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SALIKA and BAHT July 2017



Good morning Diane

OMG! Salika is such an amazing kitten. I gave her a small, light weight ball to play with that she bats around and carries in her mouth. Last night I was sitting on the sofa, and she jumped up on the sofa with the ball in her mouth and dropped it by me. I threw the ball, and she chased it and brought it back to my lap.... time and time again. We did this for 10 minutes or longer. I’ve had older cats do this -- Baht is quite the retriever and will play for 30 minutes with a mouse that I throw and her returns -- but she's still a baby. I'm so impressed that she's so smart. The other thing I'm impressed with, and I credit you with the way you interacted with her since her birth, is that as soon as I go to bed, or if I stretch out on the sofa for a nap, she's right there next to me... cuddling, curling up and being so affectionate. I’ve never had a kitten do this. She is such a love... I'm falling head over heels for her, and know this condition will only "worsen"! You did a super job as her first Meowm, Diane!! 0:) !!


Hi Diane,

Salika has now been here with us 7 weeks, yesterday, and is 21 weeks old. You can see from these photos I just took that she and Baht don't like each other at all! :) They are doing so well together. They play together, wrestle together, chase each other, groom each other and sleep together. They make me so happy by their behavior, and I know that Salika makes Baht very happy. I have had non-stop house guests since early July; one set leaves and the next day another set arrives. This will continue till the middle of September. The wonderful thing about all this activity is that Salika is learning that new people are a good thing, and she has blossomed so quickly into a friendly, outgoing girl to people she 's never seen before. The first house guests were cat-lovers like me so they were perfect for her as they played and played with her, building up her confidence and trust in strangers. She's going to be a meet-and-greet pro by the time this summer is over. I continue to be amazed at how sweet and loving this little girl is. She loves Baht, loves to play, but then she loves to seek me out for cuddles, petting and time for attention. You did such a wonderful job teaching her these behaviors. I marvel that you were able to let this little girl go.... she is truly very special! Thank you!!!

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