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MOCHI: Two letters - at 4 months and at 7 months


Hi Diane We took a picture of Mochi to send to you. She is the most beautiful, smart and loving girl! She is fascinated by the many things around her. She discovered my husband's guitar playing this morning and zeroed in on his every musical move. She was studying where the sound came from as well as the percussive movements that created the sound. As I mentioned previously, she loves playing the piano too. We cannot say enough about how special she is!! We have each fallen madly in love with her. All of her many outstanding attributes speak volumes to her incredible start in life...none of which would have happened without the exceptional care and love you've provided her. You are the best! Thank you again. Marcéa
Hello Diane, I wanted to take a moment to send our warm thanks to you for bringing our dear Mochi into our life. Today is her 4 month old birthday and we can't imagine our world without her in it. She is so smart and intuitive. Each morning she wakes up to give us each a big kiss. She's always so loving and affectionate too! As I previously mentioned, she adores music and always makes a point of taking part when we are practicing. I think she has become a true jazz aficionado. It's been quite a wonderful experience to watch her many playful antics and wondering just who our grown up Mochi will soon be. We love her so much! Enclosed is an updated photo of her taking a rest next to her favorite playhouse. After buying her many wonderful kitty toys and cat exercise gyms...she has fallen in love with a seltzer box! Isn't that always the way it goes. Thank you so much Diane for this beautiful little girl.
All the best to you, Marcéa T.

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