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Hi Diane,
Just wanted to share some recent photos of Niko, Ty and Beau. Seriously, how gorgeous are these guys? Beau is now 6 months old and is, as you can see, a beloved by all member of the family. They groom each other, sleep and snuggle together - it's adorable. Beau's personality is just like Ty's (the kitten version) - he is perfection in every possible way.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my babies! XOXO Colleen
09/01/2016 update
Just wanted to thank you again for my babies. Niko and Ty are six now, if you can believe that! And my Beau is 2. All three are just fantastic in all ways, they bring SO much joy to our lives. They simply could not be any more perfect. I adore them all, but my little Beau is "mine"' - you did such a great job picking him out for me, you were so insightful to see how confident, friendly, playful and loving he is. He follows me everywhere, he's my shadow. All three of my furry babies are just the best and I can not even imagine our lives without them. So thanks again for everything, what you do really matters. You bring real and lasting love into lives, and that is very special. All the best, Colleen
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