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Meezer at 1.5 years old


Hi Diane -- You DO know how to breed beautiful cats. Everyone that sees them compliments them... And even compliments the 17 year old, Star, that seems to still be going strong... Of the two brothers, Meezer is the more subdued... He weighs 12 pounds. His brother weighs 10 pounds. That isn't to say he isn't crazy active, just not a crazy active. Meezer likes his special spot on the bed every night. His brother, Bennie, will sleep anywhere on the bed. He isn't picky. We love them both and we sure are glad you were still breeding kittens 17 years after we bought the first two from you.... We didn't even think of getting kittens anywhere else. We knew what we would get from you. And we aren't disappointed. I hope all is well with you... Neal
Click here to see MEEZER and his other brother BENNY as kittens
MEEZER at 1 year and 5 months old

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