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CLEO at 17


Not sure if you will remember me, but you sold me a female kitten back in early 1999. I am in Dallas,Texas. Her birthday was Feb 1999 and you shipped her to me in the first week of May 1999. I named her Cleo. Thought I would give you an update. FYI"' the first picture was taken in January of this year"' she is with her 4 year old Ragdoll brother"' Einstein"' on one of their cat trees. She also has a Seal Tortie point sister the same age. Cleo will soon be 17. The other picture was taken when she was about 7 and I may have sent it to you before.
All in all, a jewel of a cat, rules the roost with an "Iron Paw"' and always gets her way. She is the top cat!
Just thought you might like to know what has been going on. Take care of those babies. And thanks again for a great cat!
Jo Lynn

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