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Hi Diane, I am so excited to hear that you are able to ship to the east coast and would love more information. We are bringing home a Maine Coon kitten in a couple of days (female) and were hoping for a male siamese. I of course understand the significance of ensuring the kitten is fixed at the proper time, I would never declaw one of my kitties, and our cats will both be strictly indoor only.
My parents adopted one of your cats back in 2006. Her name is Angela Jing Mao and her mother was Mischief the Smart (?). My parents have her as well as a second Siamese named Jake (though not from you) that they had gotten a few months before Angela. In our experience, Angela has been everything you pride your cats on. At the time you described her as "clowny" which she definitely is, but she also had an extremely calm temperament. She has also developed a love of laps though she insists on long laps only (if you are on the couch, she will sit next to you and give you deep and meaningful looks until you put your feet up and allow her to stretch out to her full length). She has been very healthy and we love her dearly. I have attached some pictures. As you can see, she likes sitting in the sink and waiting to be offered water from a cup next to the sink...
-Ana T.

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