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Hello Diane!
I took this handsome photo of our best buddy, Psmith, today. He is six now (born 3/13/10) and his personality is a delight. Just like his mama cat, who crawled right into my husband's lap when we came to pick him up, he loves people. He's mellow and funny, has lots to say, and is full of affection and confidence.
He loves to sit in the open windows and sing. He loves to play with my husband's old, frayed boot string (so many expensive toys and that's his favorite!) and follow us around the house "helping" with everything. He never sprays, he doesn't claw things, he's just Perfect Kitty. We adore him.
Thanks again for caring for him before he was born and during those first three months. He's been loved his whole life and it shows.
Thank you. Best, Joanna B.

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