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Bugsy Malone


In a message dated 7/4/2011 11:25:11 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane
It's only been two weeks since we adopted 'Bugsy' Malone ... he's fit in so well with our zoo that it feels like he's been with us much longer. The first day or so after we brought him home he'd hide under the pillows but as he learned all of the new sounds of our house and came face to face with the rest of the cats and dogs he soon realized there was nothing to be afraid of. Bugsy has settled in quite well ... he very independent, loves to play, runs (or I should say darts) everywhere, he talks quite a bit and is a total food hound. 'Mama' Sara and Clyde (our other male cat) are his best playmates, 'Grandma' Catera will let him sleep on the same bed with her and Bonnie and Friskey could care less either way. Both of the dogs (Jake and Shadow) have allowed Bugsy to 'checkout' their food bowls and even give him kisses, when the opportunity arises ...
Bugsy is a great addition to our family, we ALL love him dearly
Best Wishes, Debbie & Kevin W.

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