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Hi Diane,
Just wanted to check in with you and tell you how much we love our girls! We cannot believe sometimes how sweet, how beautiful and how clever they are! Thank you for blessing us with the most beautiful girls we could have ever hoped for. Since the pandemic hit we spend every moment with them, even before we both work from home so we have always had quality time with them, but now we realize even when we can travel again we do not want to ever be away from these two sweethearts. Here are a couple of photos, one of the both of them, one of Bella and one of CoCo. They are loving, playful and a hint of mischief. I am happy we have such a large house with so many places for them to climb, hide and play. Not to mention we have kept in business over the past few years. So thank you again for allowing us to be blessed with your beautiful cats. I cannot tell you in words how much it means to us.
Hope you are safe and healthy.
Kind regards,
Cynthia and Carl S.

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