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In a message dated 6/25/2012 06:57 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes
April, my beautiful kitty is fixed. Hope this will satisfy our agreement, I could photo the bill if you like.
She bounced back to normal in one day. We had to lock her in a bedroom so she wouldn't run up and down the stairs and throughout the house She is so sweet and quite a talker. We communicate numerous times every day
Here she is wondering what happened;
Shaved and I guess they Iv'ed her in the leg.
I took her to Dana Niguel Vet because they did a very good job on Jordan (our other cat).
Their webpage said they do "laparoscopic spays".
The vet did a small cut with the stitches on the inside that will dissolve (as it was explained to me).
She has a ton of energy and I love her so much.
She's in my lap as I'm writing this email. 8-)
Thank you so much for making beautiful kitties,
Ron W.

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