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Mushette and Miu Miu


Hi Diane, good morning from your two Newport Beach Panthers! Lined up for breakfast and sure to watch every move that their mother makes. Mushette and Miu Miu are absolutely hilarious together. The little one is beginning to look so much like mushette. She has the most unusual personality and is always a source of amusement! Hard to explain! She does so many unusual things and has such and assertive personality that she is constantly the subject of laughter and amusement. For example, every morning she figures out someway to open up my bathroom drawer to stick her paw in like a raccoon and grab her share of virgin coconut oil in a jar which she then proceeds to lick off her paw claw by claw better than most raccoons could manage! She then waits for a trip to come out of the sink so she can bite at the water and then without regard for water curls up in the sink and waits to be petted! Every time we come home, she rolls upside down and puts her paws up and wiggles on the ground like a worm. She loves the sand like no other animal we've ever seen. Even with her pet fence collar she runs right through it and little he flies through the air to jump onto our beach then turns upside down and snuggles in the sand kneading her claws like a kitten nursing a mother cat! It goes on and on. She's almost human like! And equally hard to train when she wants to do something! She also will cuddle on your chest justice used to do and going to a Zen mode when she's in the right calm mood. And much more.... Thanks for these beautiful and usual companions! Edward and Karen C.
Mushette & Miu Miu

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