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CALI 2017


Hope you are doing well! Took this picture of Cali this morning and thought of you and what a great cat she is. She was sleeping in the den where we left a blanket on the couch and she was under it fast asleep somehow covering herself with just her head visible.
She is such a pleasure to have especially after losing our dog ROCK. She has adopted us as her family and is the most friendly cat I have ever had or for that matter have ever seen.
My daughter just got a new puppy. (Mia) Cali has taken her under her wing and treats her like the baby she is. My wife takes her to my daughters for play dates with the puppy all the time. She even protects the puppy from the larger dog if she feels that the puppy is being threatened.
Cali has adopted a new behavior that after looking it up tells us she is very happy. She cleans and pets my wife's face every morning just about the time she wakes up to get her up. I've never seen a cat lick a person and love someone as much as she does Lisa.
Every night when we go to bed we carry her up like a baby (so we don't trip on her cause she always wants to be carried). We bring her into our room and she runs down to get her favorite toy and gives it to us before we fall asleep.
She couldn't come at a better time and I tell you as happy as we are with her she is with us.
Thanks so much! You are doing a great job with these animals. Mike

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