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Augustus and Pellinore


Hi! Here are our/your boys all grown up: Augustus and Pellinore, aka Gus and Pelli. We dearly love them.

Kate M.
Claremont, CA

Pellinore meets the world with curiosity, persistence, and with a gunslinger's swagger. Little fazes him. He lets us know when he's around with a deep yowl that is uniquely his.
Augustus has super eyesight. He can track an ant relentlessly across the kitchen floor and swallow it in the blink of an eye!
They're pretty evenly matched, neither one dominating the other: Pellinore dominates when exploring possibilities, such as when a bottom cabinet door in the kitchen is left partly open. Augustus at these times will sit back and watch to see what happens; if all goes well then he'll venture inside as well. Overall, he keeps a much lower profile than his brother.
However, when they play-fight, running furiously through the house, hiding and jumping out at each other, they can be equally fierce.
With a new toy, Pellinore will try it out first with Augustus holding back and watching. Then Pellinore will stand back and let Augustus have a turn without interfering. That's very sweet to watch.

They are each their brother's keeper. Overall they are smart, loving, and beautiful!

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