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PICKLES! 3 update letters




Hi- my kitten is doing very well! I named him Pickles. He has been using the litter box regularly and eating well. He has slept through the night (until about 6am). On the first day, he was quite scared at first, but within a couple of hours he was out of the bathroom and exploring the condo. He loves playing with his toys and cuddling with us, his humans.

Eric and I both love Pickles so much already! He is beautiful and has brought us so much joy in the past couple of days. I look forward to our many great years ahead.

Thanks for checking in- Kristine
* * * * *

Diane- Hi, I just wanted to send a quick update on my beautiful boy, Pickles. He is doing great and I cannot imagine life without him (even though we've only had him a few months)!

Everyone who meets him thinks he is the most amazing and gorgeous cat ever.

Eric loves playing with Pickles. His favorite toys are a Siamese cat beanie baby attached to a ribbon on a wand and his stuffed rats (to play fetch). Pickles also loves to cuddle and is always sitting on our laps when they're available. He enjoys rides in the car and walks to the mailbox.

Above all else, Pickles loves our constant attention and will meow and even break the rules (like getting on kitchen counters) if we are not paying enough attention to him.

Attached are several pictures of Pickles from the past months. Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful and loving baby kitty! Hope you are having a great holiday season.

Best, Kristine & Eric
* * * * *
I sent you several pictures in late December. More recently, a photographer friend did a mini photo shoot of Pickles- attached are a couple more pictures from that. Hope you are well! Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful kitty!

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