and lasting love into lives, and that is very special. All the best, Colleen
See More Pictures of Niko, Ty and Beau




3 5
Dear Diane -
Our little Clancy Mittens Fitzgerald Otter-Pop McMuffin turned one this week. He is all you promised and more.
We have always had cats, and he is definitely the most clever and confident. As you warned me, he is beginning to open doors!
His favorite toys: ping-pong balls and paper.
He likes to hang out in upside-down laundry basket - no fears - he needs no help getting in or out!
He moves like a cheetah, and tumbles like a clown.
As you can see from the photos - he loves sinks (he is also fascinated by water and frequently climbs in the bathtubs)!
He gets a little mini-bath almost daily when he climbs in the shower with Randy.
He naps at the kitchen window and watches for his bird friends (some chirping Phoebes) to come by.
We love our little bundle of energy and playfulness.
Much love and gratitude - Lori, Randy & Lizzie






Hi Diane, Just wanted to let you know, I'm grateful to you everyday for the joy these kittens have put back into my life. Kathy






Hi Diane
How are you? Hope all is well. I just want to share a picture of Coco & Angel. They turned 9 last July 29. They are healthy and doing well. Coco is still our little dog. We joke and say that God made a mistake and put a dog in a cat’s body! He’s too smart, curious, sweet, and constantly heels… like a dog! He loves to lick our faces to show affection when we’re carrying him. Angel is still our Ms. Congeniality. Guests who come to our house love her as she is very friendly towards them. We hope they continue to stay healthy and live 9+ more years as they continue to give us joy.
Jackie E.
San Jose, CA
Dear Diane , I purchased from you 2 kittens some years ago ( probably 6-8 years ago) near Christmas.
I just wanted to let you know how much I adore them and what wonderful cats they are.
I call them Sissy and Bubba.
They have been healthy and happy.
I had wanted a girl to replace the one I lost which I had for more than 7 years but I think you sent me a picture of the boy that I got and thought it would be good for them to have one another.
I am so glad I bought the boy too, as he has been so affectionate and friendly and really the more good looking of the 2. He came with such a friendly attitude where the girl was scared and not so friendly. She has a kink in her tail and her tail turns downward where his is upright. He is much larger and friendly to all , but she is my girl and a little more independent but also very sweet and affectionate to me at times.
They love one another.
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with them.
I thought you would be pleased to know they are well loved and doing well .
Thank you, Lynn L.



She is such a great girl, so smart,so much personality, talks all the time, especially when she thinks it's time to be fed, she is very persistent then, maybe relentless is the correct word. She knows she's cute and works to try and get what she wants. Loves to play and tear up and down the hall ( I think she like to hear the sound her pawls make), always with us, she's always up with me before work talking and right at the door talking to me when I get home. She has her stool in the kitchen so she watch what is going on. Sorry this is so long, there are not enough words to describe how wonderful she is and how much my son and I love her. When someone new comes in the house she doesn't run and hide, she has to check them out, had a plumber over to fix something and she wanted to get under the sink with him. We laugh all the time at the things she does.

More Mininna at Home - Sitting Pretty :)
She is sitting on the directv box, right in the center of everything 


Minina2 Minina3

see previous Mininna posts


RE: new kitten
...It was a pleasure speaking to you and I cannot express how much joy our Skye has brought into our lives. This is especially so now that we have lost our much loved older cat. Thank you also for the understanding you showed regarding the heartbreak of losing such a valued member of the family. I am sending along a few pics of Skye letting you see the beauty she is now. I look forward to being in touch.
Debby C







Freddie is a purebred Siamese kitten who shares his home with human companions Judy and Bob of La Quinta.
"He is busy all day long and the sweetestkitten ever, as long as you keep playing with him," writes Judy.
"He has brightened our lives so much and we are so happy to have him running around. We also look forward to his nap time
so we can rest. Freddie will be 6 months old on Aug. 1."

Freddie: PET OF THE WEEK in the Desert Sun

Pet of the Week




To: welovesiamese
Subject: Hi There~

Hi Diane!
I just wanted to say hi, give you an update on that perfect little kitten my parents got from you a couple months ago, and ask you a quick question.
So she is doing fantastic!! Her name is Snow (Snowy); she is the sweetest, most confident, curious and adorable little kitty any of us have ever met!! I can't believe how grounded she is, and at the same time how brave! She is the boss of my parents' two dogs, whom she likes to hunt and pounce on. She also has an affinity for the grandbabies (my three year old son and my sister's three year old twins) and especially their toys!! My son Elliott and she hang out together all the time when we visit my parents, and we oftentimes find her sleeping in his portable crib or with his little stuffed animal lovey that she likes too. She loves to lay in the sun, explore the house, and greets visitors more bravely than I've ever seen a cat greet!! We all just love her, but especially my mom. They already have a very special, close relationship and spend a ton of time together. I'll attach some pics, one of her in my son's puzzle box top, and one playing with my son's train table/dinosaurs (that were just her size to topple!!).
I hope that this email finds you doing well!!! My husband and I after meeting Snow and seeing how good she is with the baby (my son is really a cat person more than a dog person-- it's already apparent at his young age) were considering talking with you sometime in the future about putting down a deposit for another kitten! But we are in the middle of moving right now so it probably won't be for quite awhile. Seriously though, the breeding and care for that baby cat is so apparent in her attitude, intelligence and beauty.
Alright I will hopefully talk to you soon Diane!!
Take Care, Kara


Snow 2

snowy 3




Hello Diane,

Attached is the spay certificate for Sushi. She is doing well after the surgery. She is wonderful and we just love her!
She has brought so much joy and laugher to our lives. We are all so glad we got her and she is a part of our family.

Thank you so much and enjoy your summer.

Kind regards,
Laura Arber






Hi Diane, It is hard to believe that it has been 4 weeks since we brought "Baby Henry" home. In some ways it seems like he has lived here forever!
For me to say that Henry is intelligent, fun-loving, affectionate and very social, and of course beautiful would be a silly under-statement; he is that and so much more. He is our third kitten from you, and he has exceeded all our expectations and dreams. You said I would "flip over him" and that is also an under-statement. He is the most extraordinary kitten. Henry is just so much fun and has fit in so perfectly. Perhaps he is our old Zachary, returning to us, but while he has all of Zachary's fine qualities, I think Henry is really his own person.
I have attached some pictures of him that I have taken with my dogs. They get a long so well. Perhaps Henry does not know he is a cat!
I have posted pictures of him on Face Book with and some of my friends say they want a calendar with Henry and Cooper pictures . . . He is quite the celebrity.
We love him so much, and I think he is very happy here!
I left you a phone message today --- hope you got it --- would love to talk to you!
Take care, Jeannette

HENRY (the kitten) and COOPER and MATT








Hi Diane!
Hope all is well with you. I've finally gotten around to getting some pictures together so you can see how well my sweet fella is doing! Eli is about 10 months old now and is absolutely a joy to have in our home! What a character! My poor dogs never know what to expect. Some days are lazy and quiet, others Eli pretends to be a ninja warrior! LOL! He pounces on sleeping dogs, then flies upstairs, only to zoom back and start all over again, but I wouldn't change a thing. Just love my kitty!
Take care, Connie


e2.e1. e3

Hi Diane! Just wanted to share another picture with you. I design floral wreaths in my kitchen/breakfast room and this is what Eli usually does while I'm working. He is just the BEST! Thank you so much for this beautiful, sweet creature!!
Regards, Connie





Simon thinks he would be a great soccer player! I have told him he would have an unfair advantage - 4 feet.
He says that due to his short stature he should be allowed the handicap.
FYI he had his surgery Monday and had no complications.


Emma resting, Simon watching the World Cup

Simon and Emma



Hi Diane, Well, 2 weeks since Beau arrived and as you can see they are getting along famously! Niko on the top looking at Beau, Beau in the middle checking out Ty. Sooooo cute. The big boys are fascinated with Beau, though somewhat unsure as he insists on tackling them and playing non-stop. But they tolerate it well and are even starting to join in the fun. The interesting thing is that Niko and Ty will not let Beau out of their sight - they want to “watch” him all the time!
Beau has adapted seamlessly, he is inquisitive, energetic, loving, and all around perfection.
Thanks again for giving me all 3 of my loves! - Colleen




Hi Diane,
It was wonderful to talk with you again! Here are some of my favorite pictures of Niko and Tyko. Niko has a lighter coat and is very slightly taller. Tyko is the darker of the two, if I recall correctly he is the image of his father. The photo of them curled up together on the chair as kittens is my all time favorite and the screensaver for my phone, computer, etc. People are always noticing it and commenting on how beautiful they are - so true! As I was telling you, they have been absolute delights and joys in our lives.
We had to move from San Diego to Colorado in December 2011, and they were incredibly well behaved for the duration, which included two cross country plane rides, two ten hour day-in-a-row car rides, living in two different hotels for five months total and then moving into our new house. They took it all in stride, no behavior changes, no signs of stress - really they were amazing. I think they handled it all better than we did! We were also evacuated during the recent fires here and once again they took it all in stride. You simply could not find two better behaved, even tempered, loving, playful, sweet animals on the face of the planet. They are the best! :)
All the best, Colleen




Mininna knows she is as beautiful as a work of art so she always find the perfect spot to complement the composition:)

Mininna at Home










baby bijou



Hi Diane, both boys are doing great.
They now follow me around the house and call out to me if they get lost while chasing a ping pong ball.
Right now, they are making it almost impossible to type, jumping on my lap and desk.
Thanks again for breeding such wonderful kittens and letting me have the boys.





