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MILO (2016)


Hi, Diane,
I thought that you might like to see a couple of pictures of our kitten, Milo, He is very playful and will bring us his toy mouse first thing in the morning while we are still sleeping and wants to play fetch endlessly. It is pretty amusing. He actually will play fetch longer than our Golden Retriever will play fetch with his ball! We also got a very tall cat tree/house and Milo loves to run up to the very top and then also curl up and sleep in the little cubbie on it. You sent with him in his crate on the plane a cat bed. Milo loves to drag that bed all over the house. He takes it in his mouth and runs full speed through the house with it. He will then dive under it and tackle it. That is really fun to see. He loves for us to play with him, but he also is able to entertain himself, devising games with his toys, pouncing on them and stalking them. We wanted to be sure to get a lap kitty, and he hasn't disappointed us. He likes to plop down in our lap and stretch himself out lengthwise. He definitely has a fun personality.
The picture is of Milo curled up in his basket of toys. He definitely is "all eyes". Thanks again for sending him to us!
Jan C.
San Martin

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