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HENRY (the kitten) and COOPER and MATT


Hi Diane, It is hard to believe that it has been 4 weeks since we brought "Baby Henry" home. In some ways it seems like he has lived here forever!
For me to say that Henry is intelligent, fun-loving, affectionate and very social, and of course beautiful would be a silly under-statement; he is that and so much more. He is our third kitten from you, and he has exceeded all our expectations and dreams. You said I would "flip over him" and that is also an under-statement. He is the most extraordinary kitten. Henry is just so much fun and has fit in so perfectly. Perhaps he is our old Zachary, returning to us, but while he has all of Zachary's fine qualities, I think Henry is really his own person.
I have attached some pictures of him that I have taken with my dogs. They get a long so well. Perhaps Henry does not know he is a cat!
I have posted pictures of him on Face Book with and some of my friends say they want a calendar with Henry and Cooper pictures . . . He is quite the celebrity.
We love him so much, and I think he is very happy here!
I left you a phone message today --- hope you got it --- would love to talk to you!
Take care, Jeannette

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