My niece just met him and she immedialtey fell in love with him. He is so cute and lovable. He does have the loudest purr I have ever heard. He is really eating well and using his litter box without a problem. He loves his toys. I have yet to let him down on the floor with the dogs. They seem to be getting used to him, but I just want to take it slow and safe. I took him all around the house and showed him everything.

"He sends his regards"




Hi Diane,
So, she's been running around underfoot for the past few hours and pretty much in charge already! Quite fearless, and getting along with the other pets amazingly well for being here such a very short time. She's going to be a delight, and it looks like she and Reka (our year old calico) will be great playmates.

Will keep in touch. Many thanks again - we are so happy to have her!

"Reka & Pyewacket"




Dear Diane, Here is our precious Skye on her 17th birthday, May 20, 2014. For the occasion, we put a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream in one of our crystal champagne glasses (a gift at our wedding almost 60 years ago) and placed Skye on the table near it. I had to be quick with my picture taking because Skye knows she shouldn’t be either be on our dining table or helping herself to our food. A couple of celebratory licks, and down she jumped.
I can’t believe that—as of August 23—it will be 17 years since we carried a tiny kitten from your home and decided on her name before we even reached our car. She would be “Skye,” because her eyes matched the blue of the San Diego sky that day.
Skye has been a perfect kitten and cat. She has never scratched anything but her scratching posts, has never missed her litter box, and even adapted to sharing her favorite sleeping spots, her litter box, and her food dish with an older cat that we “inherited” when Skye had been our “only” for 5 years.
Although she seems fine now, she had a serious health problem. You may remember because I wrote to you for advice. Skye had developed severe asthma, and her vet was talking inhalers and a reduced life span. You suggested that we change our household cleaning agents to the Seventh Generation brand. We did so—and guess who soon showed no further sign of asthma!
We three octogenarians (me, my husband, and—equivalently—Skye) enjoy the sunshine on our deck. We used to walk her on a leash, but these days we humans are too creaky to keep up with her. As a young cat, she would repeatedly jump up into my arms. Now, the touch of the soft tip of her tongue on a bare leg or the gentle tap of a paw means “Please pick me up for a cuddle.”
Skye may have slowed down as she has aged. However, some of us remember how a young Skye would catch us unawares—by flushing the toilet while it was in use.
She was a beloved, rascally young cat! Now, she is a beloved, gentle elderly one!
Regards, Coralyn


HAPPY 17th to SKYE

Skye is 17



Cali is doing great, she is a little over 8 lbs, she pretty much runs the house, she talks all the time.
Here are a few pics This is her serious look when she thinks she should be fed and dry food just will not do.
Her favorite toy is a stuffed mouse head - and hair ties - but she plays with anything
She ran by the other day with the card board toilet paper roll.
She likes to run up and down the hall, she has so much personality and is very smart.

CALI at 8 months

Feed me real food
This is her serious look when she thinks
she should be fed and dry food just will not do.
Cali happy
Her favorite toy ... hair ties





"Sami being charming"
sami kiko
"I've never seen two cats love each other so much"




Lucy is convinced Ping is her "puppy"






Coco Moon 1995-2014

Everyday she smiled upon this home, sending children and grandchildren happily into the world. She taught me serenity, kindness and the deepest love one could wish for. She gave me nineteen years and I would gladly take nineteen more to share my bed, my heart and my sorrows with my best friend "Tat". I gave her my heart, she gave me her soul. I love and miss you

Coco Moon at 3 months and at 19 years



Coco Moon




Ceaser and Sophia have been a great joy to me and my family for the last 9 years. They are doing great and are very healthy and happy kitties!!
We moved to Canada to the frozen tundra in 2010 as I got married. But now back in sunny California again in our same home!!
Cheers! Elena M.

Hello!!! It's our 9th birthday today!







kitten and friend




Here is my Wam at almost 16 years old. Thanks for giving me my boy and the love of my life
Wilma W***

WAM @ 16





Hello Diane,
I hope this message finds you and all your wonderful Appleheads doing well. Nysa, the kitten I adopted from you, is now almost seven years old and is doing great. I just love how she has matured and never failed to be exactly the kind of cat I've always wanted. I keep her spoiled with heat pads, cat condos, tasty treats, and plenty of playtime. (I attached several pics for you to see how she has grown.)
Well, I'm now interested in bringing another female Traditional Siamese cat into the house. I only have Nysa and have been waiting until it was the right time to bring another one into my family (just Nysa and me, that is). I'm fortunate that I can work from home half the time now and Nysa has greatly enjoyed this over the last couple of years. When are the optimum times for your kittens to be available during the year? I'm interested in another female, and if you recall, Nysa was one you figured was perfect for me in the fact she is a bit quieter than most of her breed (but not by much and she "talks" quite a bit to me and my friends--which I just love!).
Ideally, I'm looking to the summer or fall for bringing another cat into my house. I plan to telework full time for a couple of weeks while she acclimates to her new place and to also help Nysa adjust to the new family member.
Also, how much are your kittens? I may plan to fly out to see them or work with you, like last time, to pick one for me and fly her to National Airport here in DC. I look forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to call me if more convenient.
Take care.
Will J****
Alexandria, VA






Merry Christmas, and just wanted to give you a quick update. She is doing great, so funny, she is asleep now after a hard morning of playing with wrapping paper, boxes and running up and down the hall
Have great holiday


K-cup Kitty

Wanted to let you know that Cali is growing fast, she has such a wonderful personality, she is such a talker, always wanting be with us, she sleeps with me at night, we love her so much, Thank you again for such a wonderful kitten, Aaron






Lots of love over here. Jingle is in heaven.




Dear Diane,
We actually gave Jingle to Rachel for her 13th birthday (the very same day I picked him up 12/18). My husband was ready with sandwiches and my older daughter, Michelle, was ready with cupcakes and we all met at Rachel's school at 12:15pm the second I came into town with kitty.
Rachel knew we were coming to celebrate her birthday at lunch but she didn't know I would have a new kitty. A few of her girlfriends gathered around and had a turn holding kitty. It was such a special moment. Then we sent Rachel back to school, dad went back to work, and Michelle and I played with kitty for a few hours til Rachel got home. Rachel loves sleeping with Jingle every night.
At Christmas all the relatives enjoyed holding and playing with Jingle. Jingle is surrounded by love and hugs every day. He is just like a stuffed animal and will purr contentedly for hours in our arms.
We have two small white dogs (Bichon frise) and my daughter, Michelle has one too. They all love Jingle. And Jingle loves having them as playmates when the humans are out.
Jingle has been a blessing to our family. Thank you so much for our treasured kitty. He brings us so much joy.
Happy New Year, Diane. May God richly bless you in 2014.



Dear Diane,
This a a voice from the past you have undoubtedly forgotten. In December of 1995 we purchased a wonderful little Siamese kitten from you. He was sent from San Diego to Burbank Airport via Southwest Airlines for Santa to bring on Christmas morning for our then little Allison. She named him Stevens, after the headmaster of her school. She is now 25 and living in Boston. He lived almost 18 years, just passing away on Thanksgiving of this year. He was healthy until the last few months of his life - a bit slower with failing hearing and eyesight, but remarkably healthy.
A good story about Stevens (falls into the 9 lives category). After moving when Stevens was about 3, we had a June class party at our house. After the party, Stevens was nowhere to be found. He was gone for a week. Efforts to locate him were unsuccessful. Then he showed up, clearly exhausted, unfed, dehydrated, etc. Unbeknownst to us, Stevens apparently had decided to check out the open car of one of the mothers unloading food and returned with her to La Canada at the end of the party. It took him a week to get back home across freeways, the Arroyo, and terrain filled with coyotes etc. a true-life Homeward Bound adventure. Needless to say, he was locked in the house when we had the next class party! Such an independent fellow! We miss him mightily. We would love to explore acquiring two of your kittens when they are next available. I look forward to hearing from you after all these years.
Susan (and Jim) H****

Dog pillow


Dog PIllow




Dear Diane,
This a a voice from the past you have undoubtedly forgotten. In December of 1995 we purchased a wonderful little Siamese kitten from you. He was sent from San Diego to Burbank Airport via Southwest Airlines for Santa to bring on Christmas morning for our then little Allison. She named him Stevens, after the headmaster of her school. She is now 25 and living in Boston. He lived almost 18 years, just passing away on Thanksgiving of this year. He was healthy until the last few months of his life - a bit slower with failing hearing and eyesight, but remarkably healthy.
A good story about Stevens (falls into the 9 lives category). After moving when Stevens was about 3, we had a June class party at our house. After the party, Stevens was nowhere to be found. He was gone for a week. Efforts to locate him were unsuccessful. Then he showed up, clearly exhausted, unfed, dehydrated, etc. Unbeknownst to us, Stevens apparently had decided to check out the open car of one of the mothers unloading food and returned with her to La Canada at the end of the party. It took him a week to get back home across freeways, the Arroyo, and terrain filled with coyotes etc. a true-life Homeward Bound adventure. Needless to say, he was locked in the house when we had the next class party! Such an independent fellow! We miss him mightily. We would love to explore acquiring two of your kittens when they are next available. I look forward to hearing from you after all these years.
Susan (and Jim) H****







Picasso is a combo of playful, mellow, and mischievousness (which I enjoy because it's all fun mischief). He is also incredibly smart. If he wants something he will think it through and figure out how to get it. He taught himself to play fetch which is his favorite game. He brings me a mousie to me to throw. Meghan





It is unanimous in our household: Zooey is a perfect kitten. She is very affectionate and cute and smart and silly. Zelda and Zooey are playing well at this point. Zelda has been bathing Zooey a little bit off and on. They have shared their Christmas toys very nicely this morning. I will say, Zooey is a chow hound. Zooey will eat the dry Canin kitten food, which is always available, but she is crazy about the canned catfood mix. The first time I made it I picked her up to carry her and the bowl to the area where we feed them and she grabbed the bowl with her tiny paws and pulled it toward her and started eating on the way. She continues to eat that with great relish.Thanks for the wonderful kitten!






