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In a message dated 2/17/2012 2:24:50 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, ****** writes:
The boys are fantastic. You were right. One is a little lover and the other is a clown. We named the little lover, Bali and his brother, Karma. They are everything we hoped for and more. As expected it took a couple of days for them to get comfortable and they are no happily purring, playing and getting into mischief.
All of your recommendations were terrific. We got a great scratching post which they love to use and climb; safe litter and Innova kitten food. They love bedtime and Bali is a squeaky purrer while Karma has deep rumble.
You know we got them as a replacement for our beloved Zak, a 19-year old Siamese who passed away January 10. These boys have brought us much needed joy.
I want to thank for your incredible professionalism, kindness and care in helping us get them. I spoke with over 6 catteries and you were head and shoulders above the rest. Lauren and I may be in San Diego in mid-March. If possible, we would like to stop by and meet the parents. Let me know.

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