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In a message dated 11/03/2012 14:10:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
Diane, Wanted to give you an update on my beautiful, sweet kitten "Bailey" from the June 2012 litter. He just got neutered and has healed perfectly, in fact I don't think he noticed anything happened ... ha. The vet says he at his ideal weight, weighing in at 10.2 pounds at 7 months! He is playful, affectionate, curious, and is SO smart, just as you said he would be. He comes when he is called, follows me everywhere, lets me sleep through the night, and nudges me awake if i snooze the alarm too many times. I'm in love!!! Here he is sitting on my lap, sitting on his favorite cat shelf where he loves to watch the birds at the bird feeder, and taking a walk in his cat stroller (he jumps in it every time I take it out). Please don't ever stop breeding these amazing babies!

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