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Dear Diane -
I hope all is well with you. I realized I've not written to you in quite some time and wanted to "follow up" with you regarding our boys. Desmond and Sidney are an extremely loving and energetic pair! Keeping up with them is helping us stay fit! The boys are truly sweet and affectionate and we adore them more with each passing day. Per our agreement, we had them altered several days ago and you should have received a letter from our vet stating the procedures have been completed. Please let us know if you did not receive the letter. Attached are two photos I took of our kiddos: one from 7/24 of the boys wearing their harnesses prior to a walk; the other from 9/25 of the fellows relaxing on the window sill. Feel free to post the photos on your website, and I'll send more as time progresses. We can't thank you enough for raising such wonderful boys for us!

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