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Hello Diane,
I hope this message finds you and all your wonderful Appleheads doing well. Nysa, the kitten I adopted from you, is now almost seven years old and is doing great. I just love how she has matured and never failed to be exactly the kind of cat I've always wanted. I keep her spoiled with heat pads, cat condos, tasty treats, and plenty of playtime. (I attached several pics for you to see how she has grown.)
Well, I'm now interested in bringing another female Traditional Siamese cat into the house. I only have Nysa and have been waiting until it was the right time to bring another one into my family (just Nysa and me, that is). I'm fortunate that I can work from home half the time now and Nysa has greatly enjoyed this over the last couple of years. When are the optimum times for your kittens to be available during the year? I'm interested in another female, and if you recall, Nysa was one you figured was perfect for me in the fact she is a bit quieter than most of her breed (but not by much and she "talks" quite a bit to me and my friends--which I just love!).
Ideally, I'm looking to the summer or fall for bringing another cat into my house. I plan to telework full time for a couple of weeks while she acclimates to her new place and to also help Nysa adjust to the new family member.
Also, how much are your kittens? I may plan to fly out to see them or work with you, like last time, to pick one for me and fly her to National Airport here in DC. I look forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to call me if more convenient.
Take care.
Will J****
Alexandria, VA

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