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Hi Diane,
It was wonderful to talk with you again! Here are some of my favorite pictures of Niko and Tyko. Niko has a lighter coat and is very slightly taller. Tyko is the darker of the two, if I recall correctly he is the image of his father. The photo of them curled up together on the chair as kittens is my all time favorite and the screensaver for my phone, computer, etc. People are always noticing it and commenting on how beautiful they are - so true! As I was telling you, they have been absolute delights and joys in our lives.
We had to move from San Diego to Colorado in December 2011, and they were incredibly well behaved for the duration, which included two cross country plane rides, two ten hour day-in-a-row car rides, living in two different hotels for five months total and then moving into our new house. They took it all in stride, no behavior changes, no signs of stress - really they were amazing. I think they handled it all better than we did! We were also evacuated during the recent fires here and once again they took it all in stride. You simply could not find two better behaved, even tempered, loving, playful, sweet animals on the face of the planet. They are the best! :)
All the best, Colleen

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