Day Four We left the dog and the cat alone in the apartment for three hours and when we returned they were each lying on a couch, keeping each other company. She could have hid in either of the bedrooms but she chose to be with him in the living room. She is remarkably confidant and it is apparent that the only experience she had in her life has been positive. I am truly enchanted with her.
add video!!!





Yes, Yimmini is a huge lap-sitter, and often sleeps in my lap for hours at a time. As I only really leave my apartment to go to school three days a week, she becomes upset if I'm not within her visual range. When I come home from class, she always runs to the front door to greet me. Like most kitties, she loves to stalk things, to include my feet. She often steps into the shower while I'm washing and doesn't seem to mind the water. Extremely friendly to all of my visitors, she always melts their hearts. I love her very much and I'm very happy with her personality.
Respectfully, Brandon




Diane - It was good to speak with you Friday. Dad is excited about the little girl kitten schedule for arrival at our farm (for his 101 birthday). Below are several pixs of Piwacket and Emma Peel. Pi is the older girl (by about 7 mos) and I official gave Dad to her in August 2005. My mom has died in April that year and my Dad attributes his continued good Heath and longevity to Pi. When and if he needs an obit he wants it to closed with " long life due to the love of a good Siamese." Liz

Piwacket & Emma Peel






BOO!!! (New Kitten Update - September)

She is now running the household! She comes running to me when I say “Hi Boo”. And she’s purring up a storm. She’s talking up a storm. I think she’s decided that it’s a good thing she came, because someone needed to be in charge!
So far, I’m calling her Boo (short for Boojums). Boojie was my baby name that my grandmother called me, and we’re living in my grandmother’s house... so I think it’s appropriate on all levels. So far, out of all her toys, she likes paper best. She has definitely settled in and is doing well!
I can’t stop laughing. She’s so adorable! -Perry-

BOO & TAT !!! (Kitten Update - November)

Hi Jean and Diane,
These are two of the sweetest kittens I’ve ever known. They love each other and the dog and us. Both sleep with me on the bed next to my pillow, and settle down next to me at the computer whenever I’m working on it. Boo, the Siam on the shelf above the monitor, and Toot, the Aby, on a pillow next to the mouse. They play together and exhaust each other.
Thank you both for such great kitties! -Perry- ! -Perry-

Boo & Tat


Dear Diane,
Hi Diane, I guess you can see I take a lot of pictures of my babies. Kiko is the photogenic one as you can see, always ready for the camera. He is so small, maybe 9 lbs. and has to be held all the time, like a child........love it. When he wants something he gets it. As I tell everyone, we live in their world and whatever they want, except outside and plants, they get. He is the super friendly one and even if a worker is here at the house and he's never seen them before, he's right there rubbing up against them. Of course everyone loves him because he's not only friendly but beautiful. Quite the Daddy's boy.
Sami doesn't like the camera so much, harder to get pictures of him. He is a bigger boy and weighs almost 18 lbs. Doesn't like to be carried which is okay since I do have a bad back. He and his brother are super close and pretty much inseparable. If I can't find one the other is right behind me helping me look for his brother. Sami is the personality of the house, really entertaining to watch. Tweedy Bird has been his favorite toy since he was a kitten and brings it to Mommy everyday. As you can see in the picture he loves to get any new toy roll it in the dry food bowl then take it to the water fountain then........drop it on the floor someplace.
Yep!!! then one of us walks on it and squish, all the water squirts out. He is a huge talker and a Mommy's boy. Has to be with me all the time and will not sleep anywhere unless next to me, I mean up against me, which is a comfort to me. If Sami is not next to me at bed time, he got in a closet or behind a closed room.
Since Brent and I have no children, they are not our cats, they are our children and we treat them as kids...............we love them sooo much and as much as it hurt when I lost my Coco, I'm so glad the day I called you and then picked up Kiko 3 days later. They are such a joy in our life and give us so much love in return. I'm sure one day down the road I will be getting another baby from you.
Thanks Diane, You're wonderful . Sue






Miko is a talker and follows my mom talking all the time. He is their baby and such a good boy





He has stolen our hearts! What a curious and smart kitten he is. And an absolute love. Where ever I am, there he is, too.
Dawn F.



YOYO and her buddy









Dear Diane,
Samurai and Iris really outdid themselves with our little Katy!
We absolutely adore her and spend a lot of time laughing at her. She is a joy to be around and loves everyone she meets. She is into everything and talks constantly (sometimes screaming at us). The first day we threw her toy mouse for her, she immediately brought it back and has been retrieving it ever since (she taught us). She has tremendous energy and runs from one end of the house to the other, but loves to have her tummy rubbed more than anything.
We spent this summer up north in our motorhome, and she traveled beautifully and loved her small home and huge yard!
We can't thank you enough for breeding such a beautiful and wonderful animal!
Sincerely, Larry & Patty W.


Katy1 Katy1




In a message dated 08/30/2013 ****** writes:
Cats: Sami and Kiko
Person: Sue

SAMI (background) & KIKO (foreground)



In a message dated 08/26/2013 ****** writes:
Hey there Diane,
Hey there Diane, One more for the road. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for these 2, especially,
I wonder how big Tiberius is going to get. Remember, Landru is 16 lbs
Be well, Bob



tiberius-landru3 tiberius-landru4


Hi Diane,
Thought you might enjoy seeing Tara's picture on her 1st Birthday (August 1st). She weights 8.6 lbs and we love her.
She has such a personality.
Hope all is well with you and your critters.
Take Care,
See Tara when she first moved in with Jodi and Bentley the dog



The girls turned 5 on May 1st. We love them so. Tulip is in prack lid box marked Texas she is 10lbs and Iris in a decor box that has become hers since she is 14lbs and they both cannot fit in either one together anymore . They love their brushings and they find more places to hide on out home than we can look. They are so smart and sweet. Brooke , Dallas,TX .


tulip and iris

In a message dated 06/29/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
We are sending a couple of charming photos of Toyger.
He is a beautiful cat!
Best regards Kathryn and Jaime P., Texas



In a message dated 05/23/2013 ****** writes:
Dear Diane,
Oh yes!
We love our Siamese but my daughter is obsessed...
I have to send you a video of her birthday gifts...
all Siamese...
You have made this family very happy every day...
Just took this a few hours ago...
More pics to come...
Best regards, M.-R. and Co... ........................... see additional posts/pix from EL-Ro, Cozy, Sonny



Here is another tribute from El-Ro to your cats...

We were also wondering if you've received her card?
Just wondering...
And Cozy and Sonny are gorgeous and fabulous!
Best regards, M.-R.

PS: These two are the best natured cats ever!


In a message dated 05/22/2013 ****** writes:
Hey Diane:
Here are some recent photos of Riley.
Mr. Riley is more vocal than Sam (Sam is not vocal hardly at all), and he loves to play "chase" and even jump onto the washer as part of the chase. His fur is softer than Sammy's and a little lighter. He is a kind hearted boy, also, and likes to greet visitors as does Sammy. Riley had a lot of energy when he was young but has settled down nicely. Sam, too.
Thanks for both boys. Just wanted you to know what happened to them and that they are happy!
Best, Cathy M.




