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New kitten and Mushette Bonding


Hi Diane,
Wanted to report on bonding progress of Muchette and Miu. By some miracle the bridge to happiness was a simple Trader Joe's shopping bag left on the kitchen floor! Mushette saw the bag, crawled in and for once seemed curious about Miu Miu and then little one of course with kitten playfulness planned her attack. This went on for an hour and in between they got the first real sniffs of each other. Alas, success and thanks to a paper bag that became an ice breaker! You can bet that bag stayed there for a solid week! So now everyone is so excited as they both are becoming more more friendly and playing with each other. My Karen has now affectionately termed our house the "panther house" and every morning there is a game of tag up and down the hall. We left for a trip for five days and this is the first time we came home and Mushette was not waiting for us at the door. No doubt they were upstairs snuggling somewhere.! The happiest moment was one beautiful afternoon when he came into our office den area to find both panthers in a wicker basket sleeping with each other! See further photographic evidence!
Suffice to say we love our view and think indeed it was a good decision for her older sister who seems happier and serve the more active even as the wrestling it's heavy at times and there are still growling sessions and reminders of who is in charge. On that note, your little offspring, is quite the Alpha. Even the vet said "oh my goodness, this one is going to be in charge" and couldn't believe how assertive and comfortable the little one was around strange people, other cats, etc. she stares down and attacks her older sister in a friendly but very assertive way and will someday for sure rule the roost!
Above all, the little one is as you promised a snuggle her even if she's a hyperactive fun plaything. The greatest treasure was having her be warm and cuddly with our littlest son and everyone has enjoyed her falling asleep on their lap. Perfect!
So that's your detailed report which is long overdue. Thank you for a beautiful panther! Hope you are well and we will keep in touch.
Edward C and family.

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