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Guaranteed free of Leukemia and FIV -- Written Health Guarantee Provided

Traditional Siamese (aka Appleheads) hold the distinction of being the original type of Siamese cat, so called a 'Siamese' because they were bred by the King of Siam (now Thailand) and given by the king as gifts.

Traditional Siamese cats and kittens are calm, alert and so affectionate and people-oriented that many say that the Traditional Siamese Applehead makes the finest of all companion cats.

Our family has been breeding Traditional Siamese cats since the 1950's and three generations, and we are proud to have selected our breeding stock for their intelligence, loving and calm temperaments, robust health and beauty.

See the Letters and References page to view photographs and letters from families with whom we've placed kittens anywhere from many years ago to in recent months.

We are a small breeder, specializing in matching individuals and families with a kitten(s) suited to their specific needs.

People who come to us are looking for a kitten that will be an important part of their lives. Many people even register these babies as Emotional Support animals and take them everywhere.

We also have kittens who are hypoallergenic. This means that if you or anyone among your family or your friends have cat allergies, they should be able to be around one of our hypoallergenic kittens and not react.


Our kittens are loose in our house and hand raised as family members, to be friendly and affectionate companions, unafraid of children or the activity of a household. Their personalities range from lap cats to clowns but they are usually a charming combination of both.


No destructive, neurotic or cross-eyed cats are ever used for breeding. We breed only the best of the best, which are cats that have never been ill, have naturally outgoing, calm, and highly intelligent personalities, and are beautiful. We mention beauty last because we believe that the most important trait for a companion cat is personality. It is wonderful to have a beautiful cat, but far more important to have a fabulous friend. Our goal is to match you with the kitten that suits you best.

If you think you may be interested, please email us at and we will email you pictures and information about the kittens we have available. 

Rather than only communicating via email or text, we will always want to make an appointment to speak on the phone to answer any questions you may have and to discuss with you which kitten will be the best match for you, your lifestyle and your home. Please, feel free to call us at (858) 822-9615


— Howard

“Just wanted to send you a photo of Sammy (our name for the kitten). He is such a sweet boy, and so affectionate and loving. We truly love him.
Thanks for such an incredible kitten. He is exceptional, just as you promised!" 


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“The naming of cats is a difficult matter. 

  It isn’t just one of your holiday games.

  You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter

  When I tell you a cat must have three different names….”

      (From the poem The Naming of Cats by T.S. Eliot).


Whether you subscribe to this charming notion of three names, so well expressed in T.S. Eliot’s beloved poem, or perhaps others attempt to find a name that mirrors their enchanting and unique personalities. For example, you may have had ‘Muffin’ in mind, but end up using ‘Boomerang’ or ‘Einstein’.


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