In a message dated 05/12/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
I sure hope you received our initial email a few days after our girl came home. We have named her Bijou, and she is just a doll. We both adore her! She gets along incredibly well with our male cat Petey. They play, they wrestle, they cuddle, and they adore each other. It is great to see. Bijou is a playful, intelligent girl who is equally cuddly and loving. She is a wonderful pet.
I am attaching a few photos i have of Bijou here on my phone. We are thrilled to have her...thank you for breeding such fabulous kittens!!
Best, Nicole and Erich





In a message dated 07/24/2013 ****** writes:
Hey there Diane,
Thought you might like another update and a few more photos. Tiberius is doing SO well!! He has 100% completely adjusted to his new home. He shows NO fear of anything and loves my condo. He and Landru have also become BEST buds!! The play together constantly. Landru has taken on the roll of "Dad" (I'd say "Mom"...but he is a boy, ya know...LOL). He grooms Tiberius constantly and gets a real kick out of his kitten shenanigans. It is a joy to watch the 2 of them interact together. Tiberius has taken to me like his new Mom AND Dad too.
Once again, I couldn't be happier how all of this worked out. We are a very happy family of 3.
Here's a few new pictures too. Pic #17 is a real hoot. What a poser he is for the camera!!!
Be well, Bob




In a message dated 07/08/2013 ****** writes:
Hey there Diane, And I am now VERY happy to report that the 2 cats have made the transition and are now getting along great and playing together. No more hissing or growliing from either of them. I am so excited and it wasn't too bad...it took only 6 days or so. And of course Tiberius is still doing fantastic.
Email me when you get the time. Thanks again, Bob





In a message dated 07/08/2013 ****** writes:
Tiberius is AWESOME!! He is doing fantastic!!! The ride home was very uneventful...he slept most of the way. When I got home, I did what you suggested. I took him in the bedroom and rubbed him down with some old clothes. He was a bit frightened at first, to be expected. But I cradled him in my arms, kissed him repeatedly and pet him. It took only about an hour or so and he totally warmed up to me...the bonding was well on it's way.
He is a lover-boy, VERY playful and EXTREMELY vocal. He found some of Landru's toys on the floor the first night and played like they were his. It was a joy to watch. He is eating extremely well and using the new litter box I bought for him with no problems. The stools look great...nice and firm (just what you wanted to know...LOL!!!).
As for his interaction with Landru...it is developing nicely. At first, he wanted to have nothing to do with Ti. He'd hiss and growl at him. But Ti wasn't afraid...actually Landru ran away most of the time when Ti would growl at HIM. He is fearless. He is so outgoing it's great to watch him tear up the place. And as of yesterday they had both really accepted each other...sniffing each other and starting to play together. They've even shared the same food bowl...together! I was afraid of Landru eating the kitten food, but he is totally uninterested in it. It's Ti that will eat everything I put down...for both cats. He loves the dry Royal Canin, but turns up his nose to the canned Innova. I bought some of the Pro-Plan kitten formula and he chows it down.
Your assessment of the situation as to Ti being the best match for Landru was SPOT ON!!! Ti is very inquisitive and has already made my entire condo his home. Whenever he sees me he runs to me and wants me to pick him up and pet him. He follows me around and even comes when I call him. His purring is so loud I wouldn't be surprised if you can hear it in San Diego. Needless to say...I AM VERY, VERY HAPPY!!! He loves his new home and family.
Thanks so much for breeding and selling me this amazing kitten,
P.S. I am convinced through his actions and behavior that my Mr. Atoz's spirit is in my little baby. It is a wonderful beautiful thing!




In a message dated 07/04/2013 ****** writes:
I think she is feeling relaxed and at home. She is the cutest thing, we are just waiting for her voice to become the Siamese that she is. She does not like to eat alone and prefers to sleep next to me instead of on my lap. Right now she is on the back of the couch playing with my hair. She is kind of a piggy, she will fight us for our food...we don't give it to her of course. I had to remove her from the dishwasher 8 times while I was trying to empty it. So you can say she is fantastic, inquisitive, smart, sassy, and at times gassy.
Thank you very much for blessing us with her




In a message dated 07/17/2013 ****** writes:
Diane, Hoping your summer is going well. This picture of Ariel and Aerie was taken May 30th. They will be 8 months old on July 20th. They are both doing very well, are very active (mostly Ariel; Aerie is quiet and laid back but a wonderful kitten too). Aerie wisely steps back to get out of Ariel's way in their playtime, but at other times they can both rough it up together quite respectably
Thank you again for all of your helpful information and for enabling us to bring these two wonderful kittens into our lives.
Best regards, Ann and Tony E




In a message dated 07/17/2013 ****** writes:
He is a wonderful little soul, and just as pretty outside as he is inside. He's so laid-back, everyone is in love with him, especially me!





In a message dated 07/02/2013 ****** writes:
Hi, Diane,
Just a follow up on our May kitten. We named him Kerby after a couple of ghosts in an old movie due to his astounding ability to completely disappear. He disappeared into our bed frame the day we brought him home for an hour and a half while we searched frantically. He also had a fondness for crawling up into the mechanism of one of our reclining chairs, so we stuffed the interior with paper. He is extraordinarily social, even with visitors to the house. Also, he is the first cat I have ever had who loves to play ball--REALLY play ball, not just bat a ping pong ball around, but fetch and return a little sponge ball. It's his favorite game. My husband says that I am enjoying having a cat so much that I must be simpleminded, but he spends hours playing with Kerby and fussing over him. Anyway, he's really adorable and we love him. Thank you! Shannon M.



In a message dated 06/07/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane, Just can't resist bragging about Keesu! (BTW, Jake has told me the correct spelling has two e's; he's Estonian so he should know!)
A few minutes ago I took her litter box out of her bedroom to clean it. After maybe 3 minutes I heard piteous mewling coming from her room. I was already finished so I rushed back with her litter box to see what could be wrong.
There was Keesu, lying on top of the spot in the corner of her room where I keep her litter box, looking desperately upset. As soon as I placed the box on the floor, she hopped in and did her business.
You weren't kidding when you said she was very intelligent!
PS: I am so happy I asked for a kitten with a great personality. Even if Keesu were the ugly duckling of the litter (which would still make her the most beautiful kitten I've ever seen) I'd pick her in a nanosecond.
In a message dated 06/09/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
Keesu continues to "shock and awe" us. Last evening we had a dinner party and four people Keesu had never met before came over. At first we kept Keesu in her bedroom, thinking she might feel intimidated. But Jake was so eager to show off his darling that he took them up to meet her one at a time. That went so well that he left her bedroom door ajar so that she could join the company if she wished.
She did wish, and charmed everyone, including one guest who had always disliked cats. (Silly woman; she's been missing out on a lot of joy in her life!)
Keesu's also been keeping Lucius, our 14 pound adult rescue cat, on his toes. She's been chasing him around the house, insisting on playing with him. I think he secretly likes it because he often comes looking for her but in a very sneaky, unobtrusive way. I think he's trying to play hard to get. Another dummy!
That's all for now, Jackie
In a message dated 07/24/2013 ****** writes:
HI Diane:
Loved your last email.  I am so very glad that Keesu loves being social, and that she loves us.  Toward the end of our dinner party she got tired, climbed up into my lap, and went straight to sleep.  It was the cutest thing!
Keesu is the youngest kitten I've ever gotten and I must say, she's a joy.  The contrast between Keesu and Lucius (our adult rescue cat) is painful to me because it highlights how damaged Lucius probably is.  He is the epitome of a scaredy-cat, and although we've had him since he was ~ 6 months old, he still dislikes it when I pet him or even get close to him.  And if a stranger comes into our home he bolts for his hidey-hole downstairs.  It's like he's autistic or something and I'm guessing it's because of what you said: that cold and stress are very bad for kittens.  In his case, he was found in the middle of a busy highway during a freezing rain, when he was small enough to fit in the palm of a petite lady's hand.  A cat rescue lady saw him and pulled her car off to the side of the road to rescue him.  And this is how he's turned out, despite having lived since then in two very loving homes (the cat lady's for 6 months and then with us for ~5 years).


In a message dated 05/12/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
We wanted to send you a quick note seeing as it is Mother's Day-- we just love Dave so much and can't thank you enough for raising him to be the great cat that he is!!! He is so loving, social, and beautiful-- such a joy! Here he is lounging around with us and napping in his favorite spot-- Dad's jacket.
Best wishes, Katherine, Matthew, & Dave


In a message dated 05/12/2013 ****** writes:
We were thinking of you and thought we would send you some updated shots of Bali and Karma. They have grown up to be some playful rascals with alternating moments of purring bliss. Though they are brothers, they are very different. Bali who is a bit lighter in color is the Alpha and never misses an opportunity to throw his bother around. He is a ham and fetches a toy like a dog. We think he is part Martian. Karma is a love bug who is shy and likes alone time when his brother isn’t around though he provokes him when he can.They follow us wherever we go and re tremendous companions. We recently lost our other venerable cat who made it to 19 years.
She kept the boys at paws length though they were eternally curious of her.
We wanted you to know how much these two delights have filled our home with joy. I hope all is well with you.


bali and karma1

bali and karma1
See Bali & Karma's last update from 2012
In a text message dated 05/17/2013 ******
New video so cute!!! You did a great job with Antonio, and now you have a new batch of exceptional babies to spread more joy!



In a message dated 05/03/2013 ****** writes:
Newman The Cat 17 weeks and 17 years!!
Thank you! Jere B.



In a message dated 04/03/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane
It's my 17th Birthday!! I love my people (Jere and Fred B). Thank you for finding them for me.
Newman The Cat

NEWMAN's Birthday


In a message dated 04/04/2013 ****** writes: This is Joel & Susan emailing from San Jose. We acquired a female applehead Siamese kitten from you in 1996 & she is still the adorable love of our household. I saw your website & thought I would send an email.
Our Siamese cat, Sierra, has just turned 17 on April 1st & lives with the 2 of us & a 12-yr-old Maine Coon. Those 2 breeds seem to bond well together, the breeder close who is to Salinas had several applehead Siamese in fact.
Sierra has been about 99% healthy her entire life, about 3 - 4 yrs. ago she had some arthritis in her legs, so we've been dosing both our cats with hip & joint with MSM supplement every morning with their breakfast. It is effective for Sierra's leg stiffness, much less limping & she jumps on her own to her own claimed high "turf" spots, like at the foot of our bed, or the back of our living room couch on her "blankies" about 18-in. square that Susan made especially for her (even made her a pillow of the same yarn & she loves it!). Sierra also loves to claim the TV remote in whatever room she's in for some strange reason, I've seen her using it for a pillow on occasion.
Thank you.
Your friends,
Joel & Susan


In a message dated 04/03/2013 ****** writes:
Boots is now 14 years old!
Bill and Diane M.


