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Quavis and Asa


In a message dated 03/26/2013 ****** writes:
Hi Diane
Just wanted to let you know that I took the kittens into their vet for their well kitten check & to schedule their appointment for neutering. The appointment went great and they behaved like little gentlemen. Our appointment was with my long time (40 years) vet Dr. Dave Tester. He checked them all out and then just stood looking at them with a big smile and his face. He said, "You see so many that look like the real thing and they're all wonderful but when you see the real deal it just kind of knocks you flat. These are magnificant kittens." I was, of course, very proud & knew the I needed to share that with you. They are growing like weeds. Both are strong, bright, very intelligent, friendly, playful, snuggly and active. They bring smiles and laughter to every moment of the day. I have named them Quavis and Asa. They are the loves of my life. If you'd like I can continue to keep you updated.

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