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Dear Diane,
We actually gave Jingle to Rachel for her 13th birthday (the very same day I picked him up 12/18). My husband was ready with sandwiches and my older daughter, Michelle, was ready with cupcakes and we all met at Rachel's school at 12:15pm the second I came into town with kitty.
Rachel knew we were coming to celebrate her birthday at lunch but she didn't know I would have a new kitty. A few of her girlfriends gathered around and had a turn holding kitty. It was such a special moment. Then we sent Rachel back to school, dad went back to work, and Michelle and I played with kitty for a few hours til Rachel got home. Rachel loves sleeping with Jingle every night.
At Christmas all the relatives enjoyed holding and playing with Jingle. Jingle is surrounded by love and hugs every day. He is just like a stuffed animal and will purr contentedly for hours in our arms.
We have two small white dogs (Bichon frise) and my daughter, Michelle has one too. They all love Jingle. And Jingle loves having them as playmates when the humans are out.
Jingle has been a blessing to our family. Thank you so much for our treasured kitty. He brings us so much joy.
Happy New Year, Diane. May God richly bless you in 2014.

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