In a message dated 04/04/2013 ****** writes:
They are super terrific cats, Diane! we love them dearly.
, the bigger one is a 'gentle giant' and again, did I mention very vocal?! Ty is the lap sitter, cuddles, sleeps with us .. smart as a whip and truly both are gorgeous guys. While my husband would like a third 'Diane kitten', we rent so two is max. Thanks for creating such lovable kids!

Ty (foreground) & Scotty in their new patio


In a message dated 03/26/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane
Just wanted to let you know that I took the kittens into their vet for their well kitten check & to schedule their appointment for neutering. The appointment went great and they behaved like little gentlemen. Our appointment was with my long time (40 years) vet Dr. Dave Tester. He checked them all out and then just stood looking at them with a big smile and his face. He said, "You see so many that look like the real thing and they're all wonderful but when you see the real deal it just kind of knocks you flat. These are magnificant kittens." I was, of course, very proud & knew the I needed to share that with you. They are growing like weeds. Both are strong, bright, very intelligent, friendly, playful, snuggly and active. They bring smiles and laughter to every moment of the day. I have named them Quavis and Asa. They are the loves of my life. If you'd like I can continue to keep you updated.
In a message dated 02/11/2013 ****** writes:
Taken recently . . . . Natasha and Chloe have stolen our hearts!


Natasha & Chloe #1

Natasha & Chloe #2
In a message dated 02/05/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane, I purchased a kitten from you in 1996 and thought you would like to know that he will be celebrating his 17th birthday this month. He has brought me much love and joy and is still a valued member of my family. I love him dearly.
Teresa / South Carolina



In a message dated 01/22/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane, We adopted our baby girl Baboo from you back in 2004 after our beloved George passed the day after Christmas in 2003. She made a long but safe trip from Cali to Maryland in February 2004 and demands 120% of our attention which we gladly give her. She is the love of our life and still acts like a kitten. She is so smart...I tell my husband if electricity wasn't already invented Baboo would be working on it!
Your cats are so smart, beautiful, and sweet!
Attached is a pic of her discovering a new box...how smart is that!?!?!?
Lisa and Michael R.


Baboo (click for larger image)

In a message dated 01/20/2013 ****** writes:
Diane- We first met when you vetted me for adopting two of your Apple-head Siamese cats almost 15 years ago. I doubt you remember me, but their names are Fledermaus (M) and Moki (F). They are still my beloved pets, always within arms reach even as I write this to you. They are absolutely the best, most loving animals I have ever met. I travel with them some, and everyone who meets them is astonished by their calm and loving demeanor. It has been an honor to have them be a part of my life.

Fledermaus and Moki

Fledermaus and Moki

In a message dated 12/23/2012 ****** writes:



Moses Junior in the kitchen towel drawer

Moses & Peyton watching for Santa

Moses Junior and Peyton watching for Santa Claus

Moses & Peyton sleeping

Peyton & Moses Junior sleeping

Hi Diane,
Satchi is 6 months old and such a joy in every way. He is smart, agile, handsome and loves his new "parents". Follows us around constantly, peering into every nook and cranny, including our bathroom sink when we are getting ready to start our day -- Dick F.



Hi Diane,
Well as you can see Tara has adjusted to her big brother.
In fact, she has taken his side of the bed. Tara is 5 lbs and Bentley is 75 lbs.....
Looks like she will be alpha. She is a hoot and we love her dearly.

Thanks, Jodi


click for larger image of Tara & Bentley




We are at dinner. Satchi watching from nearby viewing location! We just love him.



SUBMITTED 11/12/2012



In a message dated 11/03/2012 14:10:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

Diane, Wanted to give you an update on my beautiful, sweet kitten "Bailey" from the June 2012 litter. He just got neutered and has healed perfectly, in fact I don't think he noticed anything happened ... ha. The vet says he at his ideal weight, weighing in at 10.2 pounds at 7 months! He is playful, affectionate, curious, and is SO smart, just as you said he would be. He comes when he is called, follows me everywhere, lets me sleep through the night, and nudges me awake if i snooze the alarm too many times. I'm in love!!! Here he is sitting on my lap, sitting on his favorite cat shelf where he loves to watch the birds at the bird feeder, and taking a walk in his cat stroller (he jumps in it every time I take it out). Please don't ever stop breeding these amazing babies!



In a message dated 10/25/2012 21:23:34 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

Diane, Sister is doing great!! Her personality is really blooming. Our Ragdoll kitten loves her, even though there was a lot of contempt the first few days. They aggravate each other constantly and are quite the "Twisted Sisters" as my husband calls them. They keep us smiling.
Barbara K.



In a message dated 9/11/2012 18:07: P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane
Thought you would get a kick out of this pic of Katy.


Katy 9-2012



In a message dated 9/06/2012 15:5400 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
Our Emma is now 13 1/2 and absolutely wonderful.
Thank you for raising such happy, lovable, and beautiful cats.
Pam & Bob Las Vegas, Nevada
In a message dated 7/24/2012 11:47: A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane
We've had our two precious babies now for a little over a year and we just love these beautiful furry members of our family. They are just pure delight !!! I call them "living art" and rays of sunshine that move around throughout the house ! They are as different in looks and personality as can be and each brings their own specialness into our lives.

Pansy (the one we came back for a month later and the last one you had out of that particular litter), was worth the trip back to get her. She is still very little and seems like our kitten in many ways. She snuggles with me at night, and often climbs between myself and Bob and purrs and kisses us in the middle of the night. She is still a "retriever" and is so agile !!! She almost literally flies around. She is Bob's cat ~ and when she hears him get up in the morning about 6:30 (she's curled up with me :-)., she slips out from under the cover and follows him to the bathroom, rubs against his legs and kisses him, then jumps on the counter and waits for him to pick her up and nuzzle her a little bit, then bring her back to bed to snuggle up with me. She has captured his heart !
Petunia is beautiful ~ and big !! (around 10 pounds and Pansy a 7 pounder). Her coat is so pretty and she loves to follow me around and just lay her body out with paws crossed and just "be" with me with whatever it is I'm doing. She has gotten to much more loving ~ but she's not my cuddler. She loves to join Bob when he's eating because he shares goodies with her. She and Pansy love to tussle and play, then cuddle up together and groom. Our older Siamese, Peaches, has finally accepted them and they have wonderful romps together and are great friends ! Petunia is more of a lounger while Pansy loves to jump anything high and take her naps up high!
As you'll see in this picture I just took yesterday, they were laying on my still unmade bed and by the time I got my phone camera, Pansy had come over and draped herself over Petunia ! I thought it was so cute, I'd send it to you.
Thanks again for your beautiful breeding cats that gave us their precious offsprings! We LOVE them and pray they have long lives.
Carol (Orange County)


Petunia & Pansy 2012
See 2011 picture



In a message dated 8/18/2012 18:26 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

I just thought we would say "Hello!"
We got our Zachary from you in January 1997.
He will be 16 this November!
My how time flies!
Zachary is just the best pet and we love him more than words can ever express.
He is very lively character and brings us joy every day.
I hope this finds you and your family happy and healthy.
Jeannette P. & Family
Jamul, California


Nick & Zachary


Zachary &
In a message dated 8/07/2012 21:21:50 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

Hi Diane, Just wanted to give you a quick update on our baby. It goes without saying he is absolutely adorable. Not sure how you manage it but your kittens are the best. We had him neutered last week and in 2 days it was like it never happened. Youth is amazing.
Thanks Again,
Renee S.
In a message dated 8/02/2012 10:53:32 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

Hi Diane,
Our new kitty is doing really well. She has made friends with our 2 yr. old siamese, Milo. Milo is very gentle and loving and is washing her and playing carefully with her. I think she is already the boss! She hisses at him every now and then and Milo takes a few steps back and just sits down to watch. She is lying on my desk today while I work. We named her Juneau. It seemed fitting since we chose her just before our Alaska trip and then got to bring her home just after. Thanks for entrusting her to us. I'll keep in touch.
Sincerely, Carole



In a message dated 7/24/2012 11:52:33 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

Hi Diane

I have a few pics for you to see Katy over the last few months. They are not in order but you can see her getting a little darker. I think she has a very pretty face and lovely big blue eyes. Of course I am slanted!
She is very communicative, sweet, affectionate and good. What more could you want? My friends are amazed that I found her on the internet from a picture and that she came all the way from San Diego by plane sight unseen. Thank you for such a great kitten

K-K-K-K ... KATY




In a message dated 6/19/2012 03:21:44 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

She is such a joy.



In a message dated 6/18/2012 10:47:59 P.M Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi! These are our "babies" our family adopted from y'all! Mulan is 10 now and Jazmine is almost 7! We love them so very much!.

