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Baby Leis


Our baby had his six month birthday last Friday, and he is growing to be a very handsome young man (of course)! However, even beyond that, he far, far exceeds any expectations I might have had about the kind of kitten he would be. He is as loving and gentle with me as he has always been, and he is scary-smart. I long ago lost track of how many words and phrases he knows and responds to. He also is unbelievably personable. He comes when I call him (which he has been doing for some time now), and he frequently invites me to play. He know which closet I keep his toys in, and he sits in front of the door and looks back at me clearly asking me to open it (which I always do; it is important for him to know that I "get it"' when he communicates with me). Then he will play "fetch"' with me until he tires (or I do). I throw the toy, he runs and gets it and drops it at my feet. If I take too long to pick it up and throw it again, he taps my leg with his paw. Another of his favorite games is for me to hide a toy (I have to be quick to pull this off"'he's not easy to fool), and then say "Where it is? Go find it!"' He knows just what that means and immediately goes on the hunt. When he finds the toy, he brings it back to me"'and a fanfare of praise. For Christmas he received a nifty cat tree, which he enjoys, and which we work into our routine from time to time. I love this boy so much!!
Warmest regards, Valerie

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