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In a message dated 07/24/2013 ****** writes:
Hey there Diane,
Thought you might like another update and a few more photos. Tiberius is doing SO well!! He has 100% completely adjusted to his new home. He shows NO fear of anything and loves my condo. He and Landru have also become BEST buds!! The play together constantly. Landru has taken on the roll of "Dad" (I'd say "Mom"...but he is a boy, ya know...LOL). He grooms Tiberius constantly and gets a real kick out of his kitten shenanigans. It is a joy to watch the 2 of them interact together. Tiberius has taken to me like his new Mom AND Dad too.
Once again, I couldn't be happier how all of this worked out. We are a very happy family of 3.
Here's a few new pictures too. Pic #17 is a real hoot. What a poser he is for the camera!!!
Be well, Bob

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