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Hi Diane,
Just wanted to give you an update on Mr. Troy.
He is just incredible!!!
This guy has the most awesome personality! He is such a people cat......more like a dog really. Hannah and I are just crazy about him ?? He loves me to death, and will curl up in my lap every chance he gets, but he LOVES Hannah! He has slept with her every night since we got him. As a mom, with a kid that had a broken heart over her "America" passing, nothing brings me more joy then seeing them sleep together. We are so enjoying this special time with him. He is getting big so fast! We will be ready for another one by the end of this year or beginning of next year. We want to enjoy this time with him when he is young, but want to get him a buddy in the future. I think another boy would be best. I want another one just like him. I am willing to wait for the right one. Here are some photos. He never let's me work on the computer alone!
All the best, Heather

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