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Diane Nineteen years ago, I purchased a lovely Siamese kitten from you. Sadly, Jasmine recently passed away from a failing heart. With her loss, there is big hole in our family that I would like to fill with a new kitten. I have always been very close to my creatures, and now that I am retired, I have more time to enjoy their company. So I am asking you to find me a very specific kitten for another long and loving relationship.
Jazz was an amazing cat - the smartest cat I have ever met. I loved her very much.
The last kitten I purchased from you, Kiko, is exactly what I am looking for in our new family member.
What I love most about Kiko is that she is:
I would like the new kitten to be all these things. In addition, in the range from pet quality to show quality, I am looking for a cat that is closer to show than pet. I realize that would involve an increased expense. When a kitten that meets all these requirements is available, I would appreciate the opportunity to spoil her for the rest of her life..

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