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LUCY October 2016


Lucy is incredibility smart she has favorite toys and brings them to us, drops them at our feet. If one is not enough for us to take note of, she brings a second one. She brings them to us as we sleep, so we awaken with her most precious ones in our bed. She will play fetch and loves to play "catch"' with her rubber balls.Hide and sneak associated with mad romps up and down the stairs is another favorite.
She has been quick to learn, when we say no Lucy don't do that please, she stops and looks at us as if to say well why not then goes off to something else. She is gentle and cuddly but would prefer more play time at this stage. I think, as she matures she will be even more affectionate as this is her true nature, now playing and fun are most important. I am Mama cat and Sharon is a littermate! She of course sleeps with us and awakens us {early} with gentle little paw taps on our faces. She remains with us constantly, always in the same room, with us. If we change rooms she is right behind us.
Well, I could go on and on about how wonderful she is but I know you have many other things to do! In short Lucy is perfect! Melinda

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