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In a message dated 07/02/2013 ****** writes:
Hi, Diane,
Just a follow up on our May kitten. We named him Kerby after a couple of ghosts in an old movie due to his astounding ability to completely disappear. He disappeared into our bed frame the day we brought him home for an hour and a half while we searched frantically. He also had a fondness for crawling up into the mechanism of one of our reclining chairs, so we stuffed the interior with paper. He is extraordinarily social, even with visitors to the house. Also, he is the first cat I have ever had who loves to play ball--REALLY play ball, not just bat a ping pong ball around, but fetch and return a little sponge ball. It's his favorite game. My husband says that I am enjoying having a cat so much that I must be simpleminded, but he spends hours playing with Kerby and fussing over him. Anyway, he's really adorable and we love him. Thank you! Shannon M.

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