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In a message dated 06/07/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane, Just can't resist bragging about Keesu! (BTW, Jake has told me the correct spelling has two e's; he's Estonian so he should know!)
A few minutes ago I took her litter box out of her bedroom to clean it. After maybe 3 minutes I heard piteous mewling coming from her room. I was already finished so I rushed back with her litter box to see what could be wrong.
There was Keesu, lying on top of the spot in the corner of her room where I keep her litter box, looking desperately upset. As soon as I placed the box on the floor, she hopped in and did her business.
You weren't kidding when you said she was very intelligent!
PS: I am so happy I asked for a kitten with a great personality. Even if Keesu were the ugly duckling of the litter (which would still make her the most beautiful kitten I've ever seen) I'd pick her in a nanosecond.

In a message dated 06/09/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane,
Keesu continues to "shock and awe" us. Last evening we had a dinner party and four people Keesu had never met before came over. At first we kept Keesu in her bedroom, thinking she might feel intimidated. But Jake was so eager to show off his darling that he took them up to meet her one at a time. That went so well that he left her bedroom door ajar so that she could join the company if she wished.
She did wish, and charmed everyone, including one guest who had always disliked cats. (Silly woman; she's been missing out on a lot of joy in her life!)
Keesu's also been keeping Lucius, our 14 pound adult rescue cat, on his toes. She's been chasing him around the house, insisting on playing with him. I think he secretly likes it because he often comes looking for her but in a very sneaky, unobtrusive way. I think he's trying to play hard to get. Another dummy!
That's all for now, Jackie

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