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MILO (December 2015)


Hi Diane
Milo is doing just great. He is very sweet and is feeling quite at home now. He loves to grab his toys and run through the house with them--even the wand type toy. It is very funny to see him being so proud of his "catch." The little guy is doing well. He was pretty scared the first day or so, but by the end of the second day, he was feeling more secure. I had a kitty front pack that I had gotten years ago, and we started to carry Milo around in it on that second day. It made him feel warm and secure. Now, he has made the entire house "his" and he is playing and very happy. He has made an area on a shelf in our family room behind our flat screen tv "his lair" and he loves to bring all of his toys to that hidey place and also takes short naps there (of course the tv is not on!) We couldn't figure out where all of his toys kept disappearing to...and then noticed him actually carry one of them into his "nest" and discovered several toys there! He is purring lots now and eating well and likes to sleep in our bedroom with us. So, he is doing well and is getting acquainted to our house and us just fine.

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