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More Mininna at Home - Sitting Pretty :)


She is such a great girl, so smart,so much personality, talks all the time, especially when she thinks it's time to be fed, she is very persistent then, maybe relentless is the correct word. She knows she's cute and works to try and get what she wants. Loves to play and tear up and down the hall ( I think she like to hear the sound her pawls make), always with us, she's always up with me before work talking and right at the door talking to me when I get home. She has her stool in the kitchen so she watch what is going on. Sorry this is so long, there are not enough words to describe how wonderful she is and how much my son and I love her. When someone new comes in the house she doesn't run and hide, she has to check them out, had a plumber over to fix something and she wanted to get under the sink with him. We laugh all the time at the things she does.

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