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Lilly was so sweet..which of course everyone must say.. but she adored my son..slept with him every night when he was growing up..then when he moved out..she was right by me every night..she loved to lay in the sun ..she always went our to water the plants with me..she truly was just a sweet cat..had her favorite places to sleep..but when the kids come home each night (My sons girl friend lives with me.).she would get up every night and come down and just start talking. And talking..very animated..sat right between my son and his gf..every night.telling them about her day..i did let her sleep on heating pad under night i forgot to turn it on..she got up and put her paw on my face and just held it there till I woke to tend to her..In the end I turned it on and off all night.she was in control of this house..always sitting with us at dinner..
She was just the mainstay of this home..quiet but always steady..and there..very loving ..she adored her Ian ..he was her boy..and he is close to 28 yrs old now..slept with her every night past few months..she just purred and purred..and purred..he was her everything.. (don't know if this helps I am not a good writer..and she was just such a given around here..such a loss.) She was itty bitty but mighty in her own way. She loved tuna sandwiches..always came down to share with us..she loved Ian and son and his gf..and Oscar,. our other kitty. She cleaned his face and groomed him..and then in the end he would check on her.and sleep with her and groom her..they were nurturing with each other..we are so happy to be able to get another kitten from you. I told Oscar all about him.

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