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In a message dated 07/24/2013 ****** writes:
HI Diane:
Loved your last email. I am so very glad that Keesu loves being social, and that she loves us. Toward the end of our dinner party she got tired, climbed up into my lap, and went straight to sleep. It was the cutest thing!

Keesu is the youngest kitten I've ever gotten and I must say, she's a joy. The contrast between Keesu and Lucius (our adult rescue cat) is painful to me because it highlights how damaged Lucius probably is. He is the epitome of a scaredy-cat, and although we've had him since he was ~ 6 months old, he still dislikes it when I pet him or even get close to him. And if a stranger comes into our home he bolts for his hidey-hole downstairs.

It's like he's autistic or something and I'm guessing it's because of what you said: that cold and stress are very bad for kittens. In his case, he was found in the middle of a busy highway during a freezing rain, when he was small enough to fit in the palm of a petite lady's hand. A cat rescue lady saw him and pulled her car off to the side of the road to rescue him. And this is how he's turned out, despite having lived since then in two very loving homes (the cat lady's for 6 months and then with us for ~5 years).

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