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In a message dated 11/30/2011 5:46:09 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ***** writes:

Dear Diane,

I don't know what I ever did so well in my life to deserve my good luck in getting this baby. I'm only grateful that by some miracle the other Arizona family did not take her, and by some wonderful miracle, I have this baby instead. I can't tell you how thrilled we are. I never imagined I could ever hope to have another Siamese as intelligent and adorable as my Chester, but here she is.

For the first day she looked at all of us as if we had kidnapped her, but by evening she seemed to decide, "Oh well, I might as well enjoy the good treats they have around here." So she just ate a little then started to play with a ping pong ball we put in the bathtub (without any water in it of course) and pretty soon she was having a wonderful time batting the ball in and out of the tub. Pretty soon we had a game going consisting of her batting the ball out and me tossing it back in. Immediately she understood exactly what we were doing and began really going at it like a modified game of fetch, only I'd toss and she'd bat it back.

My fiance who has never particularly enjoyed cats was with me and she seemed to know she had to win him over. So the second day she got on his chest as he was sitting in a lazy boy and settled down, looked him right in the eye and gave him a lick on the nose. Then she started to purr with that sweet little sound. When he talked to her, she talked back in a silly little trilling meow. Needless to say, he is now enchanted and in fact, he has been carrying her around the house and even shared his tuna fish sandwich with her. Don't worry, I know this is a No No, but I couldn't resist letting him spoil her just one time. I've never seen him so charmed by anything and I never expected him to be so fascinated by anything feline.
I also can't believe her eye color. I knew it would be dark and gorgeous, but I don't think a photo can really do it justice. I did snap this one of her that I thought you might enjoy. I don't know when you will have more litters, but now we're thinking of getting a second one to keep her company. Should we get a boy or a girl? Get back to me on this so we can get on your next list. Again, Diane, I can't tell you how happy we are we found you. I appreciate so much how careful you are about the pets you breed and the care with which you place them. If you ever need a recommendation, send them to me.

Love, Elsie S

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