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Hi Diane, I just wanted to give you an update on the most precious, baby kitty in the whole wide world. I decided to name her GiGi and it is the perfect fit for this young lady. She spent about the first three days in my very large closet,and luckily I was not working, so I spent most of my time in there with her too. After those three days we graduated to my entire bedroom where she was introduced to her brother Timmy. I must say Timmy was not thrilled in the beginning with our new addition, but we took it slowly and now she follows him around like the good, big brother he has turned out to be. It's truly adorable to watch. My Labrador, Piper, could literally care less about Gigi which in turn makes GiGi feel safe to cuddle up to Piper whenever she wants to. She is a true delight and now definitely knows I am her mom, and comes to me immediately when I called her name. We introduced her slowly to every other room in the house, so I can say with confidence at this point, that she is comfortable in every room and is having a blast exploring everywhere. I am in awe of how much I love her. She is so smart and such a little monkey, I just delight in watching anything she does. My husband is absolutely crazy about her also. I hope you enjoy the picture. I thought it was so cute! She is sitting right in my lap as I am texting this to you. So thank you again for being the incredible breeder that you are. The babies you are producing are beyond incredible and I know the hard work that goes into it. I am so looking forward to September when I adopt another little girl from you to join our family. You were so right to guide me away from taking two at the same time. I totally get it now. When we get our next baby from you in September, GiGi should turn out to be a wonderful big sister and show her all the ropes. So I just wanted to update you quickly and let you know that we are absolutely crazy in love with our new baby. Have a good week Diane. I will be talking to you more as we head toward September. Warmly, Liz

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