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April 16, 2024

She is doing really great. She settled very well.
Queenie and she are getting along better every day.
We are very happy with them both.
Thank you so much for these two wonderful kitties 😻😻

Dr Hoeppner and Family


April 10, 2024


She loves to play, but also loves to cuddle or just sit by one of us. Also loves to shoulder sit.  Her favorites are a toy mouse and a toy hedgehog.  Also likes to chase a toy on the end of a stick especially if we hide it under a blanket and move it around 
She's become good at communicating what she wants.
We haven’t had any allergy issues at all.
She's a wonderful cat and feels like a member of the family now.

Les and Eli

April 7, 2024

Hi Diane, it’s hard to believe Gypsy and Sarah will be Six on Monday. They continue to be full of energy, intelligence, and love. I enjoy their different personalities and how they interact and how we keep everything running on schedule here as a family. I am fortunate to work at home and am able to spend lots of time with them.



Happy 1st Birthday, Sunti!

March 3, 2024

Happy birthday to my true fur friend companion, Sunti, who turns 1 today. Thank you for breeding beautiful Siamese who warm our hearts. 💖😻We’re doing our happy singing and dancing, playing and lots of cuddle time. This was the jersey I got him for his birthday 🎂

He walks around my legs rubbing up against them and purrs in my ears. He sleeps with me every night under the covers. He enjoys going on outings in his back pack and loves nature and the river. He puts a smile on every one’s face that has set eyes on his beautiful soul.

I love him so much,


March 6, 2024

James loves a feather and string on a pole! We know because he brings his favorite toys to us... from other floors! He likes the toy even more so when he's trampling over pillows. He's quite athletic, nearly ninja-like and gives his best friend Buster, a real run for his money. He always wants to be near you, including when I take a shower.  And like when he was a kitten he does enjoy going under the covers every now and again.  He's has a whole series of vocalizations -- like a siamese -- but he's not a crier. He currently tips the scales at 11 1/2 pounds,
Tim Johnson


Sasha is NINE! (Our annual photo) I almost missed the occasion but after all these years I wasn’t about to break the tradition and made a late night run to the grocery store for a cake and candle. 😺

Charles Dransfiell

February 12, 2024
February 10, 2024
Hi, I was raised with love!
I’m 8 years old today!!
Love Jackson
(Jere and Fred Berkley)

Sasha and Maggie have bonded and are inseparable. They love to wrestle and nap together every afternoon. 

Scout and Hunter

September 5, 2023

We have two incredible Siamese brothers that we purchased from Diane Dunaway in July 2022 when they were 12 weeks old. To say that they are beautiful, incredibly smart, playful, mischievous and share their love with us every minute of every day is an understatement. They bring such joy, comedy and amazement to our lives. I think you’ll understand from these photos and videos just what I mean.

1st few days at home:


We soon found out they could sleep anywhere...


They play together all over the house and love anyone who comes to visit ….even little kids


Here's Scout now!

White Structure
PICKLES! 3 update letters



Hi- my kitten is doing very well! I named him Pickles. He has been using the litter box regularly and eating well. He has slept through the night (until about 6am). On the first day, he was quite scared at first, but within a couple of hours he was out of the bathroom and exploring the condo. He loves playing with his toys and cuddling with us, his humans.

Eric and I both love Pickles so much already! He is beautiful and has brought us so much joy in the past couple of days. I look forward to our many great years ahead.

Thanks for checking in- Kristine
* * * * *

Diane- Hi, I just wanted to send a quick update on my beautiful boy, Pickles. He is doing great and I cannot imagine life without him (even though we've only had him a few months)!

Everyone who meets him thinks he is the most amazing and gorgeous cat ever.

Eric loves playing with Pickles. His favorite toys are a Siamese cat beanie baby attached to a ribbon on a wand and his stuffed rats (to play fetch). Pickles also loves to cuddle and is always sitting on our laps when they're available. He enjoys rides in the car and walks to the mailbox.

Above all else, Pickles loves our constant attention and will meow and even break the rules (like getting on kitchen counters) if we are not paying enough attention to him.

Attached are several pictures of Pickles from the past months. Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful and loving baby kitty! Hope you are having a great holiday season.

Best, Kristine & Eric
* * * * *
I sent you several pictures in late December. More recently, a photographer friend did a mini photo shoot of Pickles- attached are a couple more pictures from that. Hope you are well! Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful kitty!

