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She is very inquisitive and loves her toys and cat tree. I have a friend who treats her like a grandchild.
She has made her a decorative box with a pillow (2nd picture), a cave box to hide in (3rd picture), a pillow for her basket for
bird watching & a hammock under the sofa table for relaxing (4th picture), and a tent with noise making toys hanging from the top,
which she plays with when I am trying to watch the news.
We spend a lot of time together; she sits in my lap when I am reading the paper or watching TV, and shares the chair with me
in my office when we are doing computer work. There have been a few times when she has been a little aggressive,
but I think she is just playing with me and will probably outgrow this behavior. She is a lot of fun & I am very glad to have her.

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