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SALIKA and BAHT Feb 2018



Diane, As Salika approaches her first birthday next month"” March 2nd"” I wanted to let you know what an incredible cat she is. She's petite, and a huge bundle of energy, playing around the house, chasing and retrieving her toys. (By the way, she LOVES the spring toy you told me about!) She is such a clown and makes me laugh every day. The most incredible thing about her is her intelligence. I’ve had many dearly loved, and smart Siamese, over the course of my 71 years, but I’ve never had a Siamese as smart as Salika. I swear she could read a book!! She's such a retriever, always bringing her toy back to me, placing it at my feet, or in my lap or right next to me on the sofa. And if I'm working at the kitchen counter when she brings me her toy, she taps my foot or gently stretches up my leg on her hind legs to let me know she's there and has returned the toy. She is an amazing girl! She’s not a frequent talker, but when she does, pit’s always to tell me something"¦. I’ve locked Baht in the closet, the toy was pushed under the closet door, etc. She’s very expressive and I have no trouble understanding her message. I’ve often thought that it’s a good thing she and I came together now that I'm retired, rather than working the long hours I worked, because she requires a lot of interaction and attention. She’s not a "door-stop" cat that you can leave alone and they’ll happily sleep all day. She is such a delight and brings me such joy, I had to let you know. I just took these photos of Salika. You can see Baht (who will be 15 years old on February 4th) in the rocker behind her. They are such good companions"¦ they wrestle together, play together and often sleep together. They groom each other daily. I do think Salika has brought youth back to my dearly loved Baht. I hope you and your cats are doing well. Beth C

I hope these photos show you how petite she is. I’ve not weighed her since she was at the vet in October for her spay, but She’s a small girl.

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