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Dear Diane,
This a a voice from the past you have undoubtedly forgotten. In December of 1995 we purchased a wonderful little Siamese kitten from you. He was sent from San Diego to Burbank Airport via Southwest Airlines for Santa to bring on Christmas morning for our then little Allison. She named him Stevens, after the headmaster of her school. She is now 25 and living in Boston. He lived almost 18 years, just passing away on Thanksgiving of this year. He was healthy until the last few months of his life - a bit slower with failing hearing and eyesight, but remarkably healthy.
A good story about Stevens (falls into the 9 lives category). After moving when Stevens was about 3, we had a June class party at our house. After the party, Stevens was nowhere to be found. He was gone for a week. Efforts to locate him were unsuccessful. Then he showed up, clearly exhausted, unfed, dehydrated, etc. Unbeknownst to us, Stevens apparently had decided to check out the open car of one of the mothers unloading food and returned with her to La Canada at the end of the party. It took him a week to get back home across freeways, the Arroyo, and terrain filled with coyotes etc. a true-life Homeward Bound adventure. Needless to say, he was locked in the house when we had the next class party! Such an independent fellow! We miss him mightily. We would love to explore acquiring two of your kittens when they are next available. I look forward to hearing from you after all these years.
Susan (and Jim) H****

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