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Archie is a happy city kitty! He's like a little prince greeting his public. He loves going out for walks to the park, grocery stores, outdoor concerts and outdoor cafes. He is so relaxed during his outdoor travels (in his backpack) that people have asked if he is tranquilized. Hundreds have asked to give him a pat and to take his picture.
Archie (like Chester) greets the world with a smile! He especially loves his daily visit to the office. All 5 of our office staff are self appointed aunts and uncles who find him very endearing! Archie's attitude: my office, my staff and my (they always have a collection saved for him for play) boxes! He gets so much attention he hates to leave.
Archie is a tall, slender kitty which did make it difficult to find a correct fitting snow coat for our winter walks. So, off we went to the local "designer" pet store to be fitted. They love to see us coming because their customers really enjoy watching my cool cat patiently trying on various outfits.
At home he is full of playful energy yet loves his quiet lap time! It's been such fun watching him discover life outside the windows (we are on the 20th floor). Every morning he patrols the window sills until the seagulls arrive for their flyby! He especially loves watching helicopters pass by! During his first snowfall he was pawing the window trying to catch the snowflakes.
He is such a snuggle puss! Every night he climbs under the covers where he sleeps for the night. In the morning he purrs incessantly, wraps himself around my neck until I get up!
He is a bit of a goof ball with his play. He has some unbelievable moves with his very high jumps! He loves to run free up and down our self contained hallway, chasing a ping pong ball or jumping after a cloth strip wand! He is doing very well with walking on a leash inside our building.
I'm sure you realize by now how perfect the Archie & Judy match has become! Life is good!!!

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