Dolly the seeing eye cat

Dear Diane, You asked me if I would write something about Dolly and what she meant to us. I feel inadequate to the task. I know you will understand when I say she was such a 'human' cat, only a better human than most of us.
We came to San Diego to visit your house in the summer of 1994. I was buying her for my mother because my father had recently left the family after, 40 years of marriage, and she was devastated. I remember Dolly and her siblings were in a play pen in your living room and neither Dolly, nor any of the kittens, seemed particularly eager to leave their pleasant life. Certainly Dolly knew she'd never seen us before. She eyed us warily and seemed to know exactly what was going on. Some kind of 'moment' had come and an important process was taking place. I recall her carefully sizing me up, not even sure if I was allowed to hold her.

Sasha and Charles

Dear Diane It has been only three days, but already my life would be unthinkable without her. It was like a bolt of lightning the first time I picked her up. The strongest possible soul connection. It is such a honor to be her guardian. Thank you for giving her such a perfect start in life and for entrusting this magnificent being to me. I cannot begin to find enough words to properly express my gratitude. Charles
Sasha D.



Hi Diane, Here are a couple of photos of Chai-Toi.
She is so beautiful, loving, sweet and playful, and adjusting to dogs and very comfortable with Soon-Yee.
Chai-Toi is spending more time on my lap and cuddling, she's a love muffin. I'm so glad to have her.

Thank you, Rebecca


She's everything a Siamese can be. Very affectionate. Keeps track of everything I do and wants to be in on everything.
Talks her head off when she wants something. (She has more vocalizations than Mel Blank) she takes toys into the tub where I can hear her banging around
late at night as the toys rickoshay around.
She sqwawks at me every morning to get up and when I do, I'll find the bed full of toys that she had brought for me to "make them go".
Loves to be carried in my arms and meet people, She's all Siamese and a yard long. What else does one need to know? -- Jeff F.


Zoey is one year old today and couldn’t be more perfect. We love her and are so glad we we able to add he’d to our family. Thank your for our amazing girl. Laura

Merry Christmas for Milo and family

Diane: Thank you. William is ecstatic. Milo had a calm and peaceful ride home. William is doing what you suggest.
Thank you, again. Merry Christmas. We will remain in touch. -- Ron



Hi Mamma Diane

I am very happy and loving my new home.
I have my new mom and dad well trained already.
We play soccer with ping pong balls and I pretend to love my llama friend but he's not as fun as my sibling at your house.
I sleep on a cuddly soft blanket between Lynne and Bruce and I sit quietly in the morning until they wake.

Then I gently pat their noses with my paw and give them morning kisses.

I love to sit on the screened in porch and watch the birds and squirrels! Life is good.

Sending love - meow -- ZuZu

Our Girls are doing great

Hi Diane! Just wanted to let you know the girls are wonderful and doing great.
Dr. Pharrell spayed them. I think he sent you a text to let you know. They love my son and are always with him. Thank you again so much we love them.

Bella and CoCo

Greetings from Bella and CoCo!
We love our girls so much, everyday with them is a beautiful gift. They are the sweetest, smartest and most precious soulful cats we have ever had.
Thank you for blessing us with these sweet girls. Hope all is well with you!!!!
Love, Cynthia S


Diane - My saga. I have wanted for years a cat that was mine. A cat who would follow me. A cat to sleep with. Rafiki is all of that and more.
Last night I brought her into bed. She got right down under the covers and purred. That’s purrrrfection. I got up to use the restroom.
She walked with me. Came back used her cat box. Then we snuggled back to sleep until 6:30. Your training has made her my lifetime pal. -- Judy


She is very inquisitive and loves her toys and cat tree. I have a friend who treats her like a grandchild.
She has made her a decorative box with a pillow (2nd picture), a cave box to hide in (3rd picture), a pillow for her basket for
bird watching & a hammock under the sofa table for relaxing (4th picture), and a tent with noise making toys hanging from the top,
which she plays with when I am trying to watch the news.
We spend a lot of time together; she sits in my lap when I am reading the paper or watching TV, and shares the chair with me
in my office when we are doing computer work. There have been a few times when she has been a little aggressive,
but I think she is just playing with me and will probably outgrow this behavior. She is a lot of fun & I am very glad to have her.

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