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Oh. My Gosh, I was just watching your videos again on your website.
The one that is the longest....kittens wrestling.....lots of meows and purrs.
Alex JUMPED on my lap and watched too, pawed at the screen.
And Diane, I think he recognized your voice too!
He responded beautifully to it.
So very touching and sweet.
It tugged at my heart to see him react in that way.
We decided we'll play the video for him every day!
People who say animals are not smart, do not remember, or don't have souls are people who have never experienced the wonder, and love, that these beautiful animals can bring to everyone's lives.
I feel sorry for people like that.
Indeed Alex remembers you, it was so touching to watch that.
We played the video again last night, same response.
My husband, watching this time, was floored.
He saw Alex's reaction to you as well. It was beautiful.
You will always be his first "human mommy", and he will always love you. J

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