Mulan and Jazmine

mulan and jazzmine 1

mulan and jazzmine 1


In a message dated 5/16/2012 5:09:19 P.M Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
I just thought you might like to know that Charm and Buttercup had their second birthday yesterday. These are the two siamese sisters that were adopted by Mark and Marianne Dahl. As these cats mature, they seem to get more and more different, and we love them so much. For their birthday, we bought them a litter box with a tunnel, a portrait to put on the mantal, a special dinner and the silliest musical card that is in the language of Meow! Thank you so much for these two. They are so happy.
Mark and Marianne D.
In a message dated 5/16/2012 4:41:40 P.M Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
He is doing beautifully! He is just- plain full of it and follows me all around and talks up a storm plus cuddles up to me in bed all nignt. eating and started using litter box right away. when he wants something he'll get in front of me and sit down and just starts chattering.. It is so cute. Later on I'll send pictures. Arline
In a message dated 5/8/2012 10:20:01 A.M Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
He is doing beautifully! He is just- plain full of it and follows me all around and talks up a storm plus cuddles up to me in bed all nignt. eating and started using litter box right away. when he wants something he'll get in front of me and sit down and just starts chattering.. It is so cute. Later on I'll send pictures. Arline
In a message dated 5/7/2012 7:07:38 A.M Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Zelda has settled in very well. Between now and six months do you have a recommendation re best time to spay her?.




In front of her kitty divan...


In a message dated 3/17/2012 19:38:26 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi, Diane. I just had to write you to tell you how awesome Zoro is. We have had so much sorrow losing Batman and Robin within such a short time. Zoro has just moved into the house and taken it over! He is growing so fast! He is so playful and so loving. He greet us when we come home from wherever, and he rubs our legs whenever we aren't down at his level. He purs constantly. He is a wonderful, terrific kitten, and we are so thankful you sent him to us. Thank you! Susan and Mike in Pensacola


In a message dated 3/10/2012 17:48:46 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Reggie is really quite something; he is smart and absolutely fearless and he sleeps in our bed next to Barb and he is a fine companion to our 4-year-old Siamese, Wally.  We are very happy that he chose to adopt us.

Regards, Jerry S.



In a message dated 3/04/2012 11:58:20 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:


Our boys (Pasha and Komi) are the light of our lives! They are both well, and well loved. Attached is a recent picture. Pasha laying in the foreground, Komi sitting behind.


Pasha & Komi

Pasha & Komi

In a message dated 2/17/2012 2:24:50 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:


The boys are fantastic. You were right. One is a little lover and the other is a clown. We named the little lover, Bali and his brother, Karma. They are everything we hoped for and more. As expected it took a couple of days for them to get comfortable and they are no happily purring, playing and getting into mischief.
All of your recommendations were terrific. We got a great scratching post which they love to use and climb; safe litter and Innova kitten food. They love bedtime and Bali is a squeaky purrer while Karma has deep rumble.
You know we got them as a replacement for our beloved Zak, a 19-year old Siamese who passed away January 10. These boys have brought us much needed joy.
I want to thank for your incredible professionalism, kindness and care in helping us get them. I spoke with over 6 catteries and you were head and shoulders above the rest. Lauren and I may be in San Diego in mid-March. If possible, we would like to stop by and meet the parents. Let me know.


Bali & Karma

Bali & Karma

In a message dated 2/16/2012 10:56:32 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:


Finally I am sending you some photos of the babies. They are growing so much that very soon these will be outdated. I promise to keep you posted with more photos as they get older. We love them to pieces!! We tell them that they're the best kitties in the whole world. I've named them Keefy and Georgey.
Thank you for having such wonderful and sweet kittens!!
The Wilkie's



Georgey is in the basket and Keefy out of it. Soon they'll be too big to fit!


Keefy is on the hammock and Georgey is on the bench.


Sleeping on top of the microwave oven.
Georgey is on the right and Keefy on the left.

In a message dated 2/14/2012 10:03:25 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
KoKo has turned out to be the most loving, wonderful kitten! We love him to pieces! He is sleeping in our bed now, and during the day he is having a wonderful time playing with all his toys.

George and Barbara







In a message dated 2/13/2012 11:30:31 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
hey, Diane! We SOOOOO love our darling Princess Tiger Kitty (after Peter Pan's Tiger Lily!)
She is a crackup. She is pictured with her one and only favorite toy, and spends great amounts of time chasing it. As a result my arm is about to fall off. Kitty has taken over the entire house and put the two English Bulldogs at their ease. She is a benevolent dictator. Thanks so much for my sweetheart!!! I'll send you some more cute photos.
Again, thanks so much for our precious Grrrrrrl!








In a message dated 1/22/2012 13:12:45 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

LUCY - "Go Giants!!!"



In a message dated 6/25/2012 06:57 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes
April, my beautiful kitty is fixed.  Hope this will satisfy our agreement, I could photo the bill if you like.
She bounced back to normal in one day.  We had to lock her in a bedroom so she wouldn't run up and down the stairs and throughout the house She is so sweet and quite a talker.  We communicate numerous times every day
Here she is wondering what happened;
Shaved and I guess they Iv'ed her in the leg.
I took her to Dana Niguel Vet because they did a very good job on Jordan (our other cat).
Their webpage said they do "laparoscopic spays".
The vet did a small cut with the stitches on the inside that will dissolve (as it was explained to me).
She has a ton of energy and I love her so much.
She's in my lap as I'm writing this email. 8-)
Thank you so much for making beautiful kitties,
Ron W.


April - recovering nicely from her surgery


In a message dated 1/12/2012 7:34:55 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

I am delighted to see that you are still breeding. These are my boys Lapis and Orion. They are about to celebrate their 18th birthday. They were born Dec 31, 1993 and their parents were Fantasia the Smart and Samurai. I feel very blessed to still have them in good health. They are wonderful companions. When we got them at 8 weeks, we could not tell apart. At 12 weeks Orion grew larger and we could see the long body and legs. Lapis is more compact and has a flatter face and looks just like the 1980’s photos of our beloved Siamese, Kink.
Lapis is on my lap every chance he gets. Orion has always been very reserved and elegant, when he was younger he was quite a talker.
They share their home with a 14 year old calico named Pretty Girl.



Lapis on left- Orion on right


lapis orion 2

The boys are doing well. We celebrated their 18th birthday New Years Eve.


In a message dated 1/8/2012 9:00:56 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

Hi diane
We got Nobu from you around 7 years ago. He is seriously the best cat ever.
Comes like a dog. Knows when to stay the distance ..purrs like a motor.
Awesome! Just wanted to send you a photo. :)
Thank you, Karrin




In a message dated 12/19/2011 14:35:05 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:

Here are a few pictures of our little Coco AKA Coco-nut. Never a dull moment from early morning to late at night. Where does she get all of her energy. She has taught herself (us) to fetch and she never seems to get enough. We love her pieces.
Thank you, Bill & Kay




suki-2011-02 suki-2011-02



In a message dated 12/2/2011 8:04:56 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ***** writes:
Hi Diane - just a sleepy picture of Abby on her 1st Birthday. She is a very happy kitty and we adore her. I know you love all your babies - this one is a gem.
Love, Coleen Gale

ABBY - 1st Birthday




In a message dated 12/3/2011 11:46:59 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Dear Diane

We have been meaning to write you to let you know that our Coco is doing well, gaining weight and seems to be more than happy living with us.  She does not leave us alone---ever!  She sleeps nestled next to me or to Bill, with her paws across our bodies.  She is not still a minute and will not leave anything alone.  I was packing Christmas shoeboxes for Samaritan’s purse for children around the world and she assumed that the boxes of toys & gifts were hers to play with: one ball became hers as I didn’t think even poor children wanted a ball with tiny teeth marks in it.  If we leave a room, she comes with us.  She is seldom alone in a room if we are home.  She is on the computer desk as I type and is so cute I want to stop and love her.  She is a real blessing!  When my granddaughters come and bring their little Chihuahua, she simply stays put and stares at her.  She doesn’t let that little dog bother her a bit.
She will be having her surgery next month and I don’t look forward to scaring her with a vet’s visit.  Thank goodness we have a kind vet.  Our thanks to you for this very intelligent, cuddly, sweet, naughty kitty.  We love her so much!
Sincerely, Bill & Kay - Paso Robles, CA


In a message dated 11/22/2011 5:17:17 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane,

Here are some new pics of the kittens.
Both are healthy and thriving. :)
Thanks, Marian




Regards, Ulla & Vance
In a message dated 9/27/2011 3:01:35 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane -
Suki is today celebrating her second birthday. She is a very happy kittty and we love her very much.




