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In a message dated 7/24/2011 11:11:35 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Hi Diane:
I've had several cats and 2 dogs during my lifetime but I've never had any animal that caught my attention as much as this kitten.
At the bridge center, people would ask me, "Why did you get a cat from San Diego? Couldn't you have gotten one here?"
I replied, "Probably ... but I liked the breeder."
I've never purchased a cat before. I never thought I would purchase a cat. But when I decided on Siamese, I knew I wanted a very particular breeder and I felt you would do what was best for the breed.
It is not that I plan to show the cat ... I just wanted a healthy cat.
I could imagine Siamese "mills" where cats that should never breed did breed and kittens with all kinds of defects.
To me, it is easier to get a mutt or alley cat ... but if you are getting a pure-breed I would think you would need higher standards in selecting a breeder.
This was just my thinking.
This kitten is everything I could have hoped for ... and more!
Thanks, Joan B.

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