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Dear Diane,
Hi Diane, I guess you can see I take a lot of pictures of my babies. Kiko is the photogenic one as you can see, always ready for the camera. He is so small, maybe 9 lbs. and has to be held all the time, like a it. When he wants something he gets it. As I tell everyone, we live in their world and whatever they want, except outside and plants, they get. He is the super friendly one and even if a worker is here at the house and he's never seen them before, he's right there rubbing up against them. Of course everyone loves him because he's not only friendly but beautiful. Quite the Daddy's boy.
Sami doesn't like the camera so much, harder to get pictures of him. He is a bigger boy and weighs almost 18 lbs. Doesn't like to be carried which is okay since I do have a bad back. He and his brother are super close and pretty much inseparable. If I can't find one the other is right behind me helping me look for his brother. Sami is the personality of the house, really entertaining to watch. Tweedy Bird has been his favorite toy since he was a kitten and brings it to Mommy everyday. As you can see in the picture he loves to get any new toy roll it in the dry food bowl then take it to the water fountain then........drop it on the floor someplace.
Yep!!! then one of us walks on it and squish, all the water squirts out. He is a huge talker and a Mommy's boy. Has to be with me all the time and will not sleep anywhere unless next to me, I mean up against me, which is a comfort to me. If Sami is not next to me at bed time, he got in a closet or behind a closed room.
Since Brent and I have no children, they are not our cats, they are our children and we treat them as kids...............we love them sooo much and as much as it hurt when I lost my Coco, I'm so glad the day I called you and then picked up Kiko 3 days later. They are such a joy in our life and give us so much love in return. I'm sure one day down the road I will be getting another baby from you.
Thanks Diane, You're wonderful . Sue

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