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Our family has been selectively and carefully breeding Traditional Siamese cats for over thirty years and three generations. We are dedicated to the breed and have carefully selected our breeding stock for their intelligence, loving and calm temperament, robust health and beauty. We are a small breeder, specializing in matching individuals and families with a kitten(s) suited to their specific needs.

Through the years we have also been lucky enough to occasionally have a litter of the silky-haired 'cousins' to the Traditional Siamese, known as the Traditional Balinese.  

People who come to us are looking for a kitten that will be an important part of their lives. Many people even register these babies as Emotional Support animals and take them everywhere.


When we do have a Balinese litter, it is always a particular delight because, in our opinion, Traditional Balinese are the only cats that rival Traditional Siamese for being the finest of all companion cats.

Our Balinese kittens are hypoallergenic. This means that if you or anyone among your family or your friends has cat allergies, they should be able to be around one of my hypoallergenic kittens and not react.

Traditional Balinese have the same extremely intelligent, out-going and fun-loving nature as the Traditional Siamese. The two types also share the same robust body and jaw dropping athletic ability.

The main difference between the Traditional Siamese and Traditional Balinese is that those cuddly Balinese bodies come wrapped in long, silky, non-matting fur and most marvelous of all is they don’t shed or barely shed. 

To see a Balinese is to want to touch it, to pick it up, to hold it to your cheek.

(For more information on Traditional Balinese history and traits see Traditional Balinese History, Temperament and Characteristics).


The other difference is that the Traditional Balinese tend not to use their loud voices. They have them, but they reserve them only for the most urgent of situations. Most of the time they speak in small voices or little trills, depending on what they are communicating.

Since these babies are already so intelligent and also raised within a home, they are used to being in one and have no difficulty being able to find their cat box and scratching post and knowing generally how to fit in as an experienced in-home cat within a very short introductory time. They have never experienced trauma but instead have had an infancy filled with affection and love. So, they are not nervous or ever anticipating anything but their new people to be as loving and caring as they've always known people to be.

Right along with Traditional Siamese, Traditional Balinese cats are ranked as the smartest of all cat breeds. This makes the Traditional Balinese ideal for people who love having a highly interactive cat.  Wherever you are, they are. Like the Siamese, their intelligence makes them fully aware of their human's emotions and mood and they are typically keen to fit into whatever groove their person is in at that moment. They are there to play fetch, hide and seek and any number of games often with imagined players that either they are chasing or being chased by. Naturally they love when humans join in the fun. On the other hand, they are eager performers and will do their gymnastic routines with their toys all on their own and invite you to watch, or not, as they completely enjoy their own company and monkey antics.

If you are not feeling well, they know immediately, sometimes before even you realize you are not doing well or maybe coming down with "something." Fortunately, since cats and humans can't catch each other's colds or flu, you can have your buddy with you when you're bedridden and enjoy the sweet healing power of a caring and unquestioning presence and often the comforting rumble of their purr.

Our kittens may go to their new homes beginning at 12 weeks old. We feel that 12 to 16 weeks is the optimum time for a kitten to bond to their new people. Like all intelligent animals, every individual kitten is a unique and each individual is typically their own combination of both a lap cat and a clown. Our goal in placing a Siamese cat or kitten with you is to match you with the companion that suits you best.


Show Record.

Our cat's ancestry is based in foundation stock that can be traced back a dozen generations. As the shift in the show ring came to full impact the traditional Siamese and Balinese in the late 1980's and 1990's, competitions among traditional breeds became specialized such as in the case of the 'Traditional and Classic Cat International Show' (TCCI). Cosset, one of our foundation queens, was 1997 Best Traditional Balinese. In 1998 one of our Balinese kittens received the prestigious 'Morris Award' as Best Kitten in Show. In the 1999 show, one of our foundation kittens was again Best Kitten in Show and the father was Best Traditional Balinese and Best Traditional Seal Point Balinese. In 2002 International competition one of our cats was Best Cat in Show and our kittens placed second and third Best Kitten in Show as well as many other first places. At that time our Balinese kittens and cats were featured in a video entitled "Kittens and Stuff," which was released in 2001.


Goals. Our goal in raising the Traditional Balinese is to keep this noble and highly intelligent breed alive and to share them with other Traditional Balinese lovers. It is extremely important to us that you and your cat are a 'love match' and, since we are fully acquainted with our kittens' individual personalities before they leave us, we can often match you with exactly the right kitten for your particular situation.

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