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In a message dated 05/12/2013 ****** writes:
We were thinking of you and thought we would send you some updated shots of Bali and Karma. They have grown up to be some playful rascals with alternating moments of purring bliss. Though they are brothers, they are very different. Bali who is a bit lighter in color is the Alpha and never misses an opportunity to throw his bother around. He is a ham and fetches a toy like a dog. We think he is part Martian. Karma is a love bug who is shy and likes alone time when his brother isn't around though he provokes him when he can.They follow us wherever we go and re tremendous companions. We recently lost our other venerable cat who made it to 19 years.
She kept the boys at paws length though they were eternally curious of her.
We wanted you to know how much these two delights have filled our home with joy. I hope all is well with you.

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