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Dear Diane
We named our kitten Sebastian Atreyu and we call him Bastian. I got the name from the never ending story. He is wonderful. He is loving and loves to be in the middle of everything. He has learned the purpose of the doll stroller. I think I told you that the last kitten we got from you, Humphrey Bogart, loves to get in a stroller and be pushed. Well Bastian figured out that if he crawls in it he will be pushed as well but he is not quite sure he wants to be pushed so he will bat at whoever is pushing just in case he may object to it. It is so funny to watch him reason it out. He loves water and is always in the sink when I am near by. He does not talk as much as Humphrey does... So when he does decide to vocalize his wishes it is funny. He is of course a mama's boy and both he and humphrey sleep on me. They both try to be closest to my face. In fact Bastian decided one night he was going to win and laid across my neck. He of course won that round. As you can tell he is doing very well and he fits in very well. I do have a question... At what age do they stop growing or mature. I see him every day so I don't always see how big he is, but people who come over tell me that he is huge. To me he is my baby which he proudly wears but I figured I would ask. I am including horrible doll stroller pics because I had to send them. I also sent one of Humphrey with my son from several years ago. It is something I keep always because only a Siamese would think of it. They are the best.... Hope all is well for you and your family and that you had a wonderful holiday season.

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