Regards, Ulla & Vance
In a message dated 10/23/2011 4:11:49 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Happy (Early) Halloween from Timber, the kitten you sent me in July!!
She's doing great, and has already grown so big. What a wonderful personality too-- she thoroughly enjoyed being dressed up in head to toe pirate gear!! Thanks again for a terrific cat... I'm having so much fun with her.


suki asleep


In a message dated 9/25/2011 9:15:12 A.M.Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane -
Photo:  She thinks she can climb to the top of the shutter but when she catches one of the horizontal pieces and starts up, to her dismay the shutter closes and she can't go up as she wants.  She then sits and looks at it and tries to figure it out
This is what she does with everything.  She tries to figure out how to do - what it is that she wants to do.  You can actually see her thinking it over before she makes the next attempt.N


suki-2011-02 suki-2011-02


In a message dated 9/27/2011 3:01:35 P.M.Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane -
Suki is today celebrating her second birthday. She is a very happy kittty and we love her very much adorable personality.
[The 2nd picture is Suki] asleep at the office this afternoon.
Regards, Ulla and Vince


suki asleep

Ulla and Vince

In a message dated 9/27/2011 3:04:58 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
I thought you might enjoy seeing this. Our kitten has really become a part of our family now. She follows me everywhere, and is developing an adorable personality.




In a message dated 9/26/2011 4:28:34 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Linda ****** writes:
Tomorrow are Galahad and Lancelot’s second birthday.  You were right about keeping them together. As you can see, they are still joined at the hip.  These cats have been a total delight, wonderful personalities’, gentle, clever and very entertaining.  They get along beautifully with the older cat.  I couldn’t be more pleased.


gal gal2


In a message dated 8/23/2011 5:53:15 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
See the pretty girl in that mirror there ... who can that attractive girl be?
What a pretty hair,what a pretty eyes, what a pretty coat, what a pretty size, what a pretty me .. "I feel pretty / West Side Story"




In a message dated 8/27/2011 9:17:04 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane, it has been awhile since I've updated you on our girl. She is almost two years old, and as you can see, she is still the most beautiful loving girl. She is our beloved sweetheart. Funny, demanding, happy, as social as can be, and just simply the very best. She is a friend to all, and we still can't get over our good fortune in having her. Hope all is well and that you are still breeding these fabulous babies. Thank you again and again!!!!!



... click for earlier news of Piper


In a message dated Fri, 26 Aug 2011 10:47:49 Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
This is Randy and Jeanette M****** bragging about our boy again. Buckwheat has passed into the last few years of his precious life. I can tell this because of his slowing down the pace-even with the two Tonkinese two-year olds in the house. But his enjoyment and joy of living has not diminished a bit! Buck’s birthday will be on Monday, August 19th this year. He will be turning a very graceful and proud 16! We were blessed with his arrival about 7 or 8 weeks after that. He is a luscious Chocolate Point and has proven to be the Master of the House. We still giggle at the fact that we received him from you at the San Diego airport with a big green magic marker stamp on his neck; we are so grateful that you made the choice you did, our lives would not have been the same without him! (Boy, was he a chick-magnet on the plane and in the airport!!!)
So please put on a party hat and throw some confetti in the air for our little boy, Buckwheat on Monday.
You will never know the depth of our appreciation for your ability to select our “Winner”
(We have one King German Shepherd – 125lbs., 3.5 yrs. old)
Bucky still rules the roost.
Our Undying love and gratitude,
Randy and Jeanette M. – and Buckwheat
In a message dated 7/16/2011 9:06:33 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
From: Michelle O.
Subject: Luna
Sent: Aug 16, 2011 9:05 AM
Hi Diane --
Just writing a quick note to let you know how happy we are with Luna, our seal-point girl we got from you in 2008. She is FANTASTIC. I cannot get over it....she's everything we hoped for and more. She just seems to get more and more amazing - you did a great job
That's it - we just feel very thankful for her! Michelle O. (plus kids!)
In a message dated 7/20/2011 6:07:25 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:




In a message dated 7/24/2011 11:11:35 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane:

I've had several cats and 2 dogs during my lifetime but I've never had any animal that caught my attention as much as this kitten.
At the bridge center, people would ask me, "Why did you get a cat from San Diego? Couldn't you have gotten one here?"
I replied, "Probably ... but I liked the breeder."
I've never purchased a cat before. I never thought I would purchase a cat. But when I decided on Siamese, I knew I wanted a very particular breeder and I felt you would do what was best for the breed.
It is not that I plan to show the cat ... I just wanted a healthy cat.
I could imagine Siamese "mills" where cats that should never breed did breed and kittens with all kinds of defects.
To me, it is easier to get a mutt or alley cat ... but if you are getting a pure-breed I would think you would need higher standards in selecting a breeder.
This was just my thinking.
This kitten is everything I could have hoped for ... and more!

Thanks, Joan B.
In a message dated 7/17/2011 8:53:06 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane
Here are our babies ~ together after only a couple of days.  Bob saw them grooming each other.  Bob just said "I'm so glad we got the two of them ~ they will have a lot of fun together ~ and we'll have fun watching them".  Thanks for the  sunshine kids !  :-)
We thought they indeed looked like a couple of little flowers ~ so along with Petunia, we have Pansy.  Petunia is the one in front and Pansy behind..






In a message dated 7/15/2011 8:37:01 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane
I just wanted to send you a picture of Sophie (born 2-26-09 and sold to Kathy ***** in Idaho Falls, Idaho) now that she is over 2 years old. I want to tell you that this sweet kittie is absolutely the light of my life. She is also the most beautiful thing ever. Her eyes are the talk of the town. Her doctor calls her his beauty queen. She is the funniest cat I have ever seen with the way she plays with different things. Picture her getting inside of a plastic grocery bag, pulling it tight and rubbing her nose across it until it squeeks. She still fetches her sock toys like a dog, loves it. I couldn't ask for a better companion. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kathy W.





In a message dated 7/4/2011 11:25:11 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane
It's only been two weeks since we adopted 'Bugsy' Malone ... he's fit in so well with our zoo that it feels like he's been with us much longer. The first day or so after we brought him home he'd hide under the pillows but as he learned all of the new sounds of our house and came face to face with the rest of the cats and dogs he soon realized there was nothing to be afraid of. Bugsy has settled in quite well ... he very independent, loves to play, runs (or I should say darts) everywhere, he talks quite a bit and is a total food hound. 'Mama' Sara and Clyde (our other male cat) are his best playmates, 'Grandma' Catera will let him sleep on the same bed with her and Bonnie and Friskey could care less either way. Both of the dogs (Jake and Shadow) have allowed Bugsy to 'checkout' their food bowls and even give him kisses, when the opportunity arises ...
Bugsy is a great addition to our family, we ALL love him dearly

Best Wishes, Debbie & Kevin W.


b2 /images/bugsb2y04.jpg b2
b2y04.jpg b2 b2
/images/bugb2sy04.jpg b2 b2



In a message dated 5/12/2011 5:01:22 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Dear Diane
Suchin was very quiet that first evening and even the next day (see the first two photos) but then her personality started to shine through. She began to talk and leap and run (see the next photos). She is active and does everything with a wild abandon.Her antics keep us laughing. She loves to play and now will go to her toy box or just mew at us until we pull a string around the room while she chases after it. She explores every room and closet and there isn't a piece of furniture that she won't try to scale. I've tied a long scarf over the bedroom door knob and tied a string with a fake mouse on another. Suchin found them  right away and likes to jump and bat at them then runs like crazy to hide then jumps out to try it again. Then, when she is tired, she collapses and sleeps on our bed under the covers during the day or directly my pillow at night.
She is very sweet and affectionate and we marvel at her delicate beauty and her unique personality.
We are thrilled to to have her join our family! Thanks for raising such a gem!

Elizabeth & Gerry
Suchin at the airport
Her first day she was quite understandably
timid and liked to hide out.
I think she's going to be a talker!
Suchin is a fabulous jumper. What an athlete!



In a message dated 5/7/2011 7:05:40 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
Just thought you should know that we have the happiest, brightess little kitten in the universe!  We adore him. He's eating well and getting along famously with our other cat, Zoe, a Bengal. They're best friends. Actually I"M his best friend. He's always with me. Thank you for brightening our lives after the devastating loss of Ben. Adam actually has lots of the same characteristics as Ben, which warms my heart.
We just love him so much and, as I'm retired, I'm always with him. Thanks for bringing such brightness to our home with little Adam.
Fondly, Cathy W.
In a message dated 4/23/2011 4:28:00 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
i just wanted to share with you an updated picture of my little guy.  I named him Picasso and he is such a dear.   He rules the roost and is very much loved.   He is super smart, very cuddly and playful.  I can't believe he is already a year and two months old.   He is good friends with my roomate's dog.  He has a super high cat tree that he adores and lounges on daily.   Your cats are great and thank you for my great companion, I can't imagine life with out him.
Thanks, Meghan McCullough




In a message dated 3/30/2011 8:39:48 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi. I just wanted you to know that the kitten, Mombasa, that I picked up on Sunday is doing great. He is adjusting very well. I'm already so I love with him. He is now use to two areas of the house. I'm getting him use to small areas a little at a time. He is so full of energy and personality. I laugh constantly at his tricks. Thank you again and rest assured he is well lived and taken care of. Kathleen S.


In a message dated 5/3/2011 5:17:12 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Abby is ... unbelievable.  Really, she is fearless, loves to be loved, loves to travel, is only happy to be by my or my husbands' side, doesn't fret over doorbells, dogs barking, service people visiting, little people visiting, ducks honking and birds chirping, crows crowing, or even the house alarm squealing (by mistake- it even scared me). We both just say wow.
I am gonna get her spayed very soon and she'll be getting her rabies shot also.
Pictures to follow.
mwilliams abt
ab2 ab2
In a message dated 3/1/2011 5:19:11 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Diane, We love our new baby, her name is AbbyGale.
She is such a wonderful kitten - what a personality this one has! She loves her Mommy and does not leave my side. I am just so thrilled to have her.
Thanks again,
In a message dated 12/29/2010 4:00:02 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane,

Just wanted to send you an update and some photos.  The kittens are fantastic - they have acclimated totally to their new home here with us and we absolutely adore them.  They are loving, playful, and pretty much perfect!  They sleep with the boys and play together all the time.  I thought you'd enjoy these photos, especially the ones where they are "hugging" each other.  They do love each other, and we love them!  Taiko, the larger of the two,  is mellow and relaxed and loves to lounge around surveying his kingdom. Niko, the smaller one, is full of energy and into everything.  We call him "Naughty Niko" but he isn't really naughty, just very curious!  Their presence has helped so much in healing our hearts after losing Chino.  Thanks again for all of your help - rest assured that they do have a good home and are much loved! --  Colleen
niko1 taiko1 niko2
nikot3 nikot4 nikot6
niko04 niko04 niko04


In a message dated 12/29/2010 3:08:47 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
In 2000 we purchased our boy who is now 10 years old.He was born sept.23,2000. He is the most empathic cat who knows when I hurt and does not leave my side. Our family loves him.Enclosed is his majesty's picture. You can see he lives a life of love and leasure. Thank you .We would love to have another cat from his direct line as there is no other cat like him in the world.Are there any available or in the near future? Blessings to all and have wonderful New Year. The Williams family.




In a message dated 12/20/2010 4:25:10 P.M Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Cliff is the most wonderful cat. He is my constant companion, and smart too. He is good buddies with the Chocolate Point in the picture.
Patty K***.




In a message dated 11/22/2010 10:10:55 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane,

Hope things are going well for you.
I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the kittys [Prancer & Scamper] we bought from you about 7 years ago.

Have a nice holiday,
Cheers, Ron & Karen
prancer1 prancer1


In a message dated 5/7/2010 8:41:31 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time , ****** writes:


Brooke wanted you to see the birthday girls. Two years old and doing real good. Both girls are 10/11 pounds and in excellent health. They like to play king on the condo!! We are grateful for these beautiful girls!
Ron E.
In a message dated 4/27/2010 1:21:35 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, , ****** writes:
Hi Diane -

Friend just took a shot of the wonderful cats I got from you. If you want, you may use this picture for advertising.
I can't imagine anything more perfect than these cats. They are so much fun.
Thanks, Kyra
In a message dated 4/26/2010 9:39:10 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time ****** writes:
Diane -

Sorry to have taken so long to respond. Here are your two boys – Sinjin and Kiraly – at 10 mos. They continue to provide us with daily entertainment, laughter and pleasure. For all their boyish ways, they are still quite civilized; they play hard during daylight hours but sleep peacefully with us at night
They’re healthy and happy and pampered daily! Thanks for providing us with such joy.
In a message dated 4/27/2010 6:33:49 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, , ****** writes:
Hi Diane -

It has been year since we picked up our kitten. Fuji has been a delight - she is very smart, but mischievous. She is a small cat with lots of energy and really enjoys being around people. Thanks again! Laszlo and Susan
In a message dated 4/13/2010 5:26:58 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, s***@**** writes:
Hi Diane
Thank you sooo much for sending me the link! they are adorable and the wrestling is very similar to the games that Miu and her Chartreux brother Marcel play. She also likes to play with a toy identical to the Kitten Playing with Feather.
Miu is such a joy! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is so much fun. Loves to fetch like a dog, is cuddly, playful and loves to chat.
She also adores her brother like they were littermates..they chase each other, they wrestle and they cuddle. And he loves her too. Below is a picture of them together.Thank you again for such a wonderful cat!

In a message dated 4/8/2010 5:23:41 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, b******@***.net writes:
Hi Diane I thought you might enjoy seeing some pics of Milo. He is quite an adventurer and wants to get to the highest place possible. I came home one day and found him on top of the cupboards in my laundry room. Ironically this is where my Max (deceased) used to lay all the time. Almost made me cry. The other picture was one day when I was getting ready to go away for a couple of days. I had been going in and out to the car putting things in to take and came back to get my purse and he was snuggled inside as if to say, "you are not leaving without me!" He is in what I call the "teenage stage", he is long and lanky and curious about everything and gets into everything. But still a "Mama's" boy and cuddles up to my legs in bed every night-
I loved the U-tube video of your babies! I will go back on and put a comment. Take care,
shiki01 shiki01

IIn a message dated 4/8/2010 7:04:12 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, jp******@***.net writes:
Hi Diane,

Thanks for the link! Those kittens are adorable. That brought back fun memories. Myles was dozing in my lap while I played the videos; he lifted his head and looked around when he heard the kittens mew and squeak. Hard to believe he will be eight years old this summer! We all love this cat more every day--he is the sweetest, cuddliest, craziest, and most obliging of felines, not to mention handsome. His fur is plush, his eyes are bluer than our lake in summer, and his voice is powerful and frequently heard, if somewhat less than melodic. Your Siamese cats are the best.

We're all doing great, thanks.


In In a message dated 2/5/2010 3:02:37 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane -

just a little update. Suki's has been with us a month tomorrow, hard to believe. There is no end to her energy - we tried to take a picture of her with her favorite mouse but it was really hard, she's charging around the house with it 90 miles an hour!! But every night she sleeps between us, either on top of the comforter or way under, totally covered!! She is growing by leaps and bounds and weighs just about five lbs and has lost three of the four baby fangs.

We really appreciate your good training, we've never had to "bad cat" her since she only uses the scratching posts. Since she is with us just about 24/7 she has really bonded with us and she's our little sunshine!! click for previous news of Suki
- Ulla and Vince
shiki01 shiki01

IIn a message dated 1/28/2010 8:21:58 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane -

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I had surgery last month and, although it has gone extremely well, I am behind.
I looked at the posts of the kitten and at other posts—yours are the best—most interesting and active. Those kittens are dolls!
My guys continue to thrive—both over 7 pounds now. They are full of curiosity and mischief.
Galahad is the ring leader with Lancelot only half a step behind. I am so glad I have the two of them the play together—I don’t know if Percival and I could keep up with one. They are going tomorrow to be neutered

In In a message dated 1/21/2010 2:28:05 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane -

Suki is growing by leaps and bounds and she is a very happy little kittie and comfortable in her new home click for previous news of Suki

shiki01 shiki01

In a message dated 1/19/2010 6:56:07 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, susan***@**** writes:
Piper is a wonderful girl. Smart as a whip and as loving as I've ever seen! So well-mannered and fun. I've been trying to get a good picture when she's playing, but it is hard to catch a flying Piper Jet on film! One of her favorite play areas is our big spa tub - the furry mice are flying and so is Piper! Notice her pearls - an accessory for any classy girl! How are her brothers and sister kitties?
In a message dated 1/24/2010 6:57:04 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, susan***@**** writes:
... lately, elegant doesn't quite fit....she is a ball of energy and not quite aware of table edges, bed edges, etc....lots of thrills and spills, but most exciting news! She is a retriever!!!!!!! I have wanted a retriever so badly! I throw "mousey" and she chases, runs back, delivers to me! We do it over and over until she collapses happily.....what a fun girl she is! click for previous news of Piper



In a message dated 1/11/2010 2:29:12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ******* writes:
Diane -

We named her Suki Neko (Japanese meaning beloved (female) cat), Suki for short.

Here is the first meeting between Spike and Suki. Wow, she did not back down...

The next day ...

We have a great place for a kitten to prowl...


She sleeps all night between us, purrs like a tractor and charges around the house like a madwoman. With her personality we understand you miss her. You'll hear from us soon again with more (and better) pictures.

Ulla and Vince
In In a message dated 1/9/2010 12:37:28 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, jeanne@***** writes:
Hi Diane,
Shiki continues to be amazingly wonderful. Here are a couple of pictures I took for you today. Gorgeous little thing. I didn't get any good ones of her tail which I adore because when she's happy and walking/running it bends back towards her head.
She brings toys to me when she wants me to play. She follows me everywhere. She jumps through a hoop. She's never missed her poopy box or scratched anything but her post. I carry her around on my shoulder throughout the house. She purrs loudly (a lot) and meows softly (rarely). She has a favorite toy she likes to take with her wherever she goes. She lets me touch her anywhere ... no sensitive spots. I am so in love!
Good to hear from you. Hope 2010 is treating you well so far.
Jeanne ---- click for previous news from the Shiki
shiki01 shiki01

In a message dated 1/7/2010 4:32:19 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, jenfeaver@gmail.com writes:
Hi Diane,
Just wanted to let you know the kitten (now named McCoy) is doing
great. He and his pal Spock are just in love. Here is a cute picture.
Thanks, Jennifer Feaver

In a message dated 1/02/2010 2:59:12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ***** writes:
Happy New Year!
For Mary's birthday that same week, I had a little surprise - a brand new Siamese kitten we named Sensei. His antics this year have been entertaining every single day, and he is spoiled rotten. Each of us has always wanted, even before we met, to have a Siamese, so this was our big treat, and he has never disappointed!
sensei1